Chapter 4:

Chapter #4: [Danger]

Livestream Hero

• Chapter #4: [DANGER]

In the forest, a group of people were running. Pretty… Normal? However, their speed certainly wasn’t that of an ordinary human. Wondering who they are? They’re the Student Council of course, along with a man who appeared to be their leader.

“Say… Do you know the guy from before?”, The man asked, his tone quite serious. This brought confusion to the teens.

“Who? Hōri? Well… Yeah, he’s my classmate.”, Hiro asked, confused on why their team leader suddenly asked, quite seriously he might add.

“He’s a huge loner but he’s normal. He’s very good at academics, if the rumors from the others were true, though he’s also not bad at athletics.”, Emilia further supplied.

“Normal huh…? That’s highly doubtful…”, He whispered, but enough for them to hear, making the group falter for a bit due to surprise.

“Huh…? W-What do you mean?”, Kurumi, Emilia, Emiya, and Hiro asked together.

“When I showed up in your room… He looked at me… And no, not my projection that appears to you as a specter. No, he saw what I truly looked like…”, He spoke. This time, it made the group stop to stare at him in shock. He also stopped too, however, he ignored their faces and continued.

“… And you know? He did it on a mere whim… When he looked at me with this mild annoyance. Heh, I could tell… However… The feeling was very different….”

He sighs and closes his eyes, before proceeding.

“What I felt during the time that he stared at me for even just a brief amount of time… Was like your grandfather Hiro… Taking up his battle stance…”

If they were shocked from before, they were openly gawking at him now, with their mouths hanging wide. Pretty sure if they don’t close it, flies would enter.

The first to break the silence was of course Hiro.

“W-Wait?! A-Are you serious?!”, Hiro stuttered out, doubting the words of their leader. The others, agreed to his question and nodded their heads.

“I’m not one to misjudge someone Hiro… That guy… He’s far away from ordinary… I have never felt anything like that other than your grandfather when he’s serious…”

He then turned to them, wearing a hard expression.

“I don’t know what he wants… But I’m telling everyone of you. DO NOT provoke him at all cost… Or else… You’ll be destroyed…”, He spoke to them gravely, before turning around to resume running once more.

The others stood dubiously for a few moments, before each one of them slowly returned heading towards their destination. They wanted to doubt their leader’s words, highly so, but the way he spoke was too serious for them to ignore.

Which leaves the question… Just who the hell is Hōri Kaide?

“Well, that was quick...”, I muttered, arranging the finished paperwork before picking up my phone. I’m not sure that I’m the only one who notices, but Hiro and his group sure does act weird all the time…

So then, I decided to ask Plotter.

[Plotter: Ho? If that’s the case, then they’re definitely people who possess magical and extraordinary abilities, born from various clans, families, or households.]

I was surprised with that fact. I never thought that those fantasy-like people really exists in the real world…

… Wait… Why would I be surprised by that? I literally am in a GC full of Ancient Gods from other planets…

Schemer also quickly sent a general info about these people…

Hmmm… Very interesting…

[Enigma: Say… Why do they hide from the world? They could easily rule over if that’s the case, isn’t it?]

[Plotter: Ah that? Well, that’s their tradition and it’s also safety for them. Normal people never really liked on how they possess powers…]

[Enigma: Hmmm… I see…]

[Plotter: Why? Is there something you plan to do?]

[Enigma: Well, I want to try doing the same… You know, being a mysterious hero and stuff… It looks interesting.]

[Plotter: Of course! Why shouldn’t you? Like we said, our blessings is for you to use to liven up your life.]

Well that was easy. Now, I just need to think of a good disguise for appearance.

[Plotter: You know? Since you’re gonna be a hero, why not do it for the sake of rewards? You know, like a game?]

[Enigma: Huh? Rewards?]

[Plotter: Yep! Every time you finish a task, me and others will give you an ability, skill, or gift.]

[Enigma: Hmmmm… Alright.]

Just as I sent that, my phone suddenly vibrated. Exiting Messenger, a new app had appeared on my phone. It had a white circle with yellow question mark inside of it as an icon, while it’s name read as 'Tasks'.

Opening it up, a note popped up on my screen.

[Quest: Save 100 people. Rewards: From UnderworldSucks (???) Timer: None

Accept | Decline ]

I grinned when I saw what was written. So it’s starting right now eh?

I tapped accept.

Just as I did that, Hiro and his group suddenly entered the room. Sitting down, they wore quite the serious expressions.

*Right… I already finished it.”, I asked, bringing them out of their trance and reminding them that I’m here.

Everyone noticeably flinched at that, and looked at me with cautious yet curious faces…

The hell? Did I do something?

“A-Ah… R-Right…”, Hiro stuttered, before thinking of something for a bit.

“Say… Hōri, could you come with us on Saturday?”, Hiro suddenly asked, now a bit calm. His group looked at him strangely for a bit there…

“Hmmm? And why?”, I said, raising an eyebrow at him.

“W-Well… It’s a family celebration and I would like to invite you as well… I know that you’ve done a lot when we’re not here so…”, He trailed.

Well, at least he's grateful. Even though asking a person you barely know into your house is odd and weird, Hmmm… That would also be good. It might help me learn some more information about these people.

“… Alright.”


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