Chapter 6:

The Monster In The Depths

ReAscension- The Cries That Reached The Heavens

Let us recap.

I got chased by snakes after falling into a hole. I somehow defeated them as I unlocked a new power, as if I were a protagonist in an anime with plot armour.

Well my look took a turn for the worse. Well, it was like this this whole time. The next thing almost gave me arachnophobia. I evaded a giant spider mama and her little baby tarantulas.

And as if my luck couldn't get worse, I now faced a huge beast.

It had huge, sharp teeth and rock hard skin. It was brown all over with golden eyes without the eyeballs. It looked like a huge armadillo except it had sharp teeth and eyes that looked enraged.

Its deafening roar caused the cave to tremble.

This time, I was paralysed with fear.

This time a voice echoed in my head.

How dare you wake me, inferior creature!

I tried to respond but its presence was overwhelming. I didn’t know how to respond.

You have woken me up from my millennia long sleep. And for that, you will pay the price. That, being your life.

With a swing of the beast’s large, sharp claws aimed at me, I was knocked hard to the side.

This is just a gift since you have come this far. But you will die with my next strike

I looked at my hands and saw that they were covered with blood.

‘It slashed at my face!’

I thought frantically as I got up and staggered forward. I knew this fight was one sided from the start. But I was backed into a corner. I could run back but the spiders would be waiting. And I can’t run forward without the monster slicing me to bits.

So I won’t run. I will fight it…

No. I don’t have to fight it to win.

I just have to kill it.


Of course I can’t kill it. I will have to immobilize it instead. I have spent days trapping monsters for their meat. I just have to apply the skill here.

Now how-

The beast interrupted my thoughts by appearing from the ground at an instant.

Found you!

I instantly created a barrier between me and the beast as it tried to smash into me.

It was startled and I took that opportunity to get to a safe distance.

I had a few skills that I managed to hone.

I willed the ground to collapse under its feet. It broke down and corroded, making the monster fall deeper.

I made a huge dome around it in an effort to trap it. But the beast just smashed its way through.

I cursed under my breath. My magic still wasn’t strong enough!

It seems you also have the power of the Earth with you. I won’t have to hold back anymore. Anyone who uses my weapon against myself won’t get away that easily.

It stomped it’s feet, creating tremors. The ground collapsed under my feet and even I fell down.

Hear me, mere mortal. I am Terrae, the guardian of this land, servant of the Earth Goddess. And now, you will die for incurring my wrath.

It launched itself high up from the ground, which startled me because of its size. The impact was going to be huge. I quickly moved as far away as possible.

Doing the same thing won’t work on me thrice.

Suddenly, it's hard body was on top of mine. I was crushed under its weight. I could even hear my bones breaking. Or so I thought. The wound on my face became more serious by the second as more blood flowed out from the gash.

‘This is it, huh?’ I thought. I was sure my end was near this time, ‘A person can’t escape death a third time.’

Go deeper…

A voice? And that too not of the monster’s. It was human. Feminine in fact.


Dig deeper. Unleash your power, your wrath, your dominance over all.

‘But how?’ I thought, ‘I am nothing but a mortal. I may have this power. But here I am, close to death.’

You are neither mortal nor a God. You are special. You were once cast down from the Heavens. But you still have a bit of godly essence inside… Now close your eyes…

I had no choice. I was slowly blacking out from the pain. My body was more durable than I thought.

‘If I want to survive, I have to do it. I have to dig deeper.’

I closed my eyes…. I could feel it, the desires of the beings. Their will to survive. I could hear it, the cries of unknown beings, filled with despair and sadness. I reached out for it, the light in my heart. The golden grace.

That's it. You can sense it now, can't you…?

And then, I blacked out. The voice of the woman echoed in my head.


I wasn’t conscious. But I could see. I wasn’t aware, but I could feel.

I was looking at myself from a different perspective. As if I was watching a play.

My body changed shape. I couldn’t make out what it was. It was shapeless. It was splitting itself up and reconstructing itself…

I changed into a huge creature and was on top of Terrae. The wound on my face slowly changed into a scar.

Impossible! You are one of the divine?!

But I saw myself practically going berserk. I was punching through the beast's hard coat revealing a soft physique, vulnerable. Blood was spewing out.

Terrae was roaring in pain. It couldn’t escape the hard grip of my form. I punched and kicked it until it was lying motionless on the floor. And as soon as my beast form got ready to deliver its final strike. It was stopped.

“I have witnessed enough!”

A huge hand smacked my form away and I watched as it shot into the distance

Then everything turned black once again…