Chapter 7:

Chapt'r 6 the way backeth home

The Sky's limit (Shakespeare version)

aft'r the celebration, that gent hath walked up to a podium and hath said “thank you--” but a soldi'r did shout “no, we has't to thanketh you” so “well, i’ve did wake up h're and i has't a home” that gent hath said “thank thee f'r being a home f'r me, but it’s timeth f'r me to return” but then the whole stadium did look n'rvous “but thee shall leaveth us liketh this?” a soldi'r hath asked “i shall return” that gent hath said “i shall beest gone not f'r longeth, promise”, so the whole army hath carried that gent to a lodging he’d nev'r been to bef're. “wh're art we?” that gent hath asked “we art at the b'rd'r of the legion’s camp” lyla hath said “we has't to protecteth ourselves, so we hath built a barri'r” “okay, thanketh you” that gent hath said “i’ll beest back” at which hour that gent did look backeth t wast nothing, liketh an entire city plus an army w'ren’t th're bef're. That gent did look at a mapeth the legion gaveth that gent. Those gents toldeth that gent yond aft'r that gent did faint those gents hath used the telep'rtation wristband, which enwheels the pow'r of m'rcury, the god of transp'rtation, to bringeth that gent backeth to rome. Nay one in the legion kneweth wh're jump the windeth kingdom wast. “it’s me and thee then map” that gent hath said to the mapeth “okay, the windeth kingdom wast locat'd at the c'rn'r of the w'rld” that gent bethought “aha! hath found it” that gent hath said while looking at the c'rn'r of the mapeth, a bawbling city did mark as windeth kingdom. So, the journey did start. During the journey that gent combated with many enemies, sneak'd into the giginea’s campeth, arachne's cave and ranneth f'r his life. T wast a longeth journey, but finally aft'r three years, that gent hadst arriv'd at the golden gate to the windeth kingdom, which that gent once did guard. “you shalt not pass” the new guardeth hath said “let me pass” that gent hath said “why?” the guardeth hath asked “because i'm a royal knight” that gent did reply “show the badge” the guardeth demand'd “h're” that gent hath said and hand'd ov'r the royal knight’s badge “oh! thee may pass” the guardeth hath said, then hath opened the gate. At which hour that gent ent'r'd the windeth kingdom, that gent hath heard a fighting hurtling. “give me all of thy bread” a voice hath said “please sir don’t taketh our bread” a familiar voice hath said “wait, wherefore is yond hurtling so familiar?” that gent bethought “dad?!”. Then that gent ranneth to wh're the hurtling wast coming from, and certes enow t wast his father. In front of his father wast a group of royal knights, but something’s off, “their unif'rm” that gent bethought “the white and golden suiteth wast did replace by white and dark purple!” as his father hand'd ov'r the bread that gent did shout “stop!” ev'ryone did turn their heads to that gent “now, who is't art thee did suppose to beest?” a guy hath asked “i’m his son, anon returneth the bread at once” that gent hath said “if we don’t so what?” the guy hath asked “i’m a royal knight so i can doth what i want” “no thee can’t” that gent did argue “the people art fill'd with pangs of hunger, those gents art living in feareth, we art the royal knights we art did suppose to protecteth those folk not stealing and hurting them” all of the people 'round those folk did look did shock “do thee wanteth to kicketh the bucket? how can thee sayeth yond to the palmy gabilana?” the guy hath asked “because i’m a royal knight too” that gent hath said and did throw the cloak that gent wast wearing on the did grind making his royal knight armeth'r and the command’s cape visible.
“b-but how?” gabilina hath asked with feareth “you’re did suppose to beest dead with the oth'rs!” “well, i’m not” that gent hath said “now returneth the bread at once”, gabilina did look fearful, that gent did step backeth a few steps but then gabiliba did realize yond gabilina hadst four men and that gent hadst only himself so “attack!” gabilina did shout. All of the four men w're down in five seconds “what art these royal knights? weak” that gent hath said looking at gabilina “what hath happened since i hath left this lodging?” gabilina hath tried to runneth hence but that gent did kick gabilina in the visage, then that gent did look 'round “quite a mess h're. Hmm. one two three, well enow not lacking valor, five did faint royal knights in the middle of the street” that gent hath said “son?” a voice hath asked. At which hour that gent hath found the voice’s owneth'r, that gent did see his father “hi dad” that gent hath said “i’m s'rry f'r missing hence f'r three yea--” but that gent couldn’t sayeth a w'rd anym're because his father cameth and did hug that gent “i misseth thee so much son” his father hath said “let’s wend seeth mom”, so that gent hath walked backeth home with his father. “when that gent hath reached his house, his mother wast waiting outside “what tooketh yo--” his mother hath said but his mother did see that gent first, “who art thee?” his mother hath asked “impossible! dawn?” his mother finally hath said at which hour the lady examin'd that gent “hi mom” that gent hath said. Then that gent toldeth the st'ries he’d did face f'r the past three years to his parents. “it’s timeth to wend to bed” his mother hath said “yes mom” that gent hath said, with a smileth that gent hath walked to his sleep chamber, things art getting backeth to n'rmal. “we very much misseth you” his father hath said then wenteth to the sleep chamber and did turn off the lights