Chapter 12:

A safe place

5 min stories to keep you company

I woke up lazily and stared at the ceiling.

It took me a while to recover my senses. It seems as I had slept a lot.

Even so, I blankely stared at the ceiling.

There was nothing else to do.

I heard some noise coming from the window. Since it’s still daytime, the neighbours must be busy doing their every day.

Even so, I did nothing but stare at the ceiling.

Day after day, night after night.

I just rot the days away.

At least, today is a quiet day at home.

My room is my safe place.

It’s my own kingdom.

The lightbulb at the celing is my sun.

My bed is my fortress.

As long as I don’t go outside, I will be fine.

I will be safe.

And so, I simply closed my eyes once more.

Because today is a quiet day, I can sleep all I want.

I don’t mind the noisy neighbours, but I can’t stand the noise from my house.

Today as usual, I will spend the day in bed.

For there is nothing else to do.