Chapter 4:


Phantom: Untamed Monster

Okay Then, if you can do this than I will think about being your friend." Hearing this, there came a huge smile on the face of Ranjan. It was so much bright that it felt like he would start to emit godly light in any second. "No problem. That's a piece of cake all we need to do is head to alpha class immediately, afterall the classes are in the second floor." The confidence which was in the Face of Ranjan was Saying that don't Ask any questions and just do it. It was like he wasn't telling a possibility but a fact which couldn't be changed no matter what. "Alpha? And why is that." Vivek replied The fact that Ranjan didn't think about it twice and just declared that they should head towards the alpha section shocked Vivek a little bit. "Well she is a girl with quite a pride and intelligence, Hence while picking a class she will first inquire the three classes, however I already took a glimpse of classes before coming in auditorium and I know that there is nothing different in these classes. So when she will notice the same, she will unconsciously head towards the alpha classroom, the reason being it's 2nd nearest from this point." Ranjan Explained his answers in a very fast tone "2nd nearest? Is it because the beta is the nearest and hence it will be more crowded than alpha?" Vivek was somehow able to keep up with Ranjan and was actually understanding his actions. This was not much of a surprise as Vivek himself was quite an intelligent guy. "Yes you got it right? As expected of my friend." "But still will she really think this much just for choosing a section." At that point, Vivek was actually used of hearing "my friend" and was tired of correcting him again and again so he just ignored it. "It's not about weather she will think about this or not. Its just that she is in the category of those people who just unconsciously takes the best course of action in any situation. They don't do it intentionally but it just becomes their habit through a course of time. And..." Ranjan took a pause thinking weather he should complete his sentence or not. "And?" Asked Vivek expecting him to complete his sentence. Ranjan was getting more and more impatient, he wanted to just run towards the Alpha section before its too late. So he decided not to complete the sentence. "Now don't delay it anymore and head towards the beta section." Ranjan And Vivek just ran towards the Alpha classroom. Vivek was curious but he knew that this time Ranjan wasn't really hiding anything but was just in a hurry so he thought of asking it later. The Classroom was like one would expect. It was nothing different from a normal classroom expect the fact that it had neither Black board, nether green board and nor the White board. It was one hell of a cool digital board with a digital pen on the side of it. in front of the board was a teacher's table with an closed laptop on it. It was written V on the middle of laptop and in the corner was written Alpha in it. The rest of the class was like that of a normal class with four rows and five seats per row, there were two doors on the one side and 2 windows in the another. from the windows there was the view of ground which was actually causing confusion so much that one would consider it a normal University. "Wow there are not much people here, we should choose a seat of our convenience." Ranjan said with a huge excitement. There were only a few students there around four or five, No one gave greetings to anyone, all they did was just give a smile. It was just as Ranjan predicted, there were not much students as they were busy checking the classes and classmates. That was the time when Vivek's expression suddenly changed and he looked at Ranjan with one hell of a serious look. "He.. Hey what happened? Why are you glaring at me?" Ranjan was sweating. It felt like even though Ranjan was one asking about why Vivek was glaring him, he already knew the answer. "You Bastard! was it your plan all along to trap me in predicting the classes so that We will end up in same class." "Shit! he noticed." Ranjan murmured to himself taking his eyes away from Vivek. "So I was right? Let me do you a favor in return, I will let you pray to God for all your sins before I send you for meeting him in person ." He said a sentence of death with such tone that it was terrifying, by both meaning and aura. "Wait a minute please. Listen to me. It indeed was my plan but it doesn't mean that I lied to you. She will surely come in this class. If this proves to be wrong I will do whatever you say, I promise." Vivek Calmed a little. Actually he himself was just toying with him as he was starting to believe in Ranjan and his abnormal brain. Moreover the fact that Ranjan was honest made him a little more trustworthy. "Well If that's the case, then help me in one more thing." "Gladly! tell me what is it." Ranjan was quite happy of being freed with that glare that he could do almost anything. "Where should I sit so that I can be near her?" "Huh?" Ranjan was surprised by this question. There was a tension in his voice as he was answering Vivek's question. "Actually even I can't predict it" Now this was something tricky even for Ranjan. Yes he was a genius who even predicted almost everything however the seat depends on one really important thing which was missing in his life. "But why? Aren't you a genius? You said that as long as you have data you can do it?" "Actually that data is the damn problem. I need to know not only about her but also about other people to predict seating and i didn't observe all of the people so I don't know about them." "Then why did you observe me and her?" "Well all I did was observe you because you were observing me when I was walking for the university. I didn't really need to observe Sheetal to know about her anyway. And I did observed one or two more people but that's all because having two or more friends is enough for me, after all before coming here I was actually....." This conversation was going on in between the last seats of Last and Second last row. "You were actually...?" "A LONER..." A silence covered Vivek.
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