Chapter 5:

The Twelfth Legion

The Sky’s Limit

After he woke up, he said "Where am I?" but then "The Seventh legion" a voice answered "Wait, who are you?" he asked then a girl appeared from the shadow "My name? My name is Noguava" the voice said. "Noguava?" he asked. "Yes, I know, pretty silly, right?" "Like Guava the fruit?" "Yeah," Noguava answered. "Okay, umm…how am I here?" but before Noguava could say anything, a boy in full Roman-style armor appeared and said, "Hey, Noguava, hey kid, I'm here because Lyla wants to meet you." Noguava's face became white. "Okay, thanks, Fave," "Where again?"Noguava asked. "Lyla said you have to go meet her in the Principia," Fave answered, then ran off. "Who is Lyla?" he asked. "She's the current commander of the Roman army," Noguav replied. "Hey, make yourself at home. I'll be back in a minute" then Noguava ran off. "Okay…" he replied. When he got out of the bed, he found his stuff. Then when he finished dressing up the royal guard suit, Fave came in. "Hey, can you help?" Fave asked, "Wild Griffins're trashing the city" "Umm...okay?" he answered. Then they went outside. When he saw the outside, he was shocked. It was a beautiful city, "Rome?" he asked. "Yeah, we rebuilt Rome here," Fave answered. "Never mind it, c'mon, let's go kick those Griffin's podex," he said. "Nice word," Fave replied. Griffins were everywhere, but when they arrived, the legions were setting up catapults. "Shoot!" a voice shouted, then all the catapults fired. The Griffins had no chances. They were all demolished into ashes. "Wow, it seems like they didn't need our help," he said but then "Look!" Fave said. There were hundreds of Griffins flying towards them! The catapults were setting up, but it was not fast enough. "I guess it's you and me then," he said to Fave. "It's now or never!" Fave replied. They both drew their sword and ran towards the Griffins. As they swung their swords, the Griffins dove down but then "Falminata!" a voice shouted. When he looked back, a blonde-haired girl was holding a staff with a golden eagle on it. Lighting bolts came flying everywhere, but like last time none of the legions/soldiers got hurt. Griffins were scared. They tried to fly away, but lightning bolts struck them. Unfortunately, many Griffins survived, and it seemed like the eagle staff needed to be recharged because that girl just swore and threw it on the floor, then she shouted "Reload!" as her command faded, the Griffins started to attack (again). The catapults were still reloading. He and Fave were the last line of defense. They both rushed in. As their swords touched the griffins, they dissolved. But there were too many Griffins. Then the upper hand was to the Griffins. Fave fell onto the ground, "Fave!" he shouted, then ran to check Fave. "Thank god, Fave is just fainting" then he threw his sword at a Griffin that tried to attack him. So, he tried something he'd never done before, stepping up to be a leader, "Pilum!" he shouted, and surprisingly, it worked. The fifth legion held up Pilum spears ready to throw, "Throw!" he called. Twenty Pilum spears came flying through the air and hit the Griffins. Then he ran to grab the golden eagle. As he held it, he felt the power of the lighting contained inside the staff. "What are you doing?!" the girl from before asked, but he didn't answer "Falminata!" he shouted, lighting bolts came flying out of the staff and hit the left Griffins. They were all gone. As the Roman army celebrated, they lifted him. "Commander! Commander! Commander!" they shouted, but they were interrupted by the girl. "Hello, I don't know who you are but thank you for saving Rome," she said. "You must be Lyla," he said. "Nice to meet you, my name is Dawn Hywell" then the people started shouting again, "Dawn! Dawn! Dawn!" "Okay, stop," Lyla said. "I think these people had made their decision" "What decision?" he asked. "They had appointed you as their new commander," Lyla answered. "What?!" he said. "Yes, we can have two commanders at the same time," Lyla answered. "Because Ka-...." then her face looked darker. "Since-since Karson d-d-died," she said while sobbing. "Who's Karson?" he asked. "He's the old commander," a guy answered. "He has been missing since December last year" "You guys can't find him?" he asked. "No," Lyla answered. "I'm sorry for you," he said, "It's okay," Lyla answered. "Now let the celebration begin" then Dawn was lifted around Rome, and then he was granted an eagle badge with a purple cape, which is the symbol of Raman's commander. "Congratulations," Fave said. "Hey! Nice job, dude" Noguava came in. "Where have you been?" he asked. "Well, I had to do errands for Lyla," Noguava answered, "Anyway, guess what?" "What?" he asked. "I've decided to change my name!" Noguava said, "Nice! Why?" he asked. "Because I'm tired of getting bullied by my name," Noguava said. "What is your name now?" he asked, "Watermelon!" Noguava said, "Really?! Hahaha," he laughed. "Just kidding, I changed my name to...actually, you know what?" Noguava asked, "What?" he said, "I've changed my mind, I'll keep my old name," Noguava said (I can't think of a name, lol). "Okay, nice decision," he said, then the two friends laughed while watching the celebration in his and Fave's victory over the Griffins.


The Sky’s Limit