Chapter 3:

The Mysterious Men

虐待された悪魔 Abused Devils [Dropped]

Chapter 3

A knife from one of the people with the masks came flying past Ace. he drops to the ground still hands bound behind his back he tries his best to crawl towards the knife. Once he gets to it he picks it up and starts running instead of cutting the bounds right away. He gets outside, he looks around to see if he can see any of the people from inside. Once he realizes there is no one around he starts cutting the bounds.

Ace starts running away from the building when there was another explosion. He looks at the large plume from the explosion but like earlier it’s not the same, this one glowing blue. Two more explosions go off and Ace begins to run again.

When he gets far enough away he stops to catch his breath but can still barely hear the explosions. Ace looks around himself trying to figure out where he is. All there is in sight are trees and stone pillars. The pillars not new but old and decrepit. Ace walks towards these pillars when they start to glow. He touches one and gets blown back into a tree now Unconscious.

“Oh hey he's waking up.. Hes waking up.”

Ace’s eyes open slowly still blurry but can still see.

“Where.. Where am i..?”

“Your at our house, i am sharlet and this is theodore.. We found you knocked out in the forest and you weren't responding to us “

Ace’s vision begins to clear up and he can now see the two people. Sharlet a woman maybe in her twenties blond hair green eyes and theodore looking to be around the same age but with brown hair and brown eyes. Their house looked to be a log cabin but everything was neatly placed and organized.

“This is a wonder house” Ace says as he lays in the bed still.

“Its beautiful the shelves are very organized and well placed.”

“Why thanks we tend to like to keep this place clean but where do you live?”

“I don't have a home.. i was abducted for some reason but when i escaped to the forest got lost and hit my head.”

“Wow i'm so sorry.. If you would like you could live with us you can until you can get yourself a house or something.”

“Thanks but what can i do to repay you guys for helping me?”

“Don’t worry about that right now we’ll talk about that when you are back at full strength”

“But i feel fine.” he says that as he stands up.”thanks to you i don't feel ill.”

As a knock at the door rung through the house theodore rushes to hide Ace and sharlet goes to answer the door. Theodore gets Ace into a closet and theodore walks slowly out of the room. The people are loud and they walk into the house uninvited.

???: “hello sharlet and theodore how are you doing today.” said in a creepy voice. “Did you forget about our deal?” more people start stomping into the house.” then screaming and stomping. Then silence.. I no longer hear anything besides weeping.

i slowly start to walk out of the room and see sharlet on her knees crying.

“What happened?”

“T-they took theodore”

“Who are they and why would they do that?”

No response..

“i'll get him back” as he rushes out the door.

“NOO you will be killed if you try!”

Ace left following the footprints the the dirt. He followed the footprints until the tracks just stopped. 

Authors note: who do you think these people are and why did they take Theodore put your guesses in the comments. also don't worry all the questions will be answered throughout the story but if you have any questions about me go to my profile and press the home button to go to my website then join my discord and we can chat there, and another thing if i have any mistakes in the story please tell me in the discord.