Chapter 77:

Chapter 77 [Reckless]


Two white trucks parked in the loading bay. Ricky just closes the last door of the truck, then she wipes the tears off her forehead. We load everything we have into those two trucks. She turns to look at me.Bookmark here

"You know, you don't have to come with me," I said, my voice calm.Bookmark here

"I have to, Luci is still alive. I can feel it and you need the backup," Ricky said while her fingers dig into her palms.
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"How can you be sure?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I didn't find her body in the club, so she must have been taken," Ricky said.Bookmark here

"Suit yourself, don't blame me if you died," I said then walk pass by her.Bookmark here

 She stops me by grabbing my sleeves. She then offers me the walkie-talkie.
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"You need this," Ricky said.Bookmark here

I shrug her hands off and grab the walkie-talkie. I store it in my belt, then continue walking to my truck. Entering the driver side, I close the door beside me and place my hand on the wheel. Looking up the sky, I see the crow waiting for me as he perched on the building fire escape. I start the engine and the crow begins to fly. I turn the wheel and follow the black crow while Ricky follows me from behind.Bookmark here

It took us about a 1 hour, following the crow and it leads us outside of the Lunarhaven city into the thick forest near the city. The truck bumps and shakes as it drives a dirt road. I glance at the dark forest beside me, the rain still pouring, but not as heavy as before.
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"Are you sure we on the right path?" Ricky's voice came from the walkie-talkie on the dashboard.Bookmark here

A soft cry echoes in my mind, I look back in front of me and see up above a large crack in the sky. Grabbing the walkie-talkie on the dashboard, I press the button on its side.Bookmark here

"We're here," I said.Bookmark here

The truck headlight shines on a fence gate, with signs saying: restricted area. I press the gas pedal, breaking through the fence gate with the truck and onto a tar road. I look behind me, Ricky stops her truck when I look back on the road. I see a large rectangle facility, the alarm finally set off and three floodlight shine on my truck.Bookmark here

Tons of black cloth soldiers set up and fire every weapon they had on me. The bullet breaks the windshield and hit a couple on my chest. I only grunt and keep on pressing the gas pedal. I aim the truck on the main entrance, then opening the door beside me, I jump out and roll to the side. The truck crash into the main entrance, I stop rolling, taking out a trigger, and press it.Bookmark here

The truck exploded into a million piece destroying the main entrance. Debris flying everywhere, some of it kill the soldiers near it. I unsheathe my Katana and dash toward the soldier near me. Before he could fire on me, I cut his hand off with the Katana and grab his SCAR-L rifle with one hand.
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I sheath back the sword on my back and shoot the rifle on the next soldier. Killing him with a headshot, then I knock the screaming soldier beside me. I aim for the next soldiers and kill him with a headshot. I have never this calm before it scared me, but I have to keep going.Bookmark here

I dash toward the burning entrance while being fired upon. Entering the hallway, I was greeted by a chunk of meat splatter on the floor and wall. I keep on moving forward, every soldier, I met was eliminated by me with no mercy. The long hallway took me into an even bigger hallway decorated with beautiful Greek stonework such as several pillars.Bookmark here

At the end of the hallway, a different Mech suit from what I found in the base, stand guard the door behind it. The Mech suit was the same size, but it has a sleeker design rather than blocky.Bookmark here

Besides the Mech suit, was a single soldier wearing a sleeveless black shirt and the usual military garb with a black balaclava covering his face. I quickly aim my rifle at him and fire, but the bullet was blocked by the Mech arm. The Mech moves his arm, and the soldier beside him shoot a lightning bolt at me. It hit me in my chest and paralyze my entire body, I couldn't move.Bookmark here

Panic rises up in me as the Mech suddenly charges toward me assist by a rocket booster on his back. I struggle to move away, as I was about to get hit by the massive Mech another Pink one with Unicorn spray on its face appear, slam the Mech and redirect his course away from me.Bookmark here

"I got your back!" Said the pink Mech.Bookmark here

It's Ricky.Bookmark here

"The Mech is mine, you take care the powered!" Ricky called as it punches the Mech on the face.Bookmark here

I look back at the powered at the end of the hallway, he shoots his lighting at me, but I manage to avoid it this time. I aim the rifle at him, but he immediately shoots another bolt which ignites the ammo inside the rifle, destroying the chamber.
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I throw the rifle away and unsheathe my Katana. I can see his arrogant smirk, as he waits for me at the end of the hallway. I charge forward while avoiding the lightning bolt that is thrown by the soldier.Bookmark here

When I got close to the soldier, I bring the Katana upward for a vertical slash but he avoids it by dodging to the left. He lands a punch with a lighting covering his fist on my chest. I was pushed back a couple inches, I try again with a horizontal slash but he managed to back away.
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This time he shoots a lightning bolt at me, I try to block it with the Katana, but what surprised me is instead of the electric jumping into my hand, the Katana absorb the electricity.Bookmark here

The soldier was confused as he eyes widen when he saw what happen and I took the chance to charge at him. His eye show panics and starts throwing lighting bolt at me, every bolt was blocked and absorbed by the Katana. He begins to back away from me, but I was too fast for him.Bookmark here

As I was about to get close to him, He shoots the full blast of lighting energy beam at me, I block it again with Katana but the blast was strong it pushes me back. I stop sliding backward when I plant my feet tightly on the floor.
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My hand starts to shake as the force of the energy was immense behind that beam a cheeky smile appears on the soldier face. I dodge to the left and the soldier stop his beam. I look at the blade, I was surprised to see a blue light enveloping the blade itself.Bookmark here

I look back at the soldier, I can see his chest heaving. I grip tightly the hilt and slash the sword from afar, the energy that was in the blade release itself in a form of a blue energy slash heading toward the soldiers.Bookmark here

The soldier shoots another beam, the beam collides with the energy slash and explode into a bright a powerful blast that knocks me into the wall beside me. I crash into a small room with a single bulb on the ceiling, I look around and recognize the room as an interrogation room.Bookmark here

A woman with a sack over her head is sitting on a chair with her hands and leg tied up to the chair. Her body is covers bruised and cuts. I stand up and remove the debris from the floor when I finally get close to the woman, my heart drops when I finally realize who is it.Bookmark here

Lucinda.Bookmark here

The soldier screams as he charges toward me from afar, I panic and throw the Katana at him by instinct. The soldier avoids the flying sword and laughs maniacally. He raises both his hand at me and ready for another lighting blast. I look behind me and click my tongue in annoyance.Bookmark here

I can't avoid the blast or Lucinda will be hit by it.Bookmark here

The soldiers blast the lighting energy at me before I could think of a way to block it. I raise my left hand at the incoming blast and touch my right hand on the floor. The lighting blast hit my left hand and its electrical charge is directed to the ground. I scream in pain as the flowing electricity burns my entire left arm into a crisp in a matter of seconds, my gauntlet short circuit and light on fires.Bookmark here

I close my eyes and focus my mind on the katana.Bookmark here

Come back!Bookmark here

The blast suddenly stops and the soldier let out a short grunt, I open my eyes and look back at the soldiers. His eye looks shocked as he looks down at his chest, blood starts drooling out of his mouth. The Katana came back, but on its way, it impales the soldier from behind. The soldiers stumble forward before falling backward and press the Katana through his chest even further.Bookmark here

I look at my left hand, the arm is blackened and crisp from the burns. I take off the melted gauntlet and throw it on the side before falling to my knee exhausted from the pain.  I hear a loud explosion coming from the hallway. Afterward, a loud step taken can be heard like a Mech suit coming to us. I stand up and ready to fight it, but I let out a breath of relieved when I see the pink Mech show up.Bookmark here

I drop my stance and continue to rest my body.
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"Who is that?" The pink Mech asks.Bookmark here

"Lucinda," I answer my breath heaves.Bookmark here

"What?!" The pink Mech said surprised.Bookmark here

"You need to get her out of here," I said.Bookmark here

"But, what about you?!" The pink Mech asks.Bookmark here

"Listen to me! She needs medical attention asap!" I yell.Bookmark here

"Don't fucking worry about me," I said as I lift myself up and begin to walk to the dead soldier.Bookmark here

I take out the Katana from his body with my right hand and walk back to Lucinda, cutting her restraint. Then, I lift her up in my arms and gently carry her and putting her in the Mech suit arms.Bookmark here

"Take her out of here and into a hospital," I order.Bookmark here

"Shit. I'm sorry, I have to leave you alone," The pink Mech suit
Bookmark here

"Don't apologize. I don't need anyone help," I said then walk away from the pink Mech.Bookmark here

"Good luck," The pink Mech said before leaving.Bookmark here

I clench my fist and head to the door. A sweet and soft cry echoed in my mind again, but this time it clearer than before. Catty is crying in pain. I look at the healed up left arm instead of completely heal, the injuries were severe that it left burn scars all over my arms.Bookmark here

I reach the doorknob, turning it, and open the door wide to a large room with large complicated machines all around the room. My eyes went to Cattty kneeling on the floor, her head, looking down with both of her hands tied up to tons of chain wire restraint. Then, my eyes glance to Cindy in a cylinder tank tube, tied by multiple chains, her entire body is submerged underwater except for her head.Bookmark here

"I welcome you, my son," The man sitting on the step that leads to Catty greet me.Bookmark here

"Daiki Tashikawa," I let out.Bookmark here

"Oh, don't be like that, we are family after all," Daiki said then he let out a heavy cough before speaking again "Just call me father."Bookmark here

"Daiki," I call him.
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"You such a rebel," Daiki said.
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