Chapter 56:

Convincing The Police

Valkyria Squadron

Family Home, Sumida City, Tokyo
February 15
3:00 AM
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I could not believe the curse that Cesar has to get into trouble, without a doubt it is something that cannot be ignored. When the sound of the shots I got up I thought that everything I had dreamed was just that, a dream. But when moments later he came to my room asking for my help to handle the police and he was still injured, I realized that what had happened before was real. Bookmark here

Right now I was outside my house trying to talk to the police to convince them not to enter the property. Because inside there are both Momo who is a glass girl, and the new twins that we brought from that other world, and if that were not enough, he is also still wounded inside. If the police come in and search my house it will certainly be a big mess.Bookmark here

"As I have already told you, the officer, although the shooting happened in front of my house, I cannot let you pass."
"Inside I have documents and sensitive information regarding the Alliance, I need them to give you written permission to allow you to enter"
"Otherwise this could seriously affect the relations between your government and the UN."
"I'm sure we both don't want something like this to happen, right" I told the detective in front of me.Bookmark here

"But Mrs. Adelis, don't you see this clearly was an attack directed at you?"
"That you are not interested in your own safety?" he answered but with a rather insecure tone.Bookmark here

"Agent Cedric is the one who currently guards this place and as you can see around him, he has proven to be very effective in his work."Bookmark here

I pointed to the person next to me. He was nearly six feet tall and had the full uniform of an Alliance soldier, including combat gear, helmet, and a submachine gun. The detective looked him in the eye and feeling threatened he turned and pretended that he needed to talk to someone else. Actually, the person next to me was not that agent Cedric, it was actually Tamamo, using her powers to be seen by a house guard. Since she didn't know what they looked like, I had to search for an image on the internet quickly, so we used the first one that appeared, with the full combat uniform. We didn't have much time to prepare a story, so I told her to improvise and go along with what I was saying. Bookmark here

At the moment everything is going well, despite the several police cars that there are, as all the shooting happened in the street the police do not really have many excuses to actually enter my house, in addition to the part that I own Important information is not a lie either. I really have many reasons for not letting them enter. There is also an ambulance, but there is nothing they can do. Currently, the police are searching the place and taking pictures. Probably shortly the car will arrive to collect the bodies to try to identify them. But I'm certainly lucky that Cesar could kill them so easily because if this had happened when I lived alone I would have been completely at their mercy. But why attack me so much, what have I done to them so much that they do this to me? How is it possible that they attack me more now than when I was working full time in England at the headquarters of the Alliance?
A car has just arrived, this time it didn't look like a patrol car, but it did have a Police Patrol Light on the roof. From him a normal policeman who acted as a driver and an older man got off, which I knew a lot, was Inspector Yamamoto, the guy looked quite irritated, probably because of an older person like having to deal with this at this time of day in the early morning, he was probably even sleeping before coming here. The inspector did not bother to greet anyone and as he headed here they handed him a notebook with a couple of notes which he read quickly and approached me to speak.

"When one of the new ones called my house to this now I let them know that it was better if it was an important case or otherwise he would lose his job"
"But I didn't think that I would end up here now"
"They tell me that the armed men tried to enter their house but were repelled by your security agent, but you do not want to collaborate with the young detectives so that they can search your home."
"May I ask the reason?" The inspector looked at Tamamo calmly. Bookmark here

"Important documents of the alliance"Bookmark here

"Is this agent trustworthy madam?"
"I've never seen him with you before"Bookmark here

"Do not worry about him, he is of my highest confidence"Bookmark here

"Just that I was afraid of"
"Well, nothing can be done in that case"
"I will tell the others to leave the matter alone"
"Actually, I could use this to teach those newbies a bit about limits"
"Now what really bothers me is that this could be a continuation of our incident from last time"
"I doubt that we will be able to identify the four anytime soon, but the possibility that they are companions of the dock group is quite high"
"Your girls sure have been busy these days without a doubt"
"I guess this is also a white-haired girl thing"Bookmark here

"I also suspect that they are also from the same group"
"They probably tried to finish the job but we were lucky"
"I hope this also serves to make clear why we should stop them and collaborate together"
"I would not like to hear an answer to my proposal now so that I can feel safer in this country for which you are in charge of security, Mr. Yamamoto"Bookmark here

"Come on, don't treat me like that Mrs. Adelis"
"You know that my answer to her request was yes"
"The problem that I have had these days has been another of a more important and priority nature in addition to being quite different."
"A couple of days ago irregularities were detected in the entry of foreigners"
"We managed to arrest two of them, they were Mexicans, ex-military, they had ties to drug trafficking in Central America"
"Nothing good can come from those people so far away from the area where they usually work"
"The security ministry has marked them as possible members of a terrorist cell"
"Right now everyone at the station is looking under the rocks for these guys"
"It is because of this that I have not been able to do much help"Bookmark here

"Do not worry so much"
"As long as you can do what I told you, we can get to the bottom of this and stop them."
"Either by the justice system or by silencing them by other methods"
"We will take care of that"Bookmark here

"Since we are with it"
"You can really continue to help me take care of Haru"
"With all the work I have these days, I do not know if I will be able to be with her for a long time, in addition to the fact that I cannot use the officers to take care of her always"
"Also your girls have already shown me that they know how to take care of themselves quite well"
"Right now I trust them more than I know they have reasons not to work with the I.S.C than with my own subordinates"Bookmark here

"Sir, be more careful what you say and when"
"Right now is not the best time"
"But I assure you that we will keep our promise"
"We take care of her even if she doesn't like it"Bookmark here

"Thanks, that will make me sleep better today at work because of them forcing me to get up so early"
"I'm too old to be babysitting with these people who don't know how to respect private property," the inspector said aloud as he left to speak with his subordinates.Bookmark here

After that, the police were there at five in the morning investigating and collecting evidence. Then they cleaned the place and by six they left. I stayed up in case something else happened and Tamamo accompanied me, Cesar went to his room to try to rest a little and Momo was with him taking care of him. Maria for her part went back to sleep in her room and the twins stayed awake in the living room giving us company because they said they didn't need to sleep. The event was the new buzz among the neighbors the next day and some neighbors even came to ask what had happened. But I managed to convince her that it was an attempted robbery that went very wrong. Bookmark here

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