Chapter 1:

What The Hell Is Going On...?

My Life Is Already Bad...I Don't Need A Cat-Girl Making It Worse!!

When you live alone, the last thing you expect is a tall man standing by the kitchen drinking wine, but that happens to be exactly what occurred to me. He held a glass with a gloved hand while his other was stuffed in his pocket.Bookmark here

“Oh Nick, you’ve finally arrived!” The man said as he placed his glass on the counter. “It’s good to see you again” He waved with the ungloved hand that had been stuffed in his pocket.Bookmark here

After staring at him for a few seconds, I finally snapped back to reality. “And who are you?” I asked deciding that that was more important than how he had gotten inside in the first place.Bookmark here

“Aww, don’t be like that. Have you already forgotten about me?” He pouted.Bookmark here

Probably guessing by my silence that I had no idea what he was talking about, he straightened his back, pulled a card out of his suit pocket, and launched it towards me with a flick.Bookmark here

“Name’s Hitoshi Itadori.”Bookmark here

Barely catching the card, I flipped it over to the side with text.Bookmark here

“Do you really carry a blank card with your name on it?”Bookmark here

“Is there an issue with that?”Bookmark here

“No, not at all,” I said, stuffing the card in my pocket.Bookmark here

As I realized the man was (Probably) not dangerous, I entered the kitchen and placed the groceries I had just bought on the counter next to his wine. The two bags filled with instant ramen and apples were the bare minimum I needed to last an entire week or two.Bookmark here

“You might need a bit more than that from now on.”Bookmark here

“Nah, I can survive off of just this.”Bookmark here

“Well, I know you can.” He trailed off. “Anyway, follow me.”Bookmark here

Hitoshi walked out of the kitchen and headed towards the living room. His posture was straight as an arrow and he kept both his hands stuffed in his coat pockets. Without another word, and a mind full of questions, I followed him.Bookmark here

The moment we entered the room, I noticed there was a large cardboard box sitting on the center coffee table. The box was large enough to eclipse the table below and I knew for a fact it wasn’t anything I owned. The fleeting thought of how that box fit through the doorway in the first place disappeared just as quickly as it came.Bookmark here

“Uh, what is that?” I pointed at the elephant in the room.Bookmark here

“You’ll see.” He answered as he pulled out a box cutter.Bookmark here

With the agility of a cracked-out cheetah, he sliced the corners of the box, making the entire thing collapse open. Inside was another box, steel this time. The front had a large keypad and a small screen above it. In bold letters, it read “Input ID Authentication”Bookmark here

Before I could get a word in, Hitoshi’s hands zoomed through the keypad, too fast for me to keep up.Bookmark here

“Authentication Confirmed.” A robotic voice said.Bookmark here

Like something out of a sci-fi game with a green super-soldier, the front panel of the container opened, releasing a cold breeze. Inside was the faint silhouette of what looked like a person, the current mist not making it clear enough to see.Bookmark here

“I now present you with my life’s work!” Hitoshi excitedly said while dramatically showing off the box with both hands.Bookmark here

After the mist settled, the figure of a young girl sitting inside the box came into full view. Her hair was a slick white while her skin was as pale as snow. She had her eyes closed, but there was a bit of movement as she tried to open them.Bookmark here

“Wait!” A thought popped into my head. “You aren’t some sort of human trafficker, are you?!”Bookmark here

“Now, now, I don’t appreciate your accusations.” He said while shaking his hands. “I’m no such thing.”Bookmark here

Choosing to believe him, I released a sigh of relief. Why I believed him so easily was completely unknown to me, but something was telling me it was the right call.Bookmark here

“Alright, then can you explain what exactly I’m looking at here.”Bookmark here

“Calm, I was getting to that.” Hitoshi cleared his throat before dramatically showing off the box once more. “Like I was saying, this is my—”Bookmark here

Before he could finish the sentence, the girl inside the container fell face-first onto the ground—or at least that’s what should've happened, but instead, she rolled off the table and onto the ground on all fours.Bookmark here

“Oop!” Hitoshi let out before dashing between me and the girl. “You can’t be seeing a young girl exposed like that.” In a blink of an eye, he pulled out a blanket from a paper bag that was sitting at the foot of the table and wrapped it around her neck, covering the rest of her body.Bookmark here

The girl, not even realizing what had happened, looked at the cloth wrapped around her then at Hitoshi as if to ask how he did that.Bookmark here

“Sooo, what exactly do you mean by ‘your life’s work’?” I asked while inspecting the container she had fallen out of.Bookmark here

There were two large tubes at the far back of the box, one on either side, which seemed to release some kind of freezing agent. There were also a few restraints that looked to grab onto her neck, arms, and legs (Which had probably malfunctioned) that were attached to the sides of the container. Although I tried touching the back of the box, there still looked to be a large chunk of space behind the panel that probably contained the freezing agent that was used to release through the tubes, but I couldn’t be completely sure about that.Bookmark here

“Well, I think you will understand if you get a better look at her.”Bookmark here

Turning my attention to the girl in question, I didn’t notice anything special about her. She simply looked like any other young girl, probably in early high school. If there was anything odd, it would be her unnaturally white hair—no, there was something else that was also off. Although initially I believed just part of her hair, there were two small…things, protruding from her head. Now that she wasn’t inside of the container it became much easier to see what exactly those “things” were.Bookmark here

“Cat…ears?”Bookmark here

“Eeeeexactly!” He made finger guns with both hands.Bookmark here

Now with a better look, I also noticed there was a long tail sticking out from under the blanket. It was the same color white as her hair, and it lightly moved from side to side.Bookmark here

“This is a joke, right?” I reflexively said. After all, cat-girls had always been something of a joke around the internet. Everyone knew it wasn’t going to happen, but many still wished upon a lucky star (And quirky millionaires) that it might one day be a reality. Now, here was a man that supposedly had achieved just that, how else was I supposed to react?Bookmark here

“I see where you’re coming from, but just listen,” Hitoshi said as if reading my mind. He cleared his throat and finally proceeded to show off the girl like he had two times before. “This is my life’s wo—”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I think I got that part already.” I interrupted him. “Why are you showing this to me?”Bookmark here

“You don’t have to be so rude…” He pouted before going back to normal a few seconds later. “Well, you will be taking care of her for the time being, so I wanted to personally deliver her to your house!”Bookmark here

“Wait what?” His revelation hit me like a bucket of cold water (The cold wind blowing next to me probably had something to do with it).Bookmark here

“Yeah! Aren’t you excited to begin your new life as, basically, an adoptive father?!”Bookmark here

“No?” The shock was still too much to process, so much so that my responses were currently automatic.Bookmark here

“Then you better get ready because starting today, you have become a father!”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Hitoshi left almost immediately thereafter.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Just like that, I was left alone to take care of a girl only a few years younger than I was. Of course, I didn’t know her exact age, but there was no way she was younger than fifteen.Bookmark here

Without thinking any further, I reached for the paper bag Hitoshi had told me contained clothes for her to wear and peeked inside. As he said, there were indeed clothes inside of the bag, plus a small toy mouse; the kind that you would buy your pet cat to play with.Bookmark here

I pulled out the mouse, inspecting it for any device Hitoshi might have stuffed it with. When I did, I noticed that the girl’s head snapped to look at the hand I held the mouse with. Her pupils unnaturally filled her blue eyes (For humans anyway) as her tail swung furiously side to side.Bookmark here

“So, you like the mouse.” I finally tried to converse.Bookmark here

As if only now realizing who was holding the mouse, her head snapped to meet my gaze with her own. Her pupils had dilated in a way that looked only like a vertical slit, and without a word, she lightly nodded her head.Bookmark here

“Here you go then.” I threw the mouse over to her, to which she responded by smacking it to the ground.Bookmark here

She began to play with it, tossing it from one hand to the other in quick succession. The mouse got stuck under the blanket she wore a few times, but she easily solved the problem by hopping back a bit, letting the mouse free before playing with it again.Bookmark here

Right, she should probably change into some more normal clothing.Bookmark here

I reached into the paper bag and pulled out a set of clothes that consisted of underwear, socks, a plain shirt, and joggers. I was under the assumption that, as he had gone to the trouble in doing all of this, Hitoshi would at least bring some higher quality clothes for her to wear. Everything present felt like it had been bought at the dollar store.Bookmark here

At the very bottom of the bag, I found a small piece of paper that immediately answered my concerns. It read: “These clothes are only temporary. I expect you will be able to buy her better ones soon :)”Bookmark here

Of course…Bookmark here

Tossing the piece of paper back in the bag, I turned back to the girl who was still playing with the mouse on the floor. “H-Hey, Uhm…”Bookmark here

Wait, does she even have a name?Bookmark here

Everything was happening so quickly, so I had no time to think, but I never even asked Hitoshi what her name was. Worse than that, I didn’t even know if she could speak. I mean, she looked human so it would make sense she could speak, but she was a cat-girl as well. Completely ignoring the logistics of how that’s even possible, there was a very valid possibility that she couldn’t speak.Bookmark here

Deciding there was only one way to find out, I asked, “Hey, do you have a name?”Bookmark here

Smacking the mouse one more time, the girl turned her sharp glare my way. After about five seconds she finally nodded and parted her lips. “Nisa,” she said in a whisper.Bookmark here

I let out a sigh of relief at those words. My two major worries had immediately been thrown out the window at once. There was still much else to worry about, but at least it was a start.Bookmark here

“Okay then, Nisa, could you please put on these clothes.” I presented her the stack of clothes pilled up in my arms.Bookmark here

Hoping that she was able to do that on her own, although I didn’t have much reason to believe otherwise, I continued holding out the clothes for a few seconds. Finally, she nodded her head…but didn’t take the clothes. Concluding that she probably didn’t trust me, I set down the clothes on top of the container. “I’ll leave then here. If you want, you can go change in the bathroom.” I pointed down the hall.Bookmark here

Without answering me, she began to untie the blanket around her neck.Bookmark here

“W-Wait, you can’t change here!”Bookmark here

She turned her head quizzically.Bookmark here

It might have been the half-cat in her, but it seemed like she had no qualms with letting anyone see her naked. I, however, didn’t want to see that.Bookmark here

“Just go in that room to change.” I pointed once more towards the door in the hallway.Bookmark here

She squinted her eyes as if scanning me before shaking her head. I guessed that she probably didn’t trust going into an unknown room when there was a stranger before her. That seemed to contradict what should be some of the characteristics of a cat, but if anything, that was her human side talking.Bookmark here

“Okay then.” I finally thought up of something. “I’ll go wait in my room. Just let me know when you’re done changing.” Without waiting for an answer, I entered my room and closed the door behind me.Bookmark here

Now alone, the words that had been stuck in my mind this entire time finally flew out:Bookmark here

“What the hell is going on?”Bookmark here

Golden Boy
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