Chapter 16:

Chapter 16: Crystalized Family (Part 7)

Grimson: Blue Future

*Aoi POV*

"Sure, come in, Skadi."

I permit and welcome her in.

"Thank you~"

Skadi thanked me and walk closer to the bed.

Skadi soon enters the bed and she glues herself and leans on my right arm.

"I was worried that I am ruining your fun and won't be welcomed~"

Skadi looks at me in the eyes with an angelic smile on her face.

"Even if I refuse, you have no intention to leave anyway, at least not empty-handed." "Especially after you stalk us after we left the hot spring."

I shrug off her "gentle" approach and expose her lies.

"Oh my oh my I am busted~"

Skadi expression takes a drastic shift.

Her angelic smile is replaced by a grin of a maniac.

The light in Skadi eyes disappears, there's nothing in her eyes but madness and insanity.

Skadi is insane but I love her.

I love everything about her the same way I love everything about Rosse.

"We're just about to get to the main course, pleasure me with your play, Skadi-"

Before I can finish my sentence, Skadi shoves a two-sided cock shaped sex toy with straps at me.

"You forgot this~"

Skadi grin as she hands me over the toy.

"...Oh, right.. thank you, Skadi."

I thank her and take the toy.

Before each of our play, we would usually bring the toy with us.

Today we just so happen to get so excited about it that we forgot to bring it.

"I have something else better."

Rosse said as she woke up from the bed.

Rosse click her fingers and the ceiling above us split open.

A pair of mechanical arms slowly emerge from the ceiling and hand over something resembling an empty syringe with a glass tube to Rosse.

"What's that?"

I curiously ask.

"Nothing special, just a simple syringe~"

Rosse cheerfully answers me.

"You see, I did my research on how for us girls to produce sperms on our ~" "I conduct tons of experiments to achieve that and I finally arrive at one~"

Rosse explains while spinning the syringe in her hand like a cowboy spinning his gun.

"By extracting the stem cells, I can nurture them into a fully grown sperms cell in a matter of days and I believe I do not have to explain the rest~"

Rosse cheerfully said with a wide smile on her face.

"..I see, as expected of Rosse, you always came up with the weirdest invention ever."

Skadi praises Rosse and rests her chin on her right hand.

"Why, thank you~"

Rosse cheerfully accepts the Skadi praise and is proud of her latest invention.

"Well, what do you say, Aoi~?"

Skadi looks at me with curiosity in her eyes.

She sounds interested to see where this might be going.

I meet her gaze before looking back at Rosse.

Do I even need to think about the answer though? the answer is obvious.

"Sure, go ahead and take my stem cell, Rosse."

I give my answer without hesitation and expose my back to Rosse.

"For real? Yay~!"

Rosse happily squeals and giggles.

Seeing Rosse squeal and giggle like that brings a great deal of joy in me.

And the same apply to my other sisters as well, when they are happy, I feel happy as well.

In Rosse case right now, if I can help her with her research, then I gladly give her my stem cells.

Besides, there's a possibility that we might need it for a different purpose in the future.

Rosse can use it however she wanted.

I believe her.

"Then without further ado~"

Rosse brings herself closer to me and slowly positioning the syringe on my back.

"It might sting a little, so please endure it, Aoi."


Rosse warn me and I steel myself for what's coming.

Seconds later, I feel a brief, but an intense and sharp feeling of pain as if a nail has been hammered right into my backbone.

The pain then spread through my nervous system and into every single part of my body before the pain slowly subsided.

"Okay, good enough~"

Rosse happily said and hand over the syringe filled with my stem cells to the mechanical arms.

The mechanical arms took the syringe with it and return to the ceiling and left.

The ceiling slide in on itself and shut completely.

"I am sorry, did that hurt you, Aoi?"

Rosse leans herself close to me and looks at me in worry.

I caught and bring her in my embrace as I stares into her beautiful eyes.

"It is, but I know that you're doing it as gently as possible already, so I have no right to complain."

I honestly answer her and ease her worry.

"Yes, you're not."

Rosse smiles and kisses me.

We embrace each other and lock ourselves into a deep kiss.

Our lust and love meet, creating an endless intertwined string of love and lust between us.

Nothing else in the world matter to us.

We desire only each other and only each other.

Our intertwined love only breaks after Skadi gently pat my right shoulder.

She caught my attention and I subconsciously look in her direction.

She seizes the opportunity by planting her kiss on my lips and continuing the strings of lust with her.

Skadi kiss feels completely different than Rosse.

While there's lust in Rosse kiss, there's love as well in her kiss.

Skadi kiss, however, was much more intense in both love and lust.

Her will to make love is much stronger than mine.

We soon break our kiss and gaze at each other in the eyes.

"Make love with me as well, Aoi~"

Skadi lustfully licks her lips and grin.

"Very well."

I swallow Skadi and Rosse saliva remains in my mouth before talking.

But Rosse suddenly pushes Skadi to the bed and gets on top of her.

"That's unfair, Skadi, it's supposed to be my turn right now."

Rosse kisses Skadi and inserts her middle fingers inside Skadi vagina.

Skadi moans lustfully inside Rosse mouth as both her lips are being assaulted.

"A bad little sister needs to be punished."

Rosse breaks the kiss for a brief moment before kissing Skadi again.

Skadi retaliates and reverses their position.

Skadi gets on the top while Rosse lying below her.

"Is that supposed to be a punishment, big sis~?" "Why don't I show you what a real punishment is~"?

Skadi positions her vagina on top of Rosse vagina and begins grinding them.

A different kind of pleasure surged within Rosse body, one that she had never experienced with me.

Her body shutters and squirms from the pleasure.

"How is it, big sis~? feels good~?"

Skadi taunts and mocks Rosse with an angelic smile on her face.

Skadi then proceeded to peck Rosse neck multiple times in a few different spots and Rosse moan even lewder and louder.

I had no full idea of what Skadi doing, but I know that there's a certain sensitive spot on our neck that tickled or even arouse us.

When it comes to stuff like this, Skadi has no seconds.

Rather than remaining still and watching Skadi ass moving around only, it's better if I play my role as well.

I slowly strap and wear the cock-shaped sex toy without them noticing and position myself behind Skadi.

I grab her ass and thrust the toy inside her ass.

Skadi let out a surprised yelp and I begin to thrust in and out of her.

"Your ass is wide open, Skadi."

I said and taunt Skadi for letting her guard down.

"Attacking from behind? that's unfair~!"

Skadi shouts in between her lewd moans.

"You're the one to talk."

I counter her argument as she assault Freya from behind before.

She has no right to call this unfair.

With each thrust I did, the cock shape sex toy inside my vagina grind against the wall of my vagina.

The interaction release a surge of pleasure from deep within me.

"Aoi, me too."

Rosse begged me from beneath Skadi.

"I know."

I pull the toy out from Skadi ass and insert it inside Rosse vagina.

Rosse let out a lewd moan upon our contact and I began thrusting inside her.

While my lower body is busy thrusting inside Rosse, Skadi makes use of my lips and kisses me.

I fondle Skadi left breast with my free hand and squeeze her nipple and she did the same to me.

We keep this up for a few more moments and switch.

I enter and thrust inside Skadi vagina once again and finger Rosse vagina while Rosse kisses me and plays with my breasts.

We keep switching like this back and forth until we were close to our climax.

"Rosse, Skadi..!"

I grumble as I rapidly increase the pace of my thrust.

"Let's go together, Aoi..!"

Rosse begged me.

"Don't hold back, let them all out, Aoi~!"

Skadi cheers and "motivates" me to come.

My body soon reach its wishes and after one final thrust inside Rosse vagina, I climaxed almost at the same time as Rosse and Skadi.

We moan loudly and lewdly as we climax and dirty the bedsheets with our love juices.

After our orgasm, I pull my fingers out from Skadi vagina and the sex toy out from Rosse vagina respectively.

Our love juice dripping out from their vagina and into the bedsheets, a small puddle forms on the bed.

I fell on my butt and pant over and over.

It's been a while since I am so sexually aroused and climax that hard.

The last time I climax that hard is when I sleep with my father.

While I am busy with my thought, a pair of demon arms wrap themselves around me and pull me tightly into its embrace.

The demon seizes the opportunity and plants her kiss on my lips yet again.

"The game has only been just begun, Aoi~"

Skadi breaks our kiss and stares deep into my eyes.

"Honestly, when it comes to sex, there's not beating, you, Skadi."

I compliment her.

"Why thank you~"

Skadi flashes an angelic smile at me and kisses me again.

I wrap my arms around her and pull her in my embrace.

We go one round after another during that night without holding anything back.




Now that I already recall everything that happened last night, time for me to leave the bed and begin my daily routine.

I didn't bother to try and wake Skadi and Rosse up.

Neither are them are known for being an early bird, especially after our game last night.

I pull the sex toy out from my nether and place it on the bed before heading to the bathroom.

After taking a shower, I return to the bedroom and properly dressed up.

I wore a pink kimono and blue hakama for clothing and tied my hair into a ponytail hairstyle with a white ribbon.

Then I took the bokken hanging on the wall beside me and sheath it on the left side of my waist.

I take one last glance at the sleeping duo before heading out.

Their sleeping faces heavily resemble any regular girl, it would be hard to believe that they are the same person from the last night.

Not like I dislike them, I love them unconditionally.

I left the bedroom and head out.

There's no one around yet as it is still a little bit too early for the servants to arrive and begin their daily routine.

The view outside was dark yet bright at the same time.

The cherry blossom petals from the back of our mansion got carried by the wind and fall back to the ground while radiating a faint pink light.

It resembles that of fireflies when I think about it.

I walked downstairs and head outside through the front door.

Just when I step outside, I saw three-figure coming closer.

Two boys and one girl... if I am not mistaken, those two are...

And the other one...

Maria, Vert, and Hans notice my presence and halt their advance.

"Oh, good morning, miss Aoi!"

Maria bows and kneel before me.

"Good morning, Miss Aoi!"

Both Vert and Hans shout as they kneel and bow before me.

"Good morning." "You guys came rather early."

I greet them back.

"Yes, we just thought to do better and work harder than before."

Vert said with his head remaining low.

"I see."

I cross my arms in front of my chest.

"I permit it, you guys may come in."

I gave out the order and allow them to enter.

"Thank you very much, Miss Aoi."

All three of them said in unison.

They raise their head, stand up, and resume their advance.

It may be not obvious by looking at my face alone, but currently, I feel conflicted.

Conflicted about how am I supposed to interact with him.

Neither of us makes any eye contact nor communication more than necessary.

He simply walks around me and heads inside.

"... Actually, on a second thought..."

I suddenly said just when Vert grab the doorknob.

"Would you guys tag along with me this morning instead?"

I said as I turned around and invite them.

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