Chapter 8:

Worm Chapter 5: Greater Phase Worm


Worm Chapter 5

Greater Phase Worm

Racial Ability Update:
<Phase Change: Liquid Lv. 5> has upgraded to <Phase Change: Liquid Lv. 6>.
<Phase Change: Solid Lv. 1> has upgraded to <Phase Change: Solid Lv. 2>.

Racial Ability Update:
<Phase Change: Solid Lv. 2> has upgraded to <Phase Change: Solid Lv. 3>.

Racial Ability Update:
<Phase Change: Solid Lv. 3> has upgraded to <Phase Change: Solid Lv. 4>.

I’ve noticed that high level skills take longer to level up so I decided to level up my lower level skills instead.

I’ve gotten deeper into this place that is called Abyth Dungeon.

I haven’t seen a single monster for a while…

Where the heck is everybody?

[“This level should have a lot of Evolution Level: 4 monsters…”]

Do you think that that armor thing finished them all off?

[“If that is the case, we would only be seeing corpses in here. It doesn’t eat the monsters it killed.”]

I wanted to eat all the monsters it killed. I thought there would be a lot of Manticore corpses in here, but it seems that I was wrong… should I get back and just eat the corpses of the weaker monsters on the higher levels?

[“It would take many years if you just dissolve beings that has a lower Evolution Level than you. I don’t want to get bored waiting for that.”]

…Is your boredom really that important!?

Anyway, are Evolution Levels really that far apart in strength?

[“Yeah, you just don’t feel it because your rate in leveling up is too high because of your title. If that wasn’t there, it would take you years to level up. If you think you just leveled up about twice as fast than other beings because of the EXP bonus, you’re wrong. Your fast level up rate is because of your skill level up rate. You won’t be able to defeat higher level being without putting your life in danger. You would also dissolve beings for days if you have a lower skill level. Don’t forget that your level doesn’t reset after evolving.”]

Okay, I understand… so that means that I should leave this dungeon now, right?

[“What is this worm talking about?”]

I mean, there are no monsters in here anymore and the next monster after Evolution Level: 4, which is Evolution Level: 5, is that [Abyth Manticore] monster which almost killed me. I don’t want to face off against that thing.

[“There will be humanoid beings after you leave the dungeon. They are harder to kill than monsters.”]

That’s true, my knowledge says that humans are very smart creatures that have evolved their civilization instead of evolving as a species… But aren’t they smart enough to be reasoned with? Maybe they won’t if I prove to them that I am a rational being.

[“Remember, humans are the same as monsters and animals. They would only care about their own race, nevertheless their own self. If you, who is another race, goes into their territory, you will be killed.”]

Still, I won’t let go of that idea. Attempting to make peace with smart beings is a lot better than fighting them….

[“…It’s your choice…”]

…Also, maybe it’s too early to give up on this dungeon, I can sense some monsters!

I can sense monsters from Body #9. It’s not only one, but four, no… six monsters!

There are four big ants with stingers as long as their body on the back of their butts. These four ants are carrying what seems to be a 2 dead [Abyth Gistags].

Pane, can you show what these are?

Name: None
Being Category: [Monster]
Race: [Abyth Stinger Ant]
Racial Classification: [Insect]
Evolution Level: 4

Level: 12
EXP: 41%
Health: 380
Spirit: 410
Strength: 546
Agility: 752
Magic: 313

You can show stats now!?

[“I didn’t tell you because I thought it doesn’t matter since, even though it’s in numerical value, stats are still vague and will only give you an idea on how they are. … it might make you careless and miscalculate.”]

It still gives me an idea on what they are good at, at numerical value. That is more than enough!

[“I just hope so.”]

…Based on the statistics, its agility is its strongest suit. This means stopping them from moving will be my victory.

[“Just how are you going to do that? I don’t think <Phase Change: Liquid Lv. 6> can make a good enough adhesive liquid to make multiple beings of the same evolution level stick to it.”]

That’s true, but I’ve got a better plan. Don’t forget, these are dumb ants.

I moved seven bodies using the inventory gates and had them surround the ants.

I used six of them and made thin but wide walls using <Phase Change: Solid> with my bodies.

Lastly, I made one side of the wall into liquid by using <Phase Change: Liquid> and decreased its adhesion to the lowest possible. Meaning it’s very slippery.

The ant noticed this too late since my ⌠Reform⌡ is already at max level and I’m able to change my body shape very fast.

The ants try to climb over it, but their legs are too thin and can’t hold onto it. They also can’t jump over it.

I used the last body to use <Slime Worm Dissolution> on them to dissolve them alive.

It took only a few minutes before I was able to dissolve them and the [Abyth Gistag] they were carrying.

[Abyth Stinger Ant] has been killed. Kill participation has been recognized. EXP has been acquired.

[Abyth Stinger Ant] has been killed. Kill participation has been recognized. EXP has been acquired.

[Abyth Stinger Ant] has been killed. Kill participation has been recognized. EXP has been acquired.

[Abyth Stinger Ant] has been killed. Kill participation has been recognized. EXP has been acquired.

[Abyth Stinger Ant] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.

[Abyth Stinger Ant] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.

[Abyth Stinger Ant] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.

[Abyth Stinger Ant] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.

[Abyth Gistag] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.

Level Update: Level has risen by 2. Current level: 32.

Racial Ability Update:
<Worm Slime Dissolution Lv. 9> has upgraded to ⌠Worm Slime Dissolution⌡.
<Split Body Lv. 9> has upgraded to ⌠Split Body⌡.
<Phase Change: Liquid Lv. 6 has upgraded to <Phase Change: Liquid Lv. 7>.
<Phase Change: Solid Lv. 4 has upgraded to <Phase Change: Solid Lv. 5>.

Skill Update:
<Dualism Lv. 9> has upgraded to ⌠Dualism⌡.

Even after dissolving and killing all that I’ve only risen to level 32? Not to mention that my EXP was already at 89% before I leveled up, and my EXP now is 12%. I already have high EXP bonuses because of the recent upgrade, but why does it feel like it’s still hard to level up?

[“You’ve been dealing with beings with evolution levels higher than you so you got the illusion that you are leveling up slow. You were just leveling up too fast.”]

I separated my bodies and patrolled deeper into the dungeon.

Body #3 has detected footprints around his area.

These footprints are footprints of an [Abyth Manticore].

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!

[“What is your plan?”]

Hmmm… is <Phase Change: Solid Lv. 5> able to make a blade that is sharp enough to kill that thing?

[“No, you can make a very point object, but it won’t be hard enough. Imagine the edge of a paper, it won’t cut even if its sharp.”]

I haven’t touched any paper before, but I can understand what you’re saying.

[“Can’t you think of another plan?”]

…Run away?

[“Sigh, Giving up that easily…”]

Hey, after it kills one body, it will chase after the others. I might have two bodies on the upper levels, but there’s still a chance that this monster can detect monsters from that distance.

[“You’re over reacting, those two slimes are already on standby near the exit of the second level. It’s impossible for the manticore to detect them. Stop being a spineless coward.”]


[“Sigh… you’ve been very careful ever since you almost died. You should try and risk more. You know, it’s just one evolution level higher than you. Same as before.”]

Oh yeah! I forgot, I’m evolution level 4 now!

[“Did you seriously forget about that?”]

Of course, not… yeah, I’m level 4 now, yup! I’m going to hunt for that manticore.

[“I think you’ll be careful since you spoke about leaving this dungeon a while ago… but with that kind of confidence that came out of nowhere, I’m a little worried…”]

I need to give it my all if I want to fight the manticore. I have ⌠Split Body⌡ at max level now, meaning I can make 10 bodies. I have two as emergency exits meaning I can only use eight to fight against that manticore.

For its detection capabilities, I think I can get pass through that. I’ll use <Phase Change: Solid> and ⌠Reform⌡ to shape the bodies into rocks. I’ll stick them to the floor, wall, or ceiling by using <Phase Change: Liquid> to change part of their bodies into high adhesive liquids.

Its ability to fly is a big problem. If it goes airborne, I’m as good as dead. Its wings are feathers, I’ll just have to make them wet and sticky using high adhesive liquid.

Next is speed. I can’t just use high adhesive liquids to make it stick to the ground. Wings aren’t a problem because feathers are fragile, but its feet will just treat them like nothing.

[“You have ⌠Telekinetic Movement⌡. You haven’t used its full speed yet. With that speed, you can easily surpass the manticore.”]


[“Don’t get cocky though. No matter how fast you are, he’s still bigger.”]

I won’t, I won’t…

Lastly, his fire breath. This is the problem.

Actually, without that fire breath. I can easily kill it by turning into liquid and throwing myself into its mouth.

As long as I insert liquid into his mouth and stop his fire breath, I’ll win.

I’m setting everything up. Bodies on the ceiling, wall…

…Pane, show me the stats of the manticore.

Name: None
Being Category: [Monster]
Race: [Abyth Manticore]
Racial Classification: [Beast]
Evolution Level: 5

Level: 32
EXP: 67%
Health: 1030
Spirit: 979
Strength: 1246
Agility: 1382
Magic: 1013

Woah too high! Will I be able to do this?

[“Just do it…”]


After setting up everything, I used Body #1 as bait. I made two steel-like cooking pans and clang them towards each other.

The manticore noticed this and immediately charged towards my direction.

I slowly felt the manticore closing the distance between us.

When the manticore was about to reach me, I made six bodies on the ceiling fall at a fast rate by using ⌠Telekinetic Movement⌡.

Because it wasn’t able to stop its momentum and turn, it was a success. I made my bodies turn into sticky liquid, binding its ability to fly.

Next, I made Body #2 that was hidden on the walls propel itself towards the manticore’s face. I made put its toxicity and acidity as high as possible. No matter what creature it is, the eye is one of the most vulnerable membranes.

The attack was successful and the manticore roared. Because I have no ears, I didn’t hear its roar, I just hear the vibration of its roar.

I launch Body #1 onto its mouth while it roared. This was my chance to get it.

The manticore was able to react and released a flame breath.

It wasn’t actually roaring before, it was sucking up air or mana to do the flame breath.

Body #1 was eliminated.

I split Body #2 into two. Because of my <Regeneration Mastery Lv. 8> the size didn’t decrease even when I split my body.

I made the newly split Body #1 enter into the manticore’s mouth. It tried to suck air, but I turned part of Body #1’s body into solid, blocking its airways.

With ⌠Telekinetic Movement⌡, I was able to move through its body and reached its heart.

I turned into liquid that has high acidity and toxicity and wrapped the heart of the manticore.

It rampaged. It must be in pain.

I switched Body #1 to use the max leveled ⌠Worm Slime Dissolution⌡. The heart of the manticore dissolved.

After a few minutes of dissolving and the manticore rampaging around, its heart was finally dissolved.

The manticore stopped rampaging and fell to the ground.

[Abyth Manticore] has been killed. Kill participation has been recognized. EXP has been acquired.

Level Update: Level has risen by 5. Current level: 37.

Racial Ability Update:
<Phase Change: Liquid Lv. 7 has upgraded to <Phase Change: Liquid Lv. 8>.
<Phase Change: Solid Lv. 5 has upgraded 2 times to <Phase Change: Solid Lv. 7>

Skill Update:
<Regeneration Mastery Lv. 8> has upgraded 2 times to <Regeneration Mastery Lv. 9>.

…Huh? Did I really just beat the manticore that easily?

[“You just had to be prepared. You don’t have a mind of a monster. No matter how powerful they are, they are still mindless monsters. Add the body of a monster to the intelligence of a non-monster, the result is this. You used your abilities and attacked directly its vital organ and killed it. A human can also get killed if insects would force themselves inside their bodies and mess with their internal organs.”]

I guess so…

…are the body of monsters stronger than non-monsters?

[“That is correct, but humanoid beings have more potential to get stronger and can work together readily. They also have the most population. No matter how strong you are, you won’t be able to beat them if they work together and get serious.”]

I should be careful when dealing with humanoids…

Anyway, time to dissolve this manticore.

[Abyth Manticore] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.

Level Update: Level has risen by 3. Current level: 40.

Racial Ability Update:
<Phase Change: Liquid Lv. 8 has upgraded to <Phase Change: Liquid Lv. 9>.
<Phase Change: Solid Lv. 7 has upgraded to <Phase Change: Solid Lv. 8>

Skill Update:
<Regeneration Mastery Lv. 9> has upgraded 2 times to ⌠Regeneration Mastery⌡.

Being Update: Level limit of current race has been reached. Evolution conditions are met. Evolution is available.

Is it me, or is the rate I’m leveling up too fast? That extra bonus on the EXP helped a lot…

Time to evolve…

Evolution Options
[Greater Phase Worm]

The last evolution of the Phase Worm race…

[Greater Phase Worm]: A worm that has the ability to gasify itself. It can also change the properties of itself at gas form.

Racial Skills: <Phase Change: Gas>

Example: <Phase Change: Gas> can turn the being’s body into gas form and use it for offensive purposes.

As expected, the last one is gas form.

The ability to turn into gas… doesn’t that make me invisible?

[“Let’s see if you’re still immortal after you get hit by a strong wind and get spread out to the point where you can’t be considered a body anymore.”]

Ah, I see… so I’m not immortal…

Time to evolve… I choose [Greater Phase Worm].

[Greater Phase Worm] has been chosen to be the superseding race.
-Being will be in a stasis state during evolution process.
-Being will be in full recovered status after evolution process.
-Evolution time is set to 5 seconds due to ‡Count of Sloth‡.
-Level will not reset after evolving due to ‡Count of Sloth‡.

Caution: Body parts split through <Split Body> are too far away. Body parts will die upon evolution.

Evolve to [Greater Phase Worm]?

Confirmation: [Yes][No]

Oh, so there is a distance so I can evolve with some body parts away…

There’s actually danger in leveling up.

…But well, there’s no helping it. I’ll just have to send them back after evolving.

Sweet dreams Pane… [Yes].

[“Sweet dreams…”]

Race Update: Official race has been changed from [Phase Worm] to [Greater Phase Worm].

Title Update: ‡Count of Sloth‡ has changed to ‡Marquis of Sloth‡.

Evolution Level Update: Evolution Level has risen. Current Level: 5.

Panel Intelligence Level Update: Panel Intelligence Level has risen due to acquiring the ‡Viscount of Sloth‡ title. Current level: 6.

Racial Ability Update: <Phase Change: Gas> have been acquired due to the change in race.

Special Skill Update: {Telepathic Communication} has been acquired due to acquiring the ‡Marquis of Sloth‡ title.

Excess EXP from before evolution has been acquired.

[“…What is this?”]

...Pane? What’s wrong?

[“I’m… something translucent. I don’t know, I feel like can move around, but I don’t have any shape or size. Am I some kind of invisible ghost? I also can’t touch anything…”]

Eh? Seriously? You can see!?

[“I think I can? It’s dark here, I can’t confirm right away.”]

That’s so unfair! I can’t even see!

*Mind Sigh*... What about information?

[“…Not anything worth mentioning.”]

You always say that, but there is actually something… anyway, show me my status.

Name: Worm
Being Category: [Monster]
Race: [Greater Phase Worm]
Racial Classification: [Formless]
Title: ‡Marquis of Sloth‡
Evolution Level: 5
Panel Intelligence Level: 6

Level: 40
EXP: 1%
Health: 1318
Spirit: 1149
Strength: 1262
Agility: 1186
Magic: 1212

Racial Abilities
⌠Reform⌡|⌠Telekinetic Movement⌡|⌠Worm Slime Dissolution⌡|⌠Split Body⌡|<Phase Change: Liquid Lv. 9>|<Phase Change: Solid Lv. 8>|<Phase Change: Gas Lv. 1>

⌠Dualism⌡|⌠Regeneration Mastery⌡

Special Skills
{Mind Activation}|{Inventory}|{Telepathic Communication}

I have a lot of max level racial abilities now… I also noticed that <Phase Change: Solid> had caught up to <Phase Change: Liquid> which proves that higher skill levels need higher skill proficiency.

As for the new skill…

<Phase Change: Gas>: Ability of the being to gasify parts of its body and change its properties.
-Speed of phase change depends on level.
-Maximum and minimum toxicity level of gas depends on level.
-Maximum and minimum temperature level of gas depends on level.

I can only change its toxicity and temperature.

But if I mix it up with the other two “phase change” skills, I can make smoke or something.

Next is the new special skill…

{Telepathic Communication}? I’m sure that came from the title.

‡Marquis of Sloth‡
-Increase EXP gained by 50%+(Level*1%)+(Evolution/Class Level*10%).
-Increase skill level up rate by 50%+(Level*1%)+(Evolution/Class Level*10%).
-Increase skill acquiring rate by 50%+(Level*1%)+(Evolution/Class Level*10%).
-Grants {Mind Activation}.
-Grants {Inventory}.
-Grants {Telepathic Communication}.
-Earning EXP increases Skill Proficiency.
-Earning Skill Proficiency increases EXP.
-Level reset when evolving or class advancement has been removed.
-Upon evolution or class advancement, the world average of the statistics of the superseding race will be applied. If conversion of statistics from previous race or class to the superseding race or class is above the world average, the conversion is done instead of applying the world average.
-All evolution process lasts 5 seconds.
-Increase Panel Intelligence Level.

Yeah, it’s there.

Although I can pretty much understand what it does based on the name… show me information about it.

{Telepathic Communication}: Ability to communicate through telepathy to any registered beings.
-Being must have the intention to use the skill to activate.
-Being must have the intention to designate a target to activate.
-Target will be given an option to [Accept] or [Refuse].
-Skill works exclusively on registered beings.
-Activation command to register target being: <Register Communicatee>
-Activation command to communicate with being: <Communicate>
-Activation command to show beings registered: <Communicatee List>

As expected based on the name of the skill.

With this, I’ll be able to talk to others even without vocal cords.

Such useful skill!

…Except that I have no one to register!

Seriously, what’s the use of this in my current situation!?

Mindless monsters won’t even [Accept]!

I’m quite disappointed with you, title! Even though you gave Pane such a convenient spiritual body, I just gained this useless special skill!

[“It might be useless for now, but it’ll be a great asset if you ever gain proper companion.”]

…As expected of “Sloth” though. This is one lazy way of communicating with others.

[“That is right. It’s pretty convenient. I assume you’ll be able to do what I do to you with others.”]

You mean showing panels and talking through their heads?

[“That’s right.”]

How useful this skill is will depend on what happens in the future. For now, I’ll be ignoring it.

[“Hey, don’t forget that your body isn’t split right now. You’ll get killed if a manticore comes and you’re not prepared.”]

Fine, but I’m Evolution Level 5 now! I’m not scared of manticores, in fact, I’ll hunt them down! I’ll leave this dungeon after that!

[“I can’t wait. It’s a waste that I can see but all I see is darkness…”]

I split my body into 10. I made two head for the higher levels and eight patrol the lower levels.