Chapter 6:

I Really Wanna Know!

Married To A Sweet Devil Bride Who Is Already Married

Loud screams echoed on the enormous cavern. The sound of chains and whips combined themselves into a symphony of pain and suffering. My eyes could barely distinguish figures among the flames that rised up high on the stone walls. Dark shadows are rising up too, as tall as a skycraper. The cavern's roof was like a dark stone sky, I couldn't even see the end, like if I was looking to a starless sky or a vertical pit.

I'm not sure if it's reality or a dream. I'm sure I've been thinking about demons and devils all night, but after seeing that fight between Ai and the demon, I guess anything could happen: even being captured and taken to their dimension. I'm not even sure if humans would be able to survive a single second there, but I guess the screams must be human. Or maybe demonic, judging by the hierarchic system the demon society has, where the inferior classes are treated like slaves.

I can hear growls and noises that seem animal in nature, like I could imagine them coming from an alien creature. The sound of the flames makes it hard to distinguish and understand what those sounds might be.

I realize I'm tied up. Both my hands and feet have chains and my body is lying on a stone bed. Like if I'm going to be used as a sacrifice for an unknown god from ancient times. One of those who asked for the slaughter of thousands of human beings to satiate their thirst for human blood.

I get nervous, but the dreamlike feeling I have makes me think that maybe I'm under the influence of some drug. I've never been fully drunk, maybe tipsy, but I think that this is the way that must feel. It's like I'm giving up on everything, even my own life.

I hear some loud footsteps, coming closer every second. I don't even want to imagine to what they belong to. I've only seen one real demon, but looking at the depictions movies and comics have, I bet they're horrifying creatures.

I feel the presence of something or someone over me, like that feeling when someone is watching you and you realize it. It's not only one presence, it's two: flanking me from both sides.

Out of nowhere, they put pillows on my face. Two literal pillows. Out of all the torture machines they must have in this hellish pit, they choose pillows! I feel like I'm unable to breath... I won't be able to resist much longer...

-Kazuki-kun, are you OK?

Ai's voice brings me back to reality. I realize the hellish pillows are actually her large naked boobs, and my face is literally motorboating them. It seems I spend a bit longer than recommended doing it.

-A-ai-san, I'm sorry! It wasn't on purpose, really!

-Don't worry-she laughs in a playful way-I don't mind, as long as you don't lose your breath doing it.

I realize she's now naked instead of wearing her armor. Her skin looks soft and shiny under the morning sun that's filtering through the closed window and reflecting on her luctuous body. Even when she has just woke up, she looks like an erotic cover model or something. It's an otherworldly vision for someone like me, who's never been in bed with a naked girl. She's not wearing her combat armor and is on her human form again.

-I changed to human form again for us to be more comfortable when you were holding me.

-I really appreciate it-I answer, in the most awkward way possible. I think I seem like a pervert saying that.- Did you sleep well?

-I did my best-She answers, smiling. Seems like she's doing her best to look happy and cheerful, but the pain she feels inside might be really hard to subdue.

-It's thanks to you.-I did nothing, really, I just... wanted you to smile again.

I can't tell her I had a hard time sleeping. Even when we were holding each other, thousands of thoughts were running like crazy in my head. Questions that don't have an answer were bugging me all the time. I don't even remember most of them, but I guess that anyone would have lots of doubts after being told about a parallel universe filled with demonic beings.

We get out of the bed, and Ai goes to dress, while I ask her for permission to make a breakfast. After all, it's my third time in her apartment, and the first time I spent a night there. Who knows, maybe she hides a demon in the kitchen. I feel like I should ask her everything, after all, I accepted the task of being with her, even when she's a devil. I realized I made some kind of pact with her after all. Like if we're a couple, already, but a bit different.

Once we're ready we start having breakfast, in silence at first, but then I try to begin asking questions:

-I knew you'd have a lot to ask me. After all you saw yesterday it's obvious you'd have a lot of questions.

As I had a lot to ask, I'll basically sum up the questions the best way I can.

*Why did Ai chose Earth to live? Well, basically, she's a demon from a race that was created to be similar to human beings, that's why her devil form isn't really that different from her human form.

*How many demons are there? That's pretty much impossible to know, since most demons are created from negative energy instead of sexual reproduction. Devils like Ai have a reproductive system, so they reproduce in the same way as humans, but most other demons don't.

*What powers a demon like Ai has? Demons have superhuman powers that are very different between them. Not all demons have the same powers, but most of them have strength and speed superior to any human being. Ai has those, and is able to fly short distances, as well becoming invisible in currents of negative energy.

*Are demons evil? Demons are not necessarily evil, they just need energy that comes from negative emotions or feelings to survive. Negative emotions are part of life themselves, there's no way for them to disappear. Problem is, the biggest generators of negative energy are evil deeds, so that's why most demons work to create chaos on other universes, so they can get more energy and become more powerful than others. Ai is not interested on that, she just wants to be free, and to live a happy life.

*And what does she have to do to be really free? The only way would be to defeat her demon husband Adramelech in a fight for her rights. That is probably impossible, since a demon of his rank would never come down here just to look for one of his probably multiple wives. So for now, she's just trying to live a low profile life as a human.

*Does she know other demons here in Tokyo? She told me that Sumire, her friend, is also a demon, from a lower level that was assigned to her at birth to defend her, similar to some knights in medieval times. That's why they know each other so well, and also why she's so brash sometimes, as she was literally created to fight. But she really doesn't know any other demons in this city.

*And what about the demon she fought yesterday? She thinks he might be one of the guards Adramelech assigned to her. Probably seen him once, but she doesn't remember that face. I guess she doesn't want to remember much about those days.

*Why no one was able to hear or see the battle yesterday? Ai told me it's probably because of the attacker setting some kind of dimensional force field that allowed him to fight without being detected. She thinks it's probably because there are humans that hunt demons that disrupt the order in our world.

*If Ai has superpowers, why was she scared of the cockroach that night? Well, to answer that one, there's nothing that says that demons can't be scared of cockroachs, I guess.

I didn't asked how old Ai was, or what was her real name. I really don't mind. Maybe when I was younger I would have asked a question like that, but right now, I couldn't care less.

I also thought about asking her if her personality was different back in the demon world. I find it hard to imagine such a sweet girl living with those creatures and still being so caring. I think maybe I should know it if we're going to be a couple, but maybe it's not important. I believe her, I don't know why, but I want to. I don't know what other people would do on my situation, but I really don't care. I don't know why she chose me, I still don't know. Probably most other guys would be better for her than an inexpert guy like me. Maybe she's too compassive, and felt I needed love.

I felt so close to her, like if our past was similar, which isn't true, but I think both of us are people that feel broken and want love to repair us. 


Two weeks after the incident, we continued getting closer to each other. I feel a lot more confident around her. I don't feel nervous anymore, and I'm still lovestruck when I see her, which is funny because we're already kind of a couple. Not official, maybe because I'm not brave enough to say it. 

I visit the café every evening, and then sometimes we see each other at night. We haven't slept together again though, I think we need a reason for that, and we can't find it yet. Sumire also looks happier for some reason. I think the fact her master looks happy makes her happy too. I think I've even seen her smile. Or maybe that's my imagination.

Every Sunday we go on a date to different places. We visited Akiba last week, and we're going to Yokohama today. At Akiba she joked about bringing maid outfits to the café to attract clients. I have to admit I have thought about it. Both Sumire and Ai would look super cute dressed like that. Ai wasn't very surprised with cosplay though. After all, her own battle outfit is skimpier than most cosplays. I think she'd look cute in other costumes though. I'd be her photographer if she wanted to be a cosplayer. Although I don't even know how to take pictures.

I explained to her why I know about succubus, but she didn't find it weird. I thought that talking about porn to a girl would be harder, but she took it as something natural. She told me she knows humans might be attracted to demons, as most of them are really attractive, and I can see why. Also that she knows most guys like boobs. I couldn't help but to blush when I heard that. Guess she really knows what I think sometimes.

So now we're travelling to Yokohama. I haven't been there in a long time, mainly because it's a place for families or couples to go, so I don't see much appeal on it. But now I'm with my girlfriend (I never thought I'd be able to say that) and we're going to spend a great evening.

I feel a bit unsafe when going outside lately though. I think I see demons everywhere: any shadow seems like a monster. After all, a demon could attack anytime, and we would be unable to defend. Well, at least myself; Ai seems pretty strong, and she would defend me from anything. Or at least that's what I want to think.

I wouldn't want to see her being hurt by a demon. I wonder why I worry more about her than me. I think she looks really vulnerable to me. The way she opened to me, and how we cried together that night changed the way I look at her. 

Now in Yokohama, we do what we always do: walk around, eat ice cream, see the people walk around and the children playing, nothing special. But just being with her is special enough I guess; I think I could sit down there and do nothing but look at her, and still I would be having lots of fun.

The sun walks with us, running towards the other side of the city, becoming an orange ball when it reaches the horizon. The sunset looks so pretty here:

-Are sunsets like this in your world?-I ask Ai

-Well, our world is always dark. We're used to it though.

-And, you like this?

-I think it's beautiful, I could spend a whole day looking at something like this.

-I wish I could give you lots of sunsets like this for you to enjoy

-I'm sure we will enjoy lots of evenings together

I realize we're already talking to each other as if we were a couple. I wouldn't say we aren't, but I need to confirm it, at least once.

The sun disappears and the night envelopes everything with soft blue darkness. We go back to the station, ready to return to our home. We don't talk much, it seems we want to say something to each other but none of us is able to. It feels a bit like when I asked her out.

The train comes, and we board it. Lots of couples and families are going back home too. I look at her, she looks at me, and we blush like high school kids on a date. We don't talk much, I don't think it's the place to talk about it.

We get to the station, and start walking to the apartment. I can't wait anymore. I need to say it. We're all alone, walking on a lonely street.

-I-I was thinking... about... about us...

-I see, Kazuki-kun. I thought the same, when we were looking at the sunset... that we, we're more than just friends.

-It's like you're reading my mind, Ai-chan-I say, jokingly, as if I'm trying to feel more confident.

-You could say we're a couple now...

-I-I agree... I think it's great...

We're already at the apartment's entrance. The lights on the street shine above us.

-Maybe...-Ai says to me softly-I'm sure that couples do other things as well...

-That's true... I'm not an expert though...-I have to admit it after all. I don't really know about love. It's like I haven't even done the tutorial yet.

-I really don't know either-she says with a smile-We won't learn if we don't try, I guess...

Ai gets closer to me, I can feel her chest over mine. I can hear her breathing. I think I could even hear her heartbeat if I tried hard enough.

-I want to learn...-Ai whispers, while she closes her eyes

-I want to learn too-I say while I lean towards her and our lips get in contact for the first time. It's a shy kiss, three or four seconds that feel like a minute. Our mouths open softly, still getting used to this sensation. I try to think about how people kiss each other, about silly movies scenes, random doujins, even that picture with the sailor and the nurse.

Even when I think about every kiss, our kiss is still different, still special and unique. 

We separate for a second, we open our eyes again, and we can't help but kissing each other once more.

This time it feels more intense, like we're slowly learning how our lips work.

We hold each other really close, our bodies clashing with each other. It feels a bit awkward but still spontaneous. I can't help it, but my body is reacting to our contact. I feel a sudden feverish heat inside me.

-This, is something new to me...-Ai whispersafter our third kiss.

-It's the same for me...

We climb the stairs to our apartments, in silence, looking at each other. When we get to her apartment's door, she grabs my hand softly. 

-I-I was going to ask-Ai says in the softest of voices-if you want to... stay with me... tonight...I-I was curious about... how you looked... naked...After all... you already saw me like that...

That's probably the strangest phrase I have ever heard in my life, but coming from Ai's lips, it sounds like a god's voice. But who knows how gods' voices sound?

-O-ok-I answer-It's OK with me...I've never heard such a weird request in my whole life, but oh well, maybe she's curious...

We enter the apartment, and go straight to her bedroom. It's like an invisible force is taking us there. Maybe we're going too fast... 

We sit down in the bed for a short while, until she tells me in a sweet playful voice:-Well, I'll go take a shower... I won't take too long...

She goes into the bathroom and I can hear the water falling down. I'm really not sure about what to do, but I guess maybe I should follow her instructions and undress. I'll do that then...

The problem here is not being naked but my growing erection. I really don't know what will she think about it. I consider myself average, but maybe a demon would think otherwise. I'm still not sure if she wants to have sex, or maybe she just wanted to see me naked. After what she told me that night, I think she might have trouble having pleasure, or maybe she doesn't even know it.

I get naked as fast as I can while I remember something important: protection is needed in this kind of cases. I look for the only spare condom I have in my pants... It's not the best place to save them, and I really don't know for how long I had it, but it should work.

I wait for Ai, while she's still under the shower. I think about how should I positionate in the bed. I know, it's not the most important thing, but if I pose like a roman senator eating grapes, that wouldn't be really sexy.

The water stops flowing and in a few seconds Ai comes out the bathroom. Her body is wrapped in a towel that barely contains it. It could fall in any second.

She looks at me and comments in a playful way:

-Did you wait too long? You seem really excited to see me again

It seems she's referring to that kind of excitement.

She sits on the other side of the bed while taking off her towel. Even if I have already seen her naked, it's still exciting to me.

We're both lying in bed now. Ai turns to see me:

-We both seem very shy-she says-Maybe we should continue what we were doing at the entrance.

-I agree...-I say while caressing her cute face 

We get closer and then we hug and kiss each other. Now that we're both naked, the kisses are a lot more intense. It feels like we are slowly losing our inhibitions, as we hold each other in a very different way from before.

I continue kissing her, now going down her neck, while caressing all her wet body. The sensation of wet skin feels really arousing to me. My mouth keeps exploring her body, now down to her breasts. I suck on them softly, is hard not to. Her body feels hot all over me. I think I could easily become addicted to this.

-You like them a lot, don't you?-Ai says-If it makes you feel good, it will make me feel good too.

I can't answer, as my mouth is busy licking and sucking on her nipples. My hand seems to go down on its own, down to her most pleasurable point. I really don't know how to touch there, but she seems to enjoy it when I rub my fingers softly over it. Her cute nipples are getting erect so easily after a few licks.

After a while sucking her tits, I decide to continue trying to stimulate her with my mouth. I'll be sincere, it's the first time I'm so close to this, so other than in porn, I haven't really see it. I try to explore with my tongue. It looks so soft and pink, and it makes me want to stimulate it more.

I can hear a soft moan when I lick

-Is this way OK?-I ask her

-Please, I want more...-She says while still moaning.

I follow her orders as soon as she says it. I really want to make her feel good. I feel like I owe her at least that, after all she does for me. My mouth can't stop sucking and licking now, after getting that answer from her.

 Her moans get more and more intense as I can feel how the arousal is getting to the place I'm stimulating. She grabs me while I'm licking her, overwhelmed by pleasure.

-It's the... first... time... I felt... like this...-she says.

I want to say something, but I can't stop sucking her clit.

I can feel her thighs trembling slightly, like her whole body is receiving some kind of shock. I can see she's close to getting to the climax. I can't stop now, I just can't. I feel my cock is really hard just from listening to her moaning, and I notice a bit of pre cum coming out. She manages to arouse me without even trying.

I can notice how hard Ai is trying not to scream. She lets out some loud moans sometimes though. Her hips start moving slowly while I continue sucking, like if she's getting herself fucked by my tongue. Everything around my mouth feels really wet now.

-It feels... so good...-Ai says while moaning-

After a short burst of pleasure, Ai's body seem a lot more relaxed. I feel like I could be all day between her thighs.

-I think it's my turn to make you feel good-Ai says in a playful way, while asking me to get comfortable.

She starts caressing me with her boobs, while going down to my cock.

-I really don't know how to do this...It's my first time as well-her face is slightly blushing while she says so-I suppose it's not really different from what you did to me...

Ai starts licking the pre cum out of my cock's tip. I feel my cock throbbing everytime she licks. She's doing it in a really soft way, as if she was worried she might hurt my cock if she sucked harder.

-It seems it's happy to see me-Ai says

After a few licks, Ai starts sucking, stimulating the tip. She's still shy, but the way she sucks it feels so good. I moan softly, it's hard not to.

-You like it this way?


I wish I could be more expressive about it, but maybe it would be a bit too much.

She keeps on sucking, now with more enthusiasm. While she won't suck it entirely yet, her mouth is really stimulating me. I feel like I could be thrusting slowly like if I was fucking her mouth. Although I think that might scare her, I don't know.

It doesn't take much time for me to get closer to orgasm. I should tell her that she should stop sucking and let me finish the work myself.

-A-ai, I'm about to cum

-OK-OK, is there somewhere you'd like to?

Well, that was a good question: I wouldn't cum on her face, it feels to disrespectful to do it in the first time, and cumming on her tits would make me look like a boob fetishist. Well, maybe I am one, after all. It still feels super awkward to say it.

-I'd... like to cum... in your boobs-I knew it-Ai says laughing-You like them so much.She sucks a bit more, and then I signal her with a gesture to let her know I'm close. I start jerking off while she grabs her tits and push them together like waiting for me to cum on them.

 I get closer then, while I start cumming. I don't want to seem like I'm bragging, but it was a lot more than I was expecting.

Ai's big tits are now wet with cum. The way she looks at them is so lewd to me. I feel my cock getting hard again, even when I just finished cumming.

-Did you enjoy it?-Ai asks in a very sweet way

-I loved it. I'm really thankful.

-It was my first time doing it. I'm glad you liked it.

-I have to admit it was my first time too. Guess it was pretty obvious.

-Not really, I thought it felt amazing.

Ai is so sweet. She really knows how to make me feel great, even when I think I wasn't really good.

Even when I'm still really horny, I'm still not sure about doing the whole thing with her. After she told me about what happened back in her world, I think she might be traumatized by those events. Maybe I should ask her what she thinks about it. Maybe she thinks she won't be able to make me feel good. I really don't care about it, as long as she feels good.

I take her hand while she's still looking at me. She looks at my eyes and says in the softest way possible:

-You can have me if you want, I don't mind

-I-if it's OK with you...

-Yes, if it's with you, I'm sure I'll be happy

We start kissing again, now in a whole different way than before. It more like you could call a french kiss, with our tongues imitating what we did a while ago.

-I'm ready-Ai says, while separating a bit from me and spreading her legs in front of me-Please be gentle...

I look at her. She looks so decided, like she really wants it. She even spreads her pussy, ready for me to go in. I decide to grab the condom, open the package and then put it over my cock.

I grab my cock and start inserting it inside her, really slowly, as soft as I can. I feel really unsure, but she seems to approve the way I do it. It feels like my penis is being pressured from the sides when it goes inside. It feels funny but really great. Once it's all in, I start to thrust, slowly, while grabbing her hips. We're not doing anything weird, just a simple missionary position, but it's like a completely new experience for me.

I start thrusting faster, not really fast yet, but with a steadier rhythm. Her tits go back and forth with every thrust. It's a really lewd image, definitely. Ai starts moaning softly as the intensity grows.

We keep on like that for a good while. Some people would say we're too slow or something, but it feels so good to me, and she seems to enjoy it a lot too. It's like we're uniting each other in a really unique way, trying to match our ways.

-This...feels... so...good...-Ai moans-I feel... so...good

I start going a bit faster, like I'm getting closer and closer to cum again. She seems to like it, because she's also moving her hips with every thrust. Now it feels a lot more intense. The sound of moaning and our thighs clashing with every thrust is the only thing that kills the silence of the night.

 I'll be sincere: the lewdest sound I've ever heard is that of thighs clashing. Definitely.

-Please, keep on...-Ai begs me

-Are you close?-I ask her. I really don't know what I tried to say with close, but I know she understands.

-Yes, please...-she seems like she's melting from pleasure.

We're now fucking a lot faster. We're so close. I feel like my cock is being pressured a lot. Her tits shaking all over make me so horny. Really, I can't believe I'm like this now. I'm feeling like an animal at times.

Ai grabs my hands, she can barely contain herself. She's cumming now. I can really feel it. I keep on thrusting as I'm about to cum too. I really want to cum together with her, don't ask me why, but I really want to. 

Just a few seconds after, I cum. I can feel how our juices mix up inside her, while my still thrusting cock makes a wet noise inside her. I keep on going for a bit because she seems to enjoy it.

She looks at me in a really sweet way, like if all this made her really happy. I feel really proud of myself. I know it might not be much, but for my first time, I'm more than happy with the result.

Once all it's over, we took a shower, and then we went back to bed. We are now naked, lying on bed, and holding each other's hand.

-I thought...-Ai whispered-I'd never be able to feel like this... Like if I was broken inside...I'm really grateful to you...

-I thought the same, maybe in a different way I guess. I have to thank you for that too.

If anyone told me two months ago, that I'd met a girl from a parallel dimension and that we'd become a couple, I probably wouldn't believe it. But right now, I couldn't be happier. I don't care if two million demons from Hell come tomorrow to get me. I'm glad I could meet her, and that's enough for me.

I see she's already sleeping now, but I can't help but look at her. I think it will be hard for me to sleep tonight

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