Chapter 11:

My best friend is an elephant

5 min stories to keep you company

My best friend is an elephant.

He is lazy and wakes up late.

He loves food and hates to walk.

His birthday is on July 14th.

On his birthday, he invited the whole town.

Everyone including me.

I had fallen asleep and I forgot all about it.

He danced and danced, despite he doesn’t like walks.

His friends all danced too.



The happy birthday music started.

It’s time for presents!

Did you bring something?

You must have!


One wrapping off.


Two wrappings off.

Yay! It’s an alarm clock.

Now, I can wake up on time.

Yay! It’s chocolate.

I love food.

Today would be the best if only here was you.


I woke up suddenly.

July 14th?

Something happened today, right?

I couldn’t remember so I went back to sleep.

I was too tired to think more.



It was almost bed time.

One by one, everyone went home.

A frog, a kangaroo, a rabbit, and a duck.

I’m glad my friends came to say hello.

I closed the door and looked at the cake.

It was huge and tasty.

My favourite cake.

I wanted to eat some but I couldn’t without you.

Where are you, my best friend?

Are you having fun somewhere without me?

Did something bad happened to you?

I begun to cry.


My trunk made a loud noise.

I was too sad.

<<Knock, knock>>

Somebody was at the door.

I opened it, happily.

My friend is here!

In front of me, there was the postman.

He said “Happy Birthday” and left.


I let a loud cry.

My best friend has forgotten about me!

I cried and cried.

I ate cake.

The cake tasted salty.

I didn’t like my cake.


Suddenly, I felt someone hugging me from behind.

“I’m so sorry… I just checked my mailbox now.”

I turned around and saw my best friend crying too.

I had sent everyone in town an invitation.

I decorated each letter with a drawing and deposited each one in their mailboxes.

My friend was holding his letter tighly in his hand.

It had a drawing of a boy and an elephant.


I hugged my best friend back.

I missed you so much!

Let’s eat cake and dance!

Let’s laugh and play!

Today is my birthday.

And you are my best friend.