Chapter 19:

Excerpt from Gwyn's Journal - Introduction and Aqueenians

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

They have given me what they refer to as a tablet, so I suppose I will record some notes of this world on it. As I have not figured out how to use the keyboard, if there is one, I will be trying the speech to text. Hopefully, it doesn't end up too rambly.

Where to begin? I suppose with a small introduction. I am Gwyn Black, a human that has somehow been whisked to an alien world called Resh. All I recall is a portal of some kind opening up. At the time, it looked like a large mass of light and energy, but as I ended up here once I went through, I can only call it a portal now.

I seem to have wrecked my car, and I woke up in an Aqueenian hospital.

I should probably elaborate. Or maybe I shouldn't since anyone on this planet be familiar.... I'll do it anyway. Hey, tablet, erase the last few lines. No, stop typing. Ah, whatever.

The first person I met on this planet was an Aqueenian named Fiona. It wasn't until later that I realized I was in the nation of Aquia that the Aqueenian people first established many years ago.

How to describe them? They have the forms of a human, though they are slenderer. At least most of them are. I have seen at least one that was very muscular, but he seems to be an exception. They seem to be about the same height as people on earth as I have not seen a very tall or very short Aqueenian.

Their faces look fairly similar to a human at first, though with notable exceptions. The first thing I noticed is that they seem to have larger eyes. I guess larger eyes isn't enough of a description as the whole eye doesn't seem that much larger than a person. Instead, their iris takes up most of their eyes. I'm not sure if they have whites in their eyes, I think they might, but I can hardly tell for sure, without awkwardly staring at least. They don't seem to have pupils as well, but there is a faint hexagon shape that seems to contract and expand like a pupil. As far as eye colors, I have seen purple, yellow, orange, pink, red... it's a wide array of colors.

Their hair seems to come in a set of colors like black, white, and silver. I think I saw some yellows and reds, but it looked like they might have had roots of the normal colors. I suspect they were dyed. Other than the colors, their hair seems fairly normal at a glance. However, it is very smooth. This is apparently by default, but their hair feels like smooth silk to the touch. It also has a very natural sheen that seems to match what you see on silk. Apparently, their hair is very delicate, and they have a whole process they go through when washing it, but I do not know much more details than that.

A lot of Aqueenians seem to wear their hair rather long. It at least goes over their ears. However, there are some exceptions. From what I've seen, it looks like their ears come to points at the tops. It's nothing as exaggerated as a fantasy elf's ears, but they are just a little longer than a human's ears and come to twin points on each ear. If they didn't come to such sharp points, they wouldn't be noted as anything different.

Aqueenians also have very bright and shiny skin. They seem to come in an array of blue and green shades. I thought I saw an Aqueenian person with a different color as well, but I can't be sure. For now, I will just say they are blue and green. The colors are just a small note, however. It seems like each Aqueenian's skin is extremely smooth and shiny. When light hits them, they resemble a well-polished gemstone. It looks like they should be solid, but their skin is surprisingly soft to the touch.