Chapter 13:

Doesn’t the rain sound like music beats?

5 min stories to keep you company

Have you realized?

It’s been 12 stories by now.

If each one is a five minute read, that means a whole hour has flown by.

Did you had fun?

Were you upset at the vagueness?

Maybe the stories didn’t end as you wanted to.

Some didn’t even end.

Some have yet to become interesting.

Your story is the same.

Your life, I mean.

I know everything about it.

After all, everything is recorded in this dusty old book.

Why, don’t you like books?

They are amazing.

You could be a hero one day, and the other day, “BAM”, you are the evil monster.

I once read a book where I became a buffon after I saved the kingdom from an evil dragon.

Funny, huh?

The king was mad and gave me the “Court Buffon” title as a reward.

I got upset and I chose another option.

It was those “Choose your own adventure” books, after all.

What are those? Oh gods, they sure are the best!

In the end, I chose differently, and my, the king slayed me.

Why? Because I was too sane mentally, and “BAM”, off with my head.

He was a mad king, after all.

It’s the same with your life.

Whenever you think “I could have chosen this, instead.”, “BAM”, something even more unexpected happens.

I think that’s the beauty of decisions.

You can only see the “prologue” as a teaser, today.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

But even so, isn’t that way more interesting?


Hahahaha! If you truly think so, then you are free to give me a call whenever you want.

After all, this uncle is always free!

Don’t worry, next time it’s raining in your heart I’ll find you.

Tip, tip, tip.

Doesn’t the rain sound like music beats?

I can’t help by humming each time I listen to it.

Tip, tip, tip.

Next time, I’ll sell you a nice dream.