Chapter 15:

Chapter 15: Crystalized Family (Part 6)

Grimson: Blue Future

*Aoi POV*

"Ahh~ I feel alive again~!"

Freya exhales in bliss as she enters the hot spring.

After the judgment, we had dinner and a bath together.

It's been a while since all nine of us plus aunt Rinne having a bath together like this.

Freya, Rei, and Yuki recently spend most of their time in the west.

Me, Skadi, and Chidori would often go outside to work as well.

This is a good opportunity for us sisters to gather like this in this kind of relaxing manner where we can for once act like any regular siblings.

"..I feel so warm and lax right now that I think I am going to fall asleep.."

Lavenza spoke in soft and sleepy voices.

"I agree, though we have our hot spring on the west as well, nothing beats the east one when it comes to relaxing." "I am supposed this is what they call original is better?"

Rei follows up Freya talk with a smile on her face.

"What, it is nothing special compared to having mother and father on your side."

I replied with a smile of my own.

"What, you guys have aunt Rinne and aunt Siesta on your side as well, father even trusts you guys to look after them."

Rei returns the argument at me.

"No, the one who does the job is..."

I shift my gaze to big sis Sakura.

"Why are you guys turning this into some kind of competition?"

Big sis Sakura sigh and smiles.

"Each of us has our role and duty to carry out, our upside and downside." "There's no need for us to compare our circumstances with each other."

Big sis Sakura continues.

"Hmm~ I see that you had grown quite a bit over here, Freya~"

Skadi creeps closer to Freya from behind and gropes her breasts.


Freya squeals and makes cat noises.

"Oh, my oh my, the way you squeal get even cuter as well~"

Skadi said as she continue to grope Freya breasts, play Freya nipples with her fingers, and lick her lips like a sadist.

"G-geez.. do you need to do this every time we have a bath like this?"

Freya softly moans in between her speech.

"Think of it as me helping you out~ they must have been so stiff while trapped inside those lump of metals~" "I am but merely giving them massages~."

Skadi smirks and continues groping Freya Breasts and playing with her nipples.

"Yeah right, just say that you want breasts for you to fondle, in which case, you should have gone to either Rosse or big sis Sakura!" "They are bigger and better in every single area!"

Freya saw through Skadi lies and point at big sis Sakura and Rosse.

"Rosse already has Aoi in mind, big sis Sakura no longer needs help in that department, she already fondles her breasts every day as it is."

Skadi said with sinister smirks on her face.

"Yup, that's right~!"

Rosse proudly admits with a cheerful face and wink her left eye.

"Wait, I think there's something wrong with that statement just now."

Big sis Sakura notices the problem and makes a troubled face.

"Just relax and indulge yourself in the pleasure, I make you that you can never come back from it~"

Skadi slides her fingers in between Freya legs and begins fingering her.

"H-hey, w-wait! we in the bath-!"

Freya shouts and moans before she can finish her sentence.

The mood of the bath suddenly takes a drastic shift as a pair of goddesses pleasures themselves in front of us.

"Sigh.. just get a room already, aunty, please say something to them..."

Chidori sigh in defeat.

"It's been a while since you guys gather together like this, right? just let them." "Besides, looks like they were having fun."

Aunt Rinne smiles and shrugs the matter off.


Rosse called out to me.


I look at her.

"You want to call it a day? remembering you have a lot of things to do tomorrow."

Rosse asks with a smile on her face.


What a blatantly fake smile.

You have an ulterior motive didn't you, Rosse?

I know you since we were young and I have a rough idea of what's in your mind.

Well.. not like I hate it though... I accompany you...

"Yeah, I think this is a good time to call it a day." "I am sorry, everyone, but we going to take our leave now."

I bid everyone good night and left the hot spring with Rosse walking ahead of me.

"I understand, have a good night, both of you."

Aunt Rinne smiles like always and waves at us.

"Right! good night, big sis Rosse, big sis Aoi!"

Yuki smiles and waves at us as well.

The rest of my siblings didn't say anything.

Freya and Skadi still keep on going with their own thing as we left.

It is not because my sisters are not being as nice as aunt Rinne nor Yuki.

It is because they already know the relationship between me and Rosse.

It's already an open secret for my sisters and aunt Rinne, it's no longer something new for them.

Rosse reach for the changing room door, slid it, and walked in.

I silently follow her from behind and slide the door shut behind me.

"I know what's your mind, but-"

As I was about to turn around, Rosse suddenly press herself against me and kissed me.

She pins me to the door and presses her lips and chests against my lips and chests as much as possible.

I didn't see that coming, but I am not surprised either.

I slowly close my eyes and savor the taste of Rosse lips and breasts.

Her bare breasts feel soft and her nipples touch mine, giving me a strange yet erotic feeling that I couldn't fully describe in words.

Rosse lips taste sweets.. like cream or vanilla...

Speaking of which, she smells incredibly nice... like the fragrance of a blossoming lily...

Rosse inserts her tongue in my mouth and looks for my tongue.

I welcome her in and play along with her tongue.

Our tongues twist and embrace each other almost as if trying to stimulate and pleasure each other.

We keep this up for a few minutes before we separate without breaking our eye contact.

A clear and lewd long trail of saliva connects the two of us from our mouths.

Rosse eyes are empty like a corpse, there's not even a single glimpse of light within her eyes.

Rosse mind is gone.

The one in front of me is her true self, a wild animal that's driven solely by her very instinct.

"Ahh... Aoi.. Aoi..."

Rosse calls my name over and over and looks at me in the eyes.

Her saliva overflow from her mouth and she begin to droll on both mouths.

Her nether secretes a long and clear trail of love juices, it dripping down from her nether to her legs and the ground.

This is the real Rosse.. and she was madly in love with me...


Her senses of love towards me surpassed those of regular siblings.

In her eyes, I am as good as her very lover.

"You're not usually looking this crazy, Rosse... did you watching Skadi molesting Freya like that turn you on?"

I ask her.

"And you say that it didn't turn you on?"

Rosse returns my question and makes a good point.

Who wouldn't get a turn on after witnessing a pair of goddesses pleasuring each other in front of you?

"Of course I am, especially when Freya makes such lewd noises."

I admit.

I feel no shame in admitting it, I am more than certain anyone would feel so in that kind of situation.

"When was the last time we did it again..? let's continue this in my bedroom..."

I recommend and said to Rosse as I gently embrace her.

Rosse obediently follows my instructions and we move into my bedroom.

The moment we arrive, we lay on the bed and continue where we left off.

Rosse kiss me yet again and insert her fingers inside my vagina.

I couldn't help but moan inside her mouth.

Her elastic fingers went in and out of my nether and keep on rubbing against the wall and fabric of my vagina.

Rosse knows my weak part and how best to pleasure them.

We did this so many times before and Rosse already more than experience enough for all of this.

It didn't take much for my body to begin drowning in the pleasure and vagina to begin secreting my love juices, my bed quickly become wet and I moan on and on.

Rosse break our french kisses and opt to munch upon my left breast and squeeze them.

She sucks my nipple and licks them like there's no tomorrow.

A different surge of pleasure spread all over my body and my moan grew lewder and louder with each passing second.

"I want to drink it.. your breast milk..."

Rosse mumbles while sucking my breast.

"That I do not mind, but.."

I make a sudden turn and flip our position.

Now it's Rosse who's beneath me while I am the one on top.

"Don't you think yours is the better one to produce milk than mine?"

I bring my lips closer to Rosse left breast and suck her nipple.

Rosse let out a lewd moan as I suck on her nipple and caress her breasts with my hands.

I mean what I am saying, my chest is almost as good as a washboard while Rosse is curvy from top to bottom.

It's obvious who's better to take the role of who produces the milk and bears the child.

"Aoi... Aoi..."

Rosse moans nonstops and shakes her head in pleasure.

I let go of her breasts and bring my face closer to Rosse.

I look directly into her lustful eyes and face her feeling head-on.

I quickly peck her lips without hesitation and lock ourselves in a deep and passionate french kiss.


I feel like I want to vomit from the disgust.

It's not that Rosse lips do not taste good, more like I am disgusted by the very act we were doing.

The relationship between two women is simply unacceptable.

Yet even when I feel so disgusted and feel like vomiting, I still choose to continue this unhealthy relationship with Rosse.


The answer is simple because we are family.

I love Rosse in all shapes and form and accepts everything about her.

Both her ill and good sides.

If Rosse so desires, I do not mind becoming and filling the role of a slave, boyfriend, elder sister, younger sister, mother, or even anything in between those roles.

So while it's true that it is completely against my moral code and I feel disgusted from what I am getting myself involved with, I do not hate it either.

Hell, I never even said that I hate what I am doing.

Disliking something does not equal hate.

Hate is a powerful word and I prefer not to use that as the context in this matter.

Either way, as long as I continue to firmly hold this belief close to my heart, I know that I can always make the best decision without feeling any hesitation nor regret.

"Oh my oh my~ things certainly look so much fun and erotic here~"

Skadi voice echo from the door.

We break our kiss and look at Skadi.

She was standing at the door without a single string of thread covering her body.

I can see the full view of her bare chest with her beautiful pink nipples and well-rounded and big breasts.

"Mind if I join the party, girls~?"

Skadi smiles and politely begs to join us.

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