Chapter 1:

Chapter #1 [Side Character]

Livestream Hero

• Chapter #1: [SIDE CHARACTER]


*Hiro-kun~ You’re sure you don’t wanna eat with me~?”, A seductive voice echoed behind me. It came from one Kami Emiya, a purple haired girl with matching amethyst eyes. She also had a voluptuous body akin that of an idol.

Currently, she was clinging on the arm of a boy named Kazuto Hiro. Hiro is a relatively ordinary guy, possessing brown hair and honey eyes. Both of his academic and physical performance are just slightly above average. However, despite his regular traits, the guy had one thing that other males desire and cannot truly achieve, a harem.

As Emiya tried 'persuade' Hiro in having lunch with her, it was cut short when a red haired girl suddenly jumped in between and separated them. The girl’s name is Akiba Kurumi, a petite girl with green eyes that complemented her red twin tails.

After breaking up the two, Kurumi sent a glare at Emiya while also doing the same thing that the latter did a while ago.

Ahhh… You’re wondering if that’s me right?

Hah! Obviously no.

I’m the guy at the front of Kazuto Hiro. My name’s Hōri Kaide, a run of the mill loner. But despite that, I’m actually quite good at both physical and academic studies, though I still get ignored by others, whether on accident or not, I don’t care. Well… Aside from that, I really don’t have anything… Except from my little secret…

“U-Uhhh… Kurumi… Emiya… P-please calm down you two…”, Hiro stuttered, intimidated from the glaring match that the two did. He could swear that lightning just sparked in between their gazes.

Their glaring match was abrupted when another girl introduced herself to the scene. This time, it was the Student Council President, Kaguya Emilia. Emilia had an ebony black hair, matched by her onyx eyes. She had a fair complexion that you would normally see on models, and a body that equaled or perhaps even surpassed Emiya's.

She was also one of my old crushes.

“As a student, you two should keep an orderly fashion inside the classroom.”, she chided gently, before turning to Hiro.

“Ahhh… Hiro, I need you in the Student Council Room…”, She said to him while blushing. Obviously, she’s a part of Hiro's harem.

“Ah, alright.”, he replied. Really, what a dumb guy.

“O-Ofcourse, it’s not like I need a favor from you or anything, so you could come with anyone you want… even though I don’t want you to…”, She whispered the last part to herself, while ducking to hide her intensifying blush.

Of course, while I heard all of it, Hiro didn’t. Tch…

Finally looking up, her gaze scouted the room and our eyes briefly met. A flash of confusion on her, and one of boredom and irritation at mine.



After a minute of akward silence… She quickly turned to Hiro and whispered.

“Uhm… Who’s that guy again…?”

Ofcourse I fucking heard it. How the hell do you forget someone who’s always interacting with your harem leader?!

“Ah… His name is Hōri Kaide…”, Ofcourse the protagonist knows my name.

“Right… Then, may I ask if you could accompany Hiro to the Student Council Room?”

“… Alright…”, I replied, leaning on my chair a bit and gazing at the sun outside.

“Thanks.”, A stoic and rusted gratitude was the one I received. I rolled my eyes inwardly, it wasn’t like I was the one who brought up the idea of accompanying him to you.

After lunch time, me and Hiro started to walk towards the Student Council Room. It was a rather uneventful walk, full of silence. That is, until a voice called out from behind.

“Hiro-kun! Wait!”

Pausing and turning around, we were greeted by Komi Misa. She’s a girl with sky blue hair, which reached down her shoulders, and red eyes which complemented her hair, along with a petite yet still curvy body.

“A-Are you going to the Student Council Room too…?”, She panted out, exhausted from running at who knows how far she originally had seen us.

“Yeah, and President Emilia asked Hori to accompany me.”

Her mood seemed to drop rapidly at that statement.

“Oh… Alright, see you later then…”, She replied in an uninterested manner, before walking away, making me sigh inwardly and for Hiro to have a confused expression.

Looks like I got on the way of her plan to have a wonderful walk with Hiro, only the two of them?

Resuming our walk, we finally arrived to the Student Council Room after a few minutes. It was already packed with students though, such as Misa, Kogi, Emilia, Kurumi, and Emiya. Other than them, the twin sisters Yuki and Yumi, Secretary Carter, and the football aces Mozu Brothers were already there too, along with Sota, Maki, Arima, and the idol in training Hideyoshi Ayumi.

“Here’s your paperwork…”

“Thank you Hōri, please just leave them there.”, President Emilia said, pointing to a small desk at the corner.

Saying nothing, I just placed the documents and quickly left without saying a word. I never liked them, something is odd with them…

Whatever, it’s not like they’re the only one with secrets anyways…


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