Chapter 2:


Entangled With The Gumiho Prince [BL/Yaoi Web Novel]

Cho Nam-gil consoled himself with the thought of seeking refuge in the dark forbidden mountain whose tale had been spread by housewives of how a blood sucking creature lived there and fed on human flesh. Just like every tale, Cho Nam-gil decided that he would take his chance that the tale was false rather than being scared of what he hadn't witnessed with his own two eyes which by the way were raven colored.Bookmark here

"Come back! Don't think that we will not follow you there!"Bookmark here

Cho Nam-gil heard the voice of the men throwing threats at him but he continued to run blindly through the dark forests. As he ran, Cho Nam-gil's foot caught part of the forestry causing him to slip and fall from a substantial height down.Bookmark here

"HAAA!!!!!Bookmark here

Cho Nam-gil gave a blood curdling cry as he fell from a great height.Bookmark here

"Hyung-nim 'mob boss' Cho Nam-gil has fallen down! If he is dead, do we have to bring him back with us?"Bookmark here

"What use is a dead slave to his master?! Stop dawdling and see if he is really dead, take the rope and climb down!"Bookmark here

Two of the men volunteered to do the task, one held the rope for the other to climb down. They were all burly men which was part of the requirement to become a slave hunter.Bookmark here

"Cho Nam-gil is not going to make it! His breathing is shallow! Hyung-nim 'mob boss', should I bring him up?!"Bookmark here

"Do I have to tell you everything?!! Finish him!"Bookmark here

Cruel merciless eyes gave the command to end the life of a lowly slave who was badly wounded.Bookmark here

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