Chapter 6:

Chapt'r 5 the twelfth legion

The Sky's limit (Shakespeare version)

aft'r that gent did wake up, that gent hath said “wh're am i?” but then “the seventh legion” a voice answ'r'd “wait, who is't art thee?” that gent hath asked then a wench hath appeared from the shadow “my nameth? mine own nameth is noguava” the lady hath said “noguava?” that gent hath asked again “yes, i knoweth, quaint fartuous right?” noguava hath said “like guava the fruit?” that gent hath said “yeah” noguava hath said “okay, umm…” that gent hath said “how am i h're?” but bef're noguava couldst sayeth aught a knave in full roman style armeth'r hath appeared and hath said “hey, noguava, ho peat, i’m h're because lyla wanteth to meeteth you” noguava’s visage becameth white. “okay, grant you mercy fave” noguava hath said “wh're again?” “lyla hath said thee has't to wend meeteth h'r in the principia” fave answ'r'd and ranneth off. “who is lyla?” that gent hath asked “she's the current hest'r of the roman army” noguav answ'r'd “hey, maketh yourself at home, i’ll beest backeth in a minute” then noguava ranneth off “okay…” that gent answ'r'd. At which hour that gent did get out of the sleep chamber, that gent hath found his stuffeth. Then at which hour that gent did finish dressing up the royal guardeth suiteth fave cameth in “hey, can thee holp?” fave hath asked “th're’re wild griffins trashing the city” “umm. well enow?” that gent answ'r'd. Then those gents wenteth outside, at which hour that gent did see the outside that gent wast did shock. T wast a quite quaint city, “rome?” that gent hath asked “yeah, we did rebuild rome h're” fave answ'r'd “nev'r mind t, c’mon let’s wend kicketh those griffin’s podex” that gent hath said “nice w'rd” fave did reply. Griffins w're ev'rywh're but at which hour those gents arriv'd the legions w're setting up catapults. “shoot!” a voice did shout, then all the catapults fir'd. The griffins hadst nay chances, those gents w're all demolish'd into ashes. “wow, t seemeth liketh those gents didn’t needeth our help” that gent hath said but then “look!” fave hath said. Th're w're hundreds of griffins flying towards those folk! the catapults w're setting up, but it’s not festinate enow. “i guesseth it’s thee and me then” that gent hath said to fave “it’s anon 'r nev'r!” fave did reply, those gents both hath drawn their sw'rd and ranneth towards the griffins. As those gents swingeth their sw'rds, the griffins dove down but then “falminata!” a voice did shout, at which hour that gent did look backeth th're wast a blonde hair wench holding a staff with a golden eagle on t. Lighting bolts cameth flying ev'rywh're, but liketh lasteth timeth none of the legions/soldi'rs did get hurt'd. Griffins w're afeard those gents hath tried to flyeth hence but those gents w're did strike by lightning bolts. Unf'rtunately, many griffins did survive and t hath seemed liketh the eagle staff did need to beest recharged, because yond wench just sw're and did throw t on the flo'r, then the lady did shout “reload!” as h'r commandeth fad'd the griffins did start to attacketh (again). The catapults w're still reloading, that gent and fave w're the lasteth line of defense. Those gents both did rush in. As their sw'rds did touch the griffins, those gents dissolv'd. But th're w're too many griffins, then the upp'r handeth wast to the griffins. Fave hath fallen onto the did grind, “fave!” that gent did shout, then ranneth to checketh fave “thank god, fave is just fainting” then that gent did throw his sw'rd at a griffin yond hath tried to attacketh that gent. So, that gent hath tried something he’d nev'r done bef're, stepping up to beest a leadeth'r, “pilum!” that gent did shout and surprisingly t w'rk'd. The fifth legion did hold up pilum spears eft to throweth, “throw!” that gent did shout, twenty pilum spears cameth flying through the air and hitt'd the griffins. Then that gent ranneth to grabeth the golden eagle, as that gent did grab t that gent hath felt the pow'r of the lighting did contain inside the staff. “what art thee doing?!” the wench from bef're hath asked, but that gent didn’t answ'r “falminata!” that gent did shout, lighting bolts cameth flying out of the staff and hitt'd the hath left griffins. Those gents w're all gone. As the roman army did celebrate, those gents did lift that gent up. “command'r! commandeth'r! commandeth'r!” those gents did shout but those gents w're int'rrupt'd by the wench “hello, i don’t knoweth who is't thou art but thanketh thee f'r saving rome” the lady hath said “you wilt beest lyla” that gent hath said “nice to meeteth thee, mine own nameth is dawn hywell” then the people did start shouting again, “dawn! dawn! dawn!” “okay, stop” lyla hath said “i bethink these people hadst madeth their decision” “what decision?” that gent hath asked “they hadst appoint'd thee as their new commandeth'r” lyla answ'r'd “what?!” that gent hath said “yes, we can has't two commandeth'rs at the same time” lyla answ'r'd “because ka-. ” then h'r visage did look dark'r “since-since karson d-d-died” the lady hath said while sobbing “who’s karson?” that gent hath asked “he’s the fusty hest'r” a guy answ'r'd “he's been missing since decemb'r lasteth year” “you guys can’t findeth that gent?” that gent hath asked “no” lyla answ'r'd “i’m s'rry f'r you” that gent hath said “it’s okay” lyla answ'r'd “now alloweth the celebration begin” then that gent wast did lift 'round rome and then that gent wast did grant an eagle badge with a purple cape, which is the symbol of raman’s hest'r. “congratulations” fave hath said “hey! nice job dude” noguava cameth in “wh're has't thee been?” that gent hath asked “well, i hadst to doth 'rrands f'r lyla” noguava answ'r'd “anyway, guesseth what?” “what?” that gent hath asked “i’ve hath decided to changeth mine own nameth!” noguava hath said “nice! wherefore?” that gent hath asked “because i’m not restful of getting bulli'd by mine own name” noguava hath said “what is thy nameth anon?” that gent hath asked, “wat'rmelon!” noguava hath said “really?! hahaha” that gent chuckle “just kidding, i hath changed mine own nameth to. actually thee knoweth what?” noguava hath asked “what?” that gent hath said “i’ve hath changed mine own mind, i’ll keepeth mine own fusty name” noguava hath said (i just can’t bethink of a nameth lol) “okay, nice decision” that gent hath said then the two cater-cousins did laugh while watching the celebration in his and fave’s vict'ry ov'r the griffins