Chapter 8:

Chapter 4: Teleportals!

Black Witch Tsu-To-Yu!

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*********************************Bookmark here

The afternoon bell gonged to signal the end of the school day. Going over the usual, the students ran out of the school to start their relaxing day before tomorrow comes.Bookmark here

But this time, Touyo and Yuki didn’t come out of the entrance of the school to head home. Instead, they traveled together up the staircase, both hearts beating rapidly as they stepped up the stairs in quick succession before finally seeing the metal door that Touyo himself opened up for the both of them.Bookmark here

Light shined through the moment the door was opened, revealing the rooftop which did not change its look. The sun was slowly moving towards the horizon, nearly making the once bluish sky tinged with orange.Bookmark here

It was the afternoon, and as planned, Touyo and Yuki have already called their parents to tell them that they will be staying behind to learn a bit more in school. Figuring that it was more classwork, the parents accepted their half-lie, allowing them access to stay out a little later than usual.Bookmark here

It was mostly a half-lie, since they will still be learning something new.Bookmark here

Once they reached to the rooftop, they were already in their Black Witch uniforms. The cool wind blowing on their faces and their hair swayed, along with Yuki’s skirt which she slightly pulled down to avoid giving her first friends a show.Bookmark here

After the wind settled, their teacher Tsubaki came out of Yuki’s pendant, finally becoming solid from her transparency to show herself to her students.Bookmark here

“Alright!” Tsubaki stretched her arms out in the open as she declared. “It’s time you kids learn the art of teleportation!”Bookmark here

““Yeah!””Bookmark here

Showing their excitement, Touyo raised his fist in the air and showed his grin while Yuki clasped her hands together as she made small jumps with a gleaming expression.Bookmark here

“However, you guys won’t actually be ‘teleporting’, to say.”Bookmark here

““…Eh?””Bookmark here

The energy and excitement the two shared suddenly dampened, leaving them with bewildered smiles.Bookmark here

“It’s not like I won’t teach you!” Tsubaki quickly corrected herself by waving her hands. “See, look, I’ll show you.”Bookmark here

The moment she said that, she stood upright in the air. Then her body began to dissipate in square particles, eventually disappearing from their sight.Bookmark here

Touyo and Yuki widened their eyes and tried to spot their teacher, but she wasn’t here. But after a while, Touyo and Yuki could sense a presence from behind them. They turned back around to see the same square particles appearing once again, showing Tsubaki in all her glory.Bookmark here

“Did ya see?” Tsubaki asked with a smile.Bookmark here

The two nodded slowly in understanding.Bookmark here

“Now, teleportation like I just did is too advanced for you two right now. If done incorrectly, you might erase yourselves from existence. That’s why it’s better for you two to understand the concept of teleportation before actually learning how to teleport.”Bookmark here

“O-Oh, yeah, you said something like that before, right?”Bookmark here

Touyo slowly nodded as he remembers what she said a couple of days ago along with Yuki, but there was still doubt planted in her mind.Bookmark here

“So then, if that’s true, how will we teleport? It should be the same thing, right?”Bookmark here

Yuki made her statement as she was confused about the subject in this matter. Tsubaki nodded to prove that it was a good question.Bookmark here

“You’re right about that. That’s why I’m teaching you guys a spell that’s a level lower than the true ‘teleportation’. It’s called the Teleportal spell.”Bookmark here

“The Teleportal spell?” Touyo repeated in a confused state.Bookmark here

“Teleportal… does it has something to do with portals?” Yuki asked which she knew was completely obvious, but Tsubaki was kind enough to nod her head to her question.Bookmark here

“Exactly,” Tsubaki raised her finger, spinning herself around as she floated near them. “The teleportal spell is basically harmless than the actual teleportation. However, it can be rather showy. During a battle, an opponent with a sense of arcana can tell where you will be teleported, so it can get there and hit you before you’re done entering.”Bookmark here

“Wha…” Touyo and Yuki remained confused as the two tilted their heads.Bookmark here

“Let me show you rather than explain it,” Tsubaki said as the distraught look on their faces were apparent.Bookmark here

Getting into position by making her body float upright in the air, she lifts her hand forward and stretched her fingers out. A purple magic circle the same size as Tsubaki slowly appeared in front of her. The process of creating it was slightly slower than creating the usual small magic circle for their elemental spells—about 3-4 seconds longer.Bookmark here

Their eyes widening in awe, Tsubaki glanced back at the two students and gave a short smirk before floating towards her magic circle. She put her hand forward, and the hand disappeared into the magic circle which made the two students gasp in surprise.Bookmark here

With Touyo and Yuki being so into the example, Touyo didn’t realize that the magic circle appeared instantly behind him. The same hand that Tsubaki put inside appeared from it and grabbed hold of Touyo’s shoulder.Bookmark here

“Ahh!”Bookmark here

Touyo jumped forward, his scream filled the air as he and the frightened Yuki turned to the very magic circle and the disembodied hand.Bookmark here

“No way! That’s so cool!”Bookmark here

Yuki shouted as she took a closer look at the hand, poking it with her own finger before Tsubaki’s hand gave a thumbs up out of nowhere.Bookmark here

“Hehe, impressed? I’m still not finished yet.”Bookmark here

Tsubaki then moved forward, her whole body entering into the purple magic circle, disappearing into it as the magic circle disappeared as she did.Bookmark here

The magic circle still near the students did not disappear, and following her example, her hand and the rest of her body came out of it—which made the magic circle disappear as well.Bookmark here

““Whoa…”” The two students were left in awe. Too much in awe to see such a spell that they will learn.Bookmark here

“This way, the teleportal can send you to the coordinates that you imagine, creating a portal to it. This is a safer and easier to learn spell before you upgrade to instant teleportation.”Bookmark here

“I see,” Yuki said before becoming curious. “But, what happens if, when there are people around, the portal is summoned to where they are? Wouldn’t that make a lot of problems?”Bookmark here

“Ah.”Bookmark here

Touyo understood what she meant. If they make a portal where there was a person in the middle, it would be possible that the person and one of them could collide. Things would get complicated if one of them turned out to be conjoined with a stranger in some freak accident.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry about that,” Tsubaki went floating back up in the air, a pleasant smile crossing her lips. “You see, you pick the coordinates and send yourself there, however, the portal itself will appear in a different place than you imagine. This is because the portal only appears in an unoccupied location.”Bookmark here

“Unoccupied…?” Touyo asked once again.Bookmark here

“Like for instance,” Tsubaki pointed between the two of her students. “The portal that I just made was supposed to be right in the middle between you two. Since you two were so close to each other, the portal opted to form behind you two instead, where there is nothing there. The portal can sense the other person’s life signal and avoids interacting with such life signals. It’s a sort of self-automated spell that transports their users with ease.”Bookmark here

“T-That spell is so handy!” Yuki praised.Bookmark here

“And unexpectedly smart,” Touyo remarked. He never expected a spell that thinks for itself.Bookmark here

“It’s not exactly perfect,” Tsubaki reinstated, now a frown forming on her face. “It might send you into an undesirable location, like for example—a dirty puddle that people avoid. You’ll appear right on it and get yourself dirty.”Bookmark here

“Ah…” Yuki winced from imagining wetting her shoes and socks.Bookmark here

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” Touyo figured that it was the least problematic situation.Bookmark here

“Trust me, it gets annoying,” Tsubaki grumbled, a pout on her face. “But you just have to make sure that you don’t make a teleportal in the rain, and you’ll be good.”Bookmark here

“Ah, Master Tsubaki!”Bookmark here

In the midst of their conversation, Yuki suddenly had a thought in her head which she instantly addressed her master about.Bookmark here

“What’s up?” Tsubaki asked in correspondence to Yuki’s curiosity.Bookmark here

“Umm, so we can see the teleportal appear out of nowhere, and it was a little flashy. If we do this outside, even if we’re far away from them, wouldn’t other people be able to notice such a big magic circle?”Bookmark here

The question raised a lot of flags for the students. Both Touyo and Yuki expressed concern by furrowing their brows. If this spell was made public, the populace would think that they were aliens appearing out of nowhere.Bookmark here

However, Tsubaki only smirked at her question and answered with a delightful tone.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry~! See, only those who can sense arcana, in other words, mages and ghouls, can see the portal. What’s more—even if you appeared out of nowhere, the spell will activate a small illusion the moment it appeared to those without arcana. It will show them you guys coming in like it was natural.”Bookmark here

“Ah, that’s incredible!” Yuki clasped both her hands together in awe.Bookmark here

“And really convenient,” Touyo smirked at the possibilities of using this spell in the real world.Bookmark here

“Ain’t it? Now…” Tsubaki moved her body in the air so that she would look like she’s resting on the front of her body, her right hand cupping her chin, “Now, who’s ready to make it first?”Bookmark here

“Me! Me! I want to try it!”Bookmark here

Raising her hand, Yuki jumped up and down in joy to try out the new spell. Touyo stood back as he figured that he might as well see how Yuki handle it before he does.Bookmark here

“Okay,” Tsubaki floated towards her. “Now, remember what I said. You need to create a portal in the specific coordinates you can think of. For now, transport to…” Tsubaki then shifted her head around to glance at their area. “The top of the entrance door.”Bookmark here

Tsubaki spotted the perfect place for Yuki to transport to. She pointed her finger at the top of the entrance door where it resembled that of a gray cube, showing the visible empty spot at the top.Bookmark here

Clearly, it wasn’t dressed up as nicely as the roof since nobody would usually sit so high up there. But to Yuki, it became her determined location to be in.Bookmark here

“A-Alright.”Bookmark here

Yuki nodded hesitantly before closing her eyes. She lifted her hand forward and searched inside of herself. Following Touyo’s advice from last night during their flying lesson, Yuki made sure to properly channel her vast arcana.Bookmark here

Deep within her mind, she was having a difficult grasp of it. In her vision, she imagines there being so much arcana around her that she can’t get a proper grip on it. She doesn’t know whether to take a handful or take a bucket full in her imagination. She had no choice but to take a small amount into her hand.Bookmark here

The warm arcana enveloping her hand, Touyo widened his eyes at the arcana becoming practically solid around her like an aura. He could sense her determination.Bookmark here

Yuki envisioned the very same big sized magic circle that Tsubaki made right on top of the entrance door. She opened her eyes, steeled her gaze which she then furrowed her eyes to shout.Bookmark here

“Teleportal!”Bookmark here

She shouted since it would help her imagination become alive. In the next moment, a blue-colored magic circle appeared in front of her which was the same size as Tsubaki’s spell.Bookmark here

Yuki gasped in awe. Touyo widened his eyes. Tsubaki nodded in joy with a smile on her ever gleaming face.Bookmark here

“Okay,” Tsubaki was becoming excited herself. “Now, enter into it.”Bookmark here

Receiving her instructions, Yuki nodded again and walked forward toward the magic circle. Yuki bit her lip in anxiousness, her facial expression stiffening with a sweat streaming down her temple. She stopped before it, the glowing magic circle becoming warmer near her face. It wasn’t scalding—it was pleasant like a freshly-dried towel.Bookmark here

She put her hand forward and slowly moved it towards the magic circle floating in the air. Once her hand touched the circle, she didn’t actually ‘touched’ it, but instead phased through it. To Yuki, the process didn’t feel anything unnatural at all—it was as if she was feeling nothing but air as usual.Bookmark here

But then at the top of the entrance’s door, the same blue magic circle appeared on it and showed a hand coming out of it. Yuki was left slack-jawed before she smiled widely.Bookmark here

“I-I did it!” Yuki screamed out, and in the moment of elation, entered through the portal like an open door, making her body disappear in an instant.Bookmark here

In the next moment, she passed through the portal on the entrance’s top like it was natural. The magic circle behind her disappeared, and Yuki spun back around with a gleaming smile.Bookmark here

“I did it! I did it!” Yuki jumped up and down on the entrance’s top in joy, getting both Tsubaki to smile and give a thumb’s up while Touyo held the top of his head with his hand in amazement.Bookmark here

“Nice job, Yuki!” Tsubaki praised her student before she turned to Touyo. “So, Touyo, want to try?”Bookmark here

Touyo turned back to her, only that he didn’t look as excited as he once was. In fact, a cold sweat ran down his temple, his lips pursed together tightly.Bookmark here

“Umm… well…”Bookmark here

Touyo wasn’t exactly keen on embarrassing himself in front of the girls. Especially the girls.Bookmark here

With his magical abilities, it could be possible that he can’t even do the teleportal spell right. As he thought of this, the more likely that he will try to suggest that he’ll skip this one.Bookmark here

A powerful slap hit him on his back, shocking Touyo out of his consciousness after feeling the stinging pain on his back.Bookmark here

“Ow!”Bookmark here

“Don’t be so nervous. Just go with it!”Bookmark here

With Tsubaki’s encouragement, all of his escape routes have been neutralized. Touyo grumbled a little before stepping forward, straightening his back as he figured that he might as well go for it.Bookmark here

Touyo inhaled a large breath, then let it out slowly as he calmed himself. He lifted his hand the same way as Tsubaki and Yuki did. Following Tsubaki’s instructions, he was to go to the same entrance’s top as Yuki, which Yuki was still at the top of it waiting for him to come.Bookmark here

Touyo focused on himself, the arcana swirling around him gathering into his lifted hand. Then he imagined the coordinates which were the entrance’s top in his mind.Bookmark here

He didn’t know how to exactly do it, but he might as well imagine the same portal that the girls used to transport themselves. He furrowed his eyes, and then shouted:Bookmark here

“Teleportal!”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

But nothing happened.Bookmark here

“Ah…” Touyo let out in disbelief.Bookmark here

“Touyo?” Tsubaki responded.Bookmark here

“I-I can’t do it…”Bookmark here

Touyo said meekly as he tried to do it again by imagining the coordinates and the magic circle but to no avail.Bookmark here

Yuki back at the top decided to use her own teleportal to get to where they were. She lifted her hand and created another teleportal by shouting ‘Teleportal!’, getting her to go through it quickly.Bookmark here

The blue magic circle appeared near them which Yuki got out from in a hurry, making her magic circle disappear as a growing look of concern shadowed her face.Bookmark here

“W-What happened?” Yuki asked, the situation making her crease her brows.Bookmark here

“I-I can’t make a portal,” Touyo answered for Yuki’s sake.Bookmark here

“Touyo, are you sure?” Tsubaki asked again. This time, her tone took a solemn turn.Bookmark here

“I-I just can’t do it! I don’t know how!”Bookmark here

Touyo’s tone increased in volume out of frustration. In his mind, Tsubaki was making fun of him for not doing the spell right.Bookmark here

Yuki lowered her head the moment he snapped back, becoming tensed from his sudden shout.Bookmark here

“Touyo…”Bookmark here

Tsubaki floated down and stood on the ground. She walked towards him. Touyo became nervous after Tsubaki spoke so solemnly and the fact that she was walking instead of floating made him stiffen up. After getting near him, Tsubaki stared at him with her furrowed slanted eyes.Bookmark here

“Touyo, I’m making sure that you’re not thinking that you’re already going to fail before even doing the spell. Doing so will inhibit your arcana from flowing through correctly.”Bookmark here

“E-Eh?” Touyo was caught in a blind attack of Tsubaki’s logic.Bookmark here

“I’m not asking out of surprise, or out of pity. If you think that you’re already going to fail, then the spell itself will fail as well. Using magic is all about having the will to do magic. If you’re not even willing to go all out, whether it is because you don’t think you can do it, or that there is no point in doing it, then you fail as a mage.”Bookmark here

Tsubaki’s words cut him deep like a knife. Touyo pursed his lips from actually believing that he would fail already.Bookmark here

“Touyo, why would you think that you would fail?”Bookmark here

Yuki asked after gathering the courage to speak up. She was curious since if she could create a teleportal, then Touyo can do it as well. There was no sense of malice within her words through Touyo’s ears.Bookmark here

Touyo lowered his head down at the roof’s floor, unable to keep up with the girls’ attention on him—especially Tsubaki’s deep and heavy gaze. Yuki lowered her eyes to see he didn’t answer her due to something personal.Bookmark here

But Tsubaki was not done yet.Bookmark here

“Try it again, but this time, keep your chin up. If you stop mid-way, then these lessons will be a waste of time for you.”Bookmark here

Touyo could sense how serious she was from her words alone. She wasn’t making fun of him like she usually does. She wasn’t joking as usual.Bookmark here

She was truly serious.Bookmark here

Touyo’s muscles tensed up from having to try again. He doesn’t want his lessons to be wasted on him because he truly enjoyed doing magic with them.Bookmark here

His brows wrinkled. He lifted his hand. He focused on himself, gathering arcana from his magic core into his lifted hand. Then, he imagined the coordinates—the entrance’s top as clearly as possible.Bookmark here

Tsubaki watched it all with a deep gaze. A smirk showed itself on her lips after how serious Touyo has gotten from receiving a bit of a lecture.Bookmark here

Touyo had to do this. This time, he really was planning on teleporting no matter what. Because he doesn’t want his lessons to go to waste.Bookmark here

His eyes sharpened.Bookmark here

“Teleportal!”Bookmark here

A magic circle appeared in front of him.Bookmark here

Touyo and Yuki’s eyes widened at the red-colored magic circle. It was the same size as him, getting him to practically think that this was just in his imagination.Bookmark here

But he wasn’t done just yet. He knew that he still has to see whether it will connect or not. Swallowing imaginary air, he moved his hand forward to ‘touch’ the teleportal.Bookmark here

His hand disappeared into it. Then, back on the entrance’s top, a red magic circle appeared in the air, showing his hand. This got both Yuki and Tsubaki to smile in response.Bookmark here

“Touyo, you did it! You did it too!”Bookmark here

Even though she sounded like a broken record, Yuki didn’t care about it as her body instantly jumped up and down in joy over Touyo’s success. Touyo could hardly believe it as he slowly smiled and—Bookmark here

“Yeah!”Bookmark here

Touyo screamed as he made a fist with his free hand, and before he knew it, he entered the portal with his whole body. On the entrance’s top, right where Yuki was before, Touyo appeared from the teleportal—making the red teleportal disappear instantly afterward.Bookmark here

Touyo opted to do the same as Yuki did. He lifted his hand and shouted ‘Teleportal!’, the same red teleportal appeared just like before. He entered through it. The red portal showed up on the girls’ side, getting him to appear near them with a smile on his face.Bookmark here

Yuki lifted both her hands up at the same time as Touyo did, making a high-ten at each other.Bookmark here

“You did it! Touyo! I knew you could do it!”Bookmark here

“I did it! I did it, Yuki!”Bookmark here

The two children laughed as Yuki congratulated Touyo for a good job done. Touyo also made his remarks to Yuki as he was the one who didn’t praise her for her own teleportal success before.Bookmark here

As the two talked excitedly about the kinds of possibilities of using this spell, Tsubaki viewed at the two of them with a smirk.Bookmark here

“Congratulations, you two! So for now, try to get as much of a feeling on that spell as much as you can. It’s a really handy spell, so you better—”Bookmark here

Suddenly, Tsubaki’s smirk turned into a frown. She felt her body chill up as she looked above. Something transparent formed in the air. She furrowed her eyes.Bookmark here

“Touyo! Yuki! It’ a ghoul!”Bookmark here

Both Touyo and Yuki turned back in surprise. While Yuki had no idea what she meant by that, Touyo’s body tensed up entirely.Bookmark here

Tsubaki lifted her hand and activated her Barrier. Both Touyo and Yuki felt something flow right through them, a wave of air passing by them. Touyo knew that it was the barrier spell like the one before when the worm ghoul appeared in his house.Bookmark here

Yuki felt the spell as well, but her mind was becoming confused as to what was going on.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Then… the sky cracked.Bookmark here

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