Chapter 5:

Chapter #5:[Normal?]

Livestream Hero

• Chapter #5: [NORMAL?]

Today was Friday, and tomorrow, is the day where I finally visit Hiro's Household. But before that, I need to finish this task first…

Looking at the note again, I read it once more.

[Quest: Save 100 People. Rewards: From UnderworldSucks (???) Timer: None

Quest has been Accepted


Ofcourse, I already had planned this out. Since there’s no specific directions on what it meant by 'saving' people, I could help out those people within 'New City Hospital'.

And I would do it this night…

Viewing the abilities that I gained, I reviewed it once more to determine on what abilities would I use for tonight’s fiasco…

[Aptitude – Grants its user extreme mastery of earthly tasks and talent to do anything]

[Bloodlust – Allows its user’s mind to be calm at battles, but their body to have the power of berserkers. Enhances its user’s martial arts skills.]

[Saint’s Light – Grants healing attributes, as well as buffs aligned to holy element. Allows creation and manipulation of light element.]

[Soul Harvest – Allows its user to drag any creature’s soul. Its user is then capable of full control to the soul, which ranges to it’s destruction, dividing, consumption, or transferal.]

[Store – Allows its user to buy anything at a reasonable cost. (Since it’s user currently has VIP pass for 1 Year, they’re able to buy everything for ¥1.)]

[Multiplier – Doubles power of magic and reduces mana cost by 50%.]

[Shade Walker – Allows its user to enter and exit shadows, as well as hide within shadows.]

[Plotter's Discernment – Allows its user to sense intentions of other people directed to it’s user, negate stealth magic, enhance mind power, and translate languages unknown to it’s user.]

[Feather Light – Lightens its user’s body like a feather and grant flight abilities.]

[Morph- Ability to morph in any kind of beast, allowing users to experience the strength and power of the beast in best state.]

[Barrier – Creates a barrier with size depending to it’s user’s will.]

Hmmm… I see… So there’s skills that’s usable on tonight’s endeavor after all…

[Plotter's Discernment: Active]


“Kaide-san… Could you please assist us on the work once more?”, Hiro's voice suddenly resounds at my side, and as I turn to him, I could see the odd glint of hope on his eyes.

He’s planning something… Or their group’s planning something… And since when did he had permission to call me by my first name?


“… Alright.”, My eyes returned to the front once more. What could they have in store for me…?

As the bell signifying lunch break rang, I immediately got up from my seat. Ofcourse, Hiro's harem immediately flocked towards, well, Hiro. Ignoring them, I headed towards the door, in which they followed me quickly…

The walk to the Student Council Room was silent, but the stares that Hiro's group sent from behind me is a bit uncomfortable… Or annoying…?

Having had enough, I merely said,

“The eyes start to see other things when they stare for too long.”

Even though Hiro took a confused look, I could sense the unease of the others as they tried to avert their gazes. As the looks lessened, I could tell that they’re thinking on how I’m able to detect their gazes.

Finally arriving at the room’s door, my eyebrows immediately rose as I sensed an aura from the room. It was much stronger than the others and was familiar as well… Though I couldn’t put my finger on it…

Whatever, just act normal.

Opening the door, I immediately saw an old man, which was the one emitting the strong aura.

Well… That proves that they’re really not ordinary people.

“Well? Where is it?”, I asked, a bit impatiently. I just wanted this farce to end already.

“Eh?A-Ah right, it’s over there…”, Ayumi pointed to the desk, which was directly behind the old man.

I walked towards the desk, ignoring the man’s stare. Then, I just noticed that they’re also not staring at him…

Ah shit… He was using stealth magic?

As I reached the papers, the man suddenly moved away. I was unfazed by it, and was actually relieved. Picking it up, I immediately headed towards the door and looked at them one more time.

“If that’s all, then I’ll leave.”, I said, panning my gaze to all of them. As my eyes passed to the old man’s, I was unaware that it gave an intimidating red glow, making the old man step back for a bit and for some of them to quiver…

As soon as I saw their reactions, I immediately knew that I did something. Shit… I really need to get going…

Closing the door, I went on my way and let them do what they want…

“That was something…”, The old man mumbled, a bit afraid of the boy's strength to be able to shrug of his aura like nothing, as well as intimidate him.

“Y-Yeah… What was that?”, Hiro asked. Kaide's stare was very unnerving and the way his eyes glowed… It felt like he took hold of his soul and directly glared at it…

The others, let out a breath they unknowingly held and nodded at Hiro's words.

“I... I didn’t expect for someone as young as him to be this powerful… He was actually able to shrug off the full power of my aura…”, He said to them.

To say that the group was shocked was an understatement. He shrugged off an aura of a Clan Head…?!

Before they could voice out their thoughts however, the old man made a grim analysis.

“No… He didn’t shrug it off… He didn’t feel it… He’s powerful enough that my aura… Wasn’t able to get him…”

This time, they were truly silenced. They had once felt the full wrath of the old man's aura of course, and it wasn’t pleasant, as they immediately passed out in extreme headache.

So to say that his concentrated aura at full power wasn’t even enough to be felt by Kaide was truly a mind-blowing revelation, as well as what spoke volumes about his power…

“Anyway, we need to investigate that Hōri Kaide. But you also need to be careful, the Black Zodiac is now surfacing and he could be one of them…”

“Do we really need to? Maybe this is just some coincidence?”, Ayumi asked, still doubtful, in which, the old man merely sighed.

“You know of the Devil's Wisdom Incarnated, yes?”, The old man asked.

“Ofcourse, it’s listed as one of the 27 beings ruling the outer worlds.” Hiro replied.

“His name is known as the Plotter and he gave people an ability since the ancient times…”, He trailed.

“… Maybe it’s because I’m too old but… I’m sure that he has the Plotter's Discernment…”

Now the group was stunned. They thought that Hōri was just a teenager who had an ability from a lost household member. They didn’t expect him to actually have connection to an Ancient God.

“Continue observing him, but don’t provoke him. I’ll inform the Union about this…”, The old man said, before vanishing in a flash of flames…

“I didn’t notice that he was being too much of a loner…”, Hiro broke the silence.

“He’ll go tomorrow right?”, Emilia asked, her eyes now reflecting worry.

“Yeah… Cause we might need him…”, Hiro said. He’ll make sure to gain an ally, or at least have a neutral relationship, because he felt the darkness of zodiac is approaching…


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