Chapter 5:


Phantom: Untamed Monster

"You were actually...?" Bookmark here

What could be the reason that made him think that observing and befriending only two persons was enough. Vivek just wanted to know Bookmark here

"A LONER..." Bookmark here

Ranjan replied slowly. Bookmark here

A silence covered Vivek. He really wasn't expecting Ranjan to say this. Afterall if you think about it logically, There is no way that a person who made such huge impact on his first day of university could have been a loner. Bookmark here

"Come on, Did I force you to answer? If you don't want to tell me the just leave it however don't lie to me." Bookmark here

It wasn't that he wasn't believing Ranjan, He just couldn't. Bookmark here

"But I am saying the truth" Bookmark here

"Like hell you are. A person who thought that someone else is his friend just because they observed him could never be a loner. The way you gave the speech in the mic, your personality, none of them matches that of a loner." Bookmark here

Vivek was saying this with a calm face but from inside he really was confused. Bookmark here

"Well its just that I decided that I won't lead a life of a loner from now on that's why I changed myself." Bookmark here

Ranjan explained himself. His words didn't hit Vivek like he was lying so it was hard for him to decide what to say next. Bookmark here

"So why did you decided to stop being the Loner? What derived you to force yourself to change." Bookmark here

{Grrrrrrrrr} Bookmark here

It was the sound of the door which interrupted the flow of conversation between Vivek and Ranjan. The One who came out of the door was no other than Sheetal herself. Seeing her gave a sense of relief to Ranjan as he was free from the series of questions from Vivek However it was also a given fact that one more problem was approaching Vivek and Ranjan. Bookmark here

The Problem was..... What about the seat. Bookmark here

The rest which happened was a talk with eyes, without uttering a single word, they were talking with expressions. Bookmark here

"Hey where should I sit?" Bookmark here

"I told you its impossible to guess." Bookmark here

"Come on don't you dare do this after boasting about your strategy and all that stuff." Bookmark here

"Well but still, its not like you were a loner as well right? So don't you think approaching her directly would be best course of action" Bookmark here

"I am not a protagonist of a Rom-Com where I will can just easily befriend her." Bookmark here

"he he Maybe you are afraid." Bookmark here

This whole conversation didn't actually happpened in reality. It was like they were thought communicating but that was also not the case. All they were doing were giving a look to each other and the another was able to decode that look. They really didn't felt like they just met each other. Who knows if there was some history behind this or was it just a compatibility between two unknown friends.Bookmark here

"Okay then, if you want I can converse with Sheetal. Afterall it's not a big deal as she is my..…"Bookmark here

"Nah, just see this time I will do it myself "Bookmark here

Vivek was provoked by Ranjan and so he just approached Sheetal without any second thought.Bookmark here

"Aw man he didn't let me complete, but well let's see his conversation skills." Ranjan signed.Bookmark here

As Vivek was approaching Sheetal, His heartbeat started to increase. He, who was confidently approaching her when he begin from the end of line, was now hesitating to even put one last step to clear the distance between Sheetal and him. Bookmark here

Ranjan who was actually a healer, at least that's what Vivek said earlier, was able to notice that increased heartbeat of Vivek and so he just sat in the last seat attached to window and just enjoyed the scene which was happening between his new friend and that friend's crush. Bookmark here

"What should I do? I didn't prepare myself to do that? But wait why am I hesitating? Yes I should be normal, Calm down Vivek you can do it, just think of it as you are conversating with your any other Normal Friends." Bookmark here

That was the time Vivek realized his one most crucial mistake of life. Bookmark here


The fact that he can forget something this basic was really astonishing but now he was blank with nothing to say.Bookmark here

"Excuse me! Do you need something from me?" Bookmark here

A really pure voice filled Vivek's ear. Hearing this really cute and soft voice made Vivek's heart skip a beat, at the same time it made all his worries go away. Bookmark here

He was actually worried in approaching Sheetal because she was quite a serious girl in the Auditorium hall, but now the voice tone was so soft that it melt Vivek's heart and made him regain his confidence. Bookmark here

"Actually I wanted to ask you something." Bookmark here

"Sure go ahead" Bookmark here

Vivek got the permission. He was like on the seventh heaven. Also, since the conversation took the good direction, he could even achieve his goal of befriending her easily. Bookmark here

"I was actually surprised by you in the hall. You were really confident and it seems like you are a wizard and warrior which is really incredible. Will you please tell me your name? Ah! Sorry My name is Vivek. Vivek Pandey." Bookmark here

His lines were little messed up. He asked for the name even though he knew it already just because he just didn't knew what to do. However he was also aware that it is not appropriate to ask for someone's name without giving yours first so he corrected herself. Bookmark here

Sheetal smiled a little. Maybe she did so considering the innocence of Vivek. Even though he was like A badass protagonist out of a fantasy novel. He was a real shit when dealing with girls. Bookmark here

"No problem. I think almost everyone knows your name by now." Bookmark here

Of course they knew after all the ruckus Ranjan caused. Vivek was thinking that "if I succeeded now, I will forever be in Ranjan's debt but if I failed, Then Ranjan is a witch and Me a witch hunter." Bookmark here

"Well I know you know this already but still My Name Is Sheetal, Sheetal Sharma. Nice To Meet You?" Bookmark here

And so , Even though it was just a prologue of their story, Vivek was surely capable enough to end it well.Bookmark here

However Ranjan now diverted his eyes towards the ground. There was Principal Shruti in the ground. As he was watching her he murmured a few words. Bookmark here

"So near yet so far. Am I doing this Right?"Bookmark here

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