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So welcome to my profile\(>•<)/ so personal info here!

I like to read, write and learn! So I am 14, and a half blood, but I am not gonna tell, just part japanese ((^^)).

Yeah the novel "CREED" that I am writing is based on my highschool life and how negative and positive I am, and there is 1 more novel that is "PROJECT STUPID LOVE" a rom-com story that I am working on.

So I am hoping to get better and meet new people, nice to meet you nya-

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Updated: Feb 06, 2019
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"Curt Praise" A dark brown haired 17 year old high school boy, one day a great accident happened to his life, everyone and everything he knew and owned was gone. Will he still light in his life. Covering in the darkness, but still believing in the light. A story of darkness behind the boy is a...