Chapter 7:

Guidance Through The Ruins Part 1- Encounter

ReAscension- The Cries That Reached The Heavens

I awoke.

My vision was blurry. But there was light shining on my eyes. I was sure of it.

My vision readjusted. It took a while, probably because I haven’t come across any light when I was in the cave or the hole.

I finally could see clearly. I was on a bed in what looked like a lab. An array of organised machinery filled the room. There were shelves filled with big, dusty books. A huge table was placed to the right which held bottles of coloured liquids, more books and papers. There was a whiteboard that had papers with scribbles and marks pinned to it.

“Where… am I?”

I heard slow clapping. A figure emerged and walked towards me. It was of a slender woman with brown hair and eyes who wore… a lab coat?

“This experiment was a great success!” she exclaimed.


“I beg your pardon?”

“Oh,” she said, “I forgot to introduce myself didn’t I?”

She looked down in a sort of epic way and straightened her lab coat.

“I am a mad scientist!!

It’s soo cool,

You sonovabich!”

This is… overwhelming. Even by my standards.

“What are you saying…?”

The woman realised what she did and turned red out of embarrassment.

Moments later, she gained a refined composure.

“I am Uvena Imarae. The Goddess of Earth and Knowledge. And you, Shareus, have put on quite a show.”


“Well… I’ll just show you!”

Uvena bent down and tapped the ground.

“Terrae, you can come on out. Your treatment is all done anyway.”

A small part of the ground erupted and moulded itself into a familiar shape.

I then saw the familiar figure of Terrae… but smaller.

I raised an eyebrow at Uvena.


Uvena laughed nervously, “Terrae… well…. is my pet.”

I was shocked and angry.

“Your pet almost killed me!”

“But… you didn’t die, right? I saved you in the nick of time. And you got to see something amazing too, no?”


Then I remembered what she meant.

“The voice in my head.” I said, “That was you, wasn’t it?”

Uvena walked towards her table and retrieved some papers.

“You have hit the mark, Shareus. A thousand points to you!”

“Where am I?” I asked.

“This is where I live. A lair below the Earth that I built almost 4000 years ago.”

“I see… It looks rather… advanced for a place as old as you say it is.”

“Well, I keep on inventing new things as a pastime. And that led to what you see here.”

“That’s amazing!”

Uvena settled down next to me and placed a hand on my head.

Eyes closed, she murmured some words to herself.

Moments later, she withdrew her hand and smiled.

“Your vitals seem stable enough. Stay here for a while. I have some questions… and I may be able to help you.”

I sighed and sat up.

“Help me?”

“Help you save this dimension of course.”

“You will?”

“Of course, I’ll take this as an opportunity to study you. After all, it’s not every day when a chaotic God like you steps into the mortal plane.”


“O-oh, sorry.” she said, “Anyways it’s not every day when a God becomes a mortal. I can help you. After all, you are weaker than you were in your prime and I know more about this world and its workings and anyone. I am a very valuable asset.”

I thought for a moment.

‘Here I am, talking to a “mad scientist” goddess. Sure she knows much about the world but how strong is she-’

“Oho, you doubt my strength?” she asked, “Well, remember that I stopped Terrae, who clearly outmatched you, from killing you before you could serve your purpose.”

“Wait, how did you know-”

“Geomancy provides many abilities. Telepathy or Clairvoyance for example. And Geomancy is only a small part of Earth Magic. If you let me help you… maybe I can even train you...”

As she said this, she had a suspicious, almost smug look on her face that ruined the image that she was trying to keep and also suggested that she had ulterior motives.

“Fineee!” I said, “It’s embarrassing to admit but, I need all the help I can get.”

“I know. That’s why I offered. And who could be a better guide than the Goddess of Knowledge herself?”

I nodded. “So what are those papers?”

“Ah, since I’ve also decided to teach you to control your powers. I’ve come up with a conclusive explanation about that creature you turned into. That’s what is written on the papers.”

“Wait.. does this mean…”

I checked my body for some scars or stitches.

Uvena pouted. “You really thought I would dissect you or something? That’s cruel. I would never do such a thing.. Without your consent. Although, I did take a small piece of your hair as a sample.”

“Who would consent to be dissected, huh?”

Uvena cleared her throat, “Yes, I guess you do have a point. Anyway, let me explain what you did back there. Follow me.”

I got up as she started walking. The two of us stood in the middle of the room where a small circle was placed.

“Step in here.” she said, “And why are you leaving the papers there? Take them too.”

“O-oh… Sorry.”

“It seems you haven’t completely recovered.”

I jogged back to get the papers and then stood in the circle.

Tilemetaphora Energopol

A blue light covered the space around me and then, everything turned black.