Chapter 57:

Stories From The Past

Valkyria Squadron

Family Home, Sumida City, Tokyo
February 15
12:00 PMBookmark here

When I woke up it seemed that everyone else had time to be in their daily activities. My mom was trying to make lunch for the others, although she really should be at her job, using the early morning shooting as an excuse she took the day off. My brother Cesar got up in the morning and drank about a liter of coffee before going to school because although he was recovering, someone has to go and take care of Haru, Tamamo wanted to accompany him but he told her that she better stay to watch the house because he was afraid that the same thing would happen again now that he is not here. The twins were sitting in the living room listening to Tamamo talk about his past. While Momo was sitting next to me waiting for the food too. We were both talking about everything a little to pass the time.Bookmark here

"You know now that I think about it"
"Don't you think Cesar seems to be too used to being a girl?"
"I mean, it's supposed to be something that happened recently, but you don't think it's strange that since he knows how to take care of his long hair, he knows how to put on a bra, he goes by brushing his tail from time to time. He knows how to put on women's clothes, even though his tail does not seem to make it difficult for him to have it"
"Hell, he didn't even ask how to use the bathroom!"
"They are things that a man would never pay attention to"Bookmark here

"Well that actually has an explanation"Bookmark here

"Wait what !?"Bookmark here

"Well yes, although I think it is something that he would not like to talk about face to face."Bookmark here

"That just makes you want to know more !?"
"He's not here right now, can you talk about that?"Bookmark here

"You too mom?"Bookmark here

"Well I mean, I was wondering that too"
"But I don't think it's a good idea to ask him why he knows so much about the subject when he managed to return"
"You know how he is, he likes to be treated like nothing changes in him, but the truth is that we have to know how he is facing his current condition"Bookmark here

"Well I can talk about it now that he is gone"
"But I warn you once you never heard this through me"
"We agree?"Bookmark here

"Alright!"Bookmark here

Tamamo and the twins were also next to us now to hear Momo speak.Bookmark here

"I did not participate in that, but I managed to hear the details through Rafael"
"Well, I think the best way to start is by mentioning that Cesar was married before, even before Tamamo."
"That girl was called Nanami, and she was the empress of a very ancient kingdom, Atlantis."
"In that place, the royal family was very important, they were venerated almost as gods."
"During the war against the dragons that kingdom was the most important point of the entire war, if the humans lost it they would have no way to win, and the same for the dragons"
"So the collaboration and morale of the kingdom of Atlantis was vital to win the war"
"Their marriage was in secret, nobody knew"
"If it was known that Nanami married a foreigner from outside the kingdom, the protests would not be long in coming."
"Although I don't know how long they were together"
"During a moment in the war, I don't know how, Nanami died and Cesar was trapped in her body, just like now."
"Only three people knew that it was Cesar and not Nanami"
"One was Rose, the head of the I.S.C and the army of the humans of the earth."
"The other was an Angel who worked for the security section and who helped them"
"And finally one of Nanami's personal guards, who noticed it by himself"
"Because Nanami's death would have caused enormous chaos in the Atlantean people that would make them lose the war"
"Rose decided that Cesar should impersonate Nanami at all times to hide the truth."
"He had no choice but to start behaving like a lady in no time"
"Although that happened a long time ago, I am sure that he still remember the basics of that time"Bookmark here

"Okay, I didn't expect this to turn out to be such a sad story" I said out loud.Bookmark here

"Well, that explains why Darling doesn't mention that topic much. I would also feel sad to wake up every morning and look in the mirror to see the face of the person I love who died."Bookmark here

"The biggest problem is that after knowing about Nanami's death, her spirit never reached heaven."
"we the angels have been looking for her incessantly ever since, but we haven't found any clues as to what happened"
"THE BOSS didn't mention anything about it other than our inability to search for her."
"So if it is clearly our fault what happened"
"This is quite a serious matter, as even the pride of angels is at stake."Bookmark here

"So that's what my son goes through every day when he gets up It must be hard for him too"Bookmark here

"Cesar has faith that we will find her one day, but the truth is that it is a difficult case if they have taken so long to find it"Bookmark here

"So he also has one more mystery to solve apart from Luna's core"Bookmark here

"Well now that I think about it, the whole world knows how I met my Darling"
"But what about you Momo?"
"The first time I saw you, you two knew each other"
"How did you meet Cesar?"Bookmark here

"Who me?"
"I don't think you want to know that"
"Not that interesting" Momo said, putting her hands on her face, I'm sure if she wasn't transparent right now her face would be all redBookmark here

"A story with Cesar?"
"It is impossible that this was something normal"
"Also I am sure that a human does not know an angel by chance" mention my mother also trying to know a little more at the expense of the embarrassed Momo Bookmark here

"Well that's fine, just because my mother-in-law is asking me for it" She tried to hide in a bad way that she did want to tell the story of how they met.
"But I assure you that it is not what you expect"
"It was a couple of years ago during the continental war as you call it"
"Cesar was flying a fighter jet patrolling Italy when he was shot down by a surprise attack from an enemy plane"
"He strained in a vineyard and stood against a shed with his plane"
"The plane caught fire and he was very badly injured"
"Undoubtedly a normal person died without given in a matter of minutes in those conditions"
"But since he was collaborating with us to find the Codex, we couldn't allow it"
"So we unleash a team with the best doctors available to treat him and save his life"
"I was also part of that group"
"Although as you can see I am a mechanic, not a doctor"
"My job was to fix the plane a bit to make it look like a less serious accident and thus prevent humans from seeing that it was a miracle that he got out of that situation alive"
"But unfortunately the doctors also had that job, so they only healed him enough so that the humans did not doubt how he survived the accident"
"The idea was to treat him quickly and then an Alliance patrol would come to pick him up as they always do with jet pilots."
"But as you know that battle became bigger than we thought so we had to take care of it much longer than the original"
"We took turns between taking care of him, resting and watching the surroundings waiting for the patrol to pick him up"
"And well, when it was my turn to watch over him, he regained consciousness"
"I still remember the first thing he said when he woke up and saw me"
"He said: now, of course, I screwed up, even the best angels came to pick me up"
"At that time I was so ashamed that a human saw me naked"
"But I was also glad that he did not ask the first thing that everyone sees me"Bookmark here

"And since then Momo was never ashamed of herself and never wore clothes again" Mentioned TamamoBookmark here

"It's not because of that"
"Due to these folds that I have in my body, it even seems that I am dressed although I am not"
"I've never been able to wear clothes in my life"Bookmark here

"Ah so you are one of those"
"A natural stripper"Bookmark here

"Of course not!"
"I only do it because of my body!"
"It is like plants!"
"They don't wear clothes either!"Bookmark here

"You know what you're talking about isn't helping you right"Bookmark here

"You know I don't like to talk about this topic!"
"Ok let's put it aside"
"Please!"Bookmark here

"Dad also mentioned that we should take Momo as our other mother"
"But maybe he was wrong, after all she does not seem like the person who can teach us with a good example"Bookmark here

"You too Kazumi?"
"I already told you this is not my fault!"
"Why nobody believes me!"Bookmark here

"Do not worry so much"
"I already accepted my son's sex change, I can also accept a nudist daughter-in-law"
"In this house we do not judge"
"not much at least"Bookmark here

"You girls are bullying me!"
"I'm going to tell Cesar when he arrives!"Bookmark here

With that Momo ran into the room. The rest of the day there was nothing out of the ordinary. Except for my brother who as soon as he arrived he lay down in the living room and didn't move from there until the next day. We did not mention anything we had talked about as we had agreed, even Tamamo did not mention anything to our surprise.Bookmark here

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