Chapter 3:


Phantasie’s Imagination machine

Tor hesitantly walked up to the front of the room as Phantasie called upon him. Phantasie hooked the probes into his head and the screen of the machine was on standby saying, ‘waiting to read alpha waves’.

“Now, I want you to imagine your own scene when I say different colours. No, not just colour, how about I affiliate those colours with an adjective. Maybe like how you would describe a scene to a blind man. You can’t just say, ‘blue ocean’. But if I say something like, “The sky-blue ceiling was painted in blotches of grey much like a rainy day”, the machine picked up on this imagery and as Tor’s brain processes worked to make a simple image, it produced what Phantasie said. “Good, the machine detects your alpha waves, now I will say, ‘lush green’, and the machine produced an image which was very rich and lush in green, a forest.

“Now, here comes the fun part. Imagine a rainbow- or rather a collection of different colours racing each other”, the machine pictured many colours in a constant stream. “Imagine an object hitting those colours, picture the splash”, the scene was beautiful. A dull box splashes into the ocean of constant changing and vibrancy of colours. All of them seem to be favoured in the fading glow. Words can not come to the onlookers’ heads as they witness such an extraordinary scene befalling upon them.

“Now! Push your mind to its limits! Unleash your creativity! Go crazy with your imagination!”, the scene with the colour was racing in an aggressive fashion, so many scenes flash by, all of them were coloured in a constant rainbow. This author’s mind is nothing on par with what the witnesses see on a daily basis. It was so bizarre, peculiar, extravagant, amazing and extraordinary. Then suddenly-


The machine was pushed to its limits and as a result, destroyed. “Ah! My machine!”, screamed Phantasie. Tor took the probes off and inspected the machine to see it destroyed. “Oh! Doctor, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to push your machine to that extent!”

“It’s fine lad, it seems I have some tweaking to do. Do you mind working with me as I improve this machine?”, asked Phantasie. “Oh, gladly! I would also like to see how the machine will work in the future!”. The two- now partners- shook their hands as a sign of a new partnership. The machine was in pieces and the participants were still in awe, even the scepticists. As the day went by, this machine revolutionised mankind for the better...or to say it shifted in another direction...