Chapter 21:

Results of one day

heaven's hell

"We have to get in action Kakoroshi. Actually you have to"

"Wait what?"

Kakoroshi is caught off guard with the sudden change in words.

"In a single day we got to know a lot about your powers so might as well use it on them"

"And what you gonna do?"

"I am going to sit down and watch"

Kenchi bends his knees as strong force of wind starts flowing behind him, making a imaginary chair for Kenchi to sit down and relax.

"Go on. You are lucky that they are not attacking us first even though we are so close to them. They usually attack everyone on sight so take the advantage and make the first move"

"ok ok"

Kakoroshi slowly starts walking towards the three inhumane beings.

"Blood katana"

Kakoroshi forges an art as the katana forms out of liquid blood in his right hand. He throws the katana towards one of the inhumane beings, the katana chops off the head of the inhumane being with ease. The katana after travelling some distance, turns liquid again and flies back to Kakoroshi as it solidifies in his hand, the other two beings becomes conscious about Kakoroshi's presence as they stop eating and turn their body towards him.

"I need some help Kenchi"

"I will when things get bad"

"It is getting bad, both are already targeting me"

"You got this"

Kenchi politely refuses to help as he believes that Kakoroshi will be able to take them down.

"Blood rush!
Blood chain!"

Kakoroshi forms an chain out of blood which is connected with his wrist. He throws the chain at one of the Inhumane being, the chain wraps around the being as Kakoroshi aggressively  pulls the chain towards him, giving an uppercut to the being which sends its head flying. The last standing being also rushes towards him but as soon as the being pulls his elbow back to give a punch, its head gets cut off mysteriously.

"Enough for today"

Says Kenchi, with both of his thumbs joined together.

"They were weak"

Kenchi stands up to pat Kakoroshi on his back for a good performance.

"Lets call it a day"

Both walk back home. Kenchi though, is concerned as he stops for a second to notice the fact that there is no blood on the ground and Kakoroshi is also stainless even though fighting head to head with the Inhumane beings.

Next day

 "I heard you both encountered inhumane being last night"

Fumino says to Kenchi. Both stand at the edge of the training ground as Fumino has come to pay a visit.

"Yeah but Kakoroshi did fine"

Replies Kenchi.

"How is Kakoroshi doing?"

"I am really surprised at his workrate and the amount of hardwork he can do. His physical condition is also almost perfect"

As kenchi says this, he looks towards Kakoroshi who is doing one hand, hand stand pushups on the training ground. (Kakoroshi is ofcource, using blood rush)

"I guess blood representatives are always physically perfect. Anyways I will be borrowing him for today"

Fumino turns her head towards Kakoroshi as well.

"Sure thing and yes, one more thing I have to say................."


"Where we going?"

Kakoroshi is in Fumino's porsche.

"To my house"

Answers Fumino, totally focused on the road, looking a little bit concerned though trying her best to hide it. 


"We have.... some work"

Kakoroshi also feels a little bit concerned as how Fumino put a little pressure over the word 'we'.
 As they reach Fumino's house, Kakoroshi is amazed by how clean and organized the double storey house is with a brown texture to it.

"Come up to my room"

Says Fumino, already walking upstairs towards her room. As Fumino opens the door to her room, a certain dark feeling strikes Kakoroshi making him stop dead on his tracks.

"What happened?"

Ask Fumino


Replies Kakoroshi, walking in the room. The room has a red interior with just a cupboard, a bookshelf and a queen size bed with clothes stacked up on the only chair. As Kakoroshi takes a tour of the room, he notices a sticky note above the book shelf with things written on it with time stamps and dates.

"What's this?"

Asks Kakoroshi out of curiosity.

"Oh that, it is the things I have planned to do today"

Answers Fumino, while looking something in the cupboard which is a total mess.

"Why do you write it?"

"Me and Kia doesn't share all the memories of the things we see and do so there is a chance that she might not know what I have planned ahead if she becomes the one conscious in this body so I write a note every night about what is planned ahead with timestamps and dates so she knows what to do"

Explains Fumino, as she grabs a box out of the cupboard which is covered in red color.

"I see, well it says something about 'absolute representative's meeting' which is in an hour. What is that?"

"Well, It is a meeting of 24 representatives. I will explain more on the way there"

Fumino walks towards Kakoroshi and gently taps his right shoulder to make him know that they are leaving. Suddenly, Kakoroshi faints.

heaven's hell