Chapter 20:

Siblings Reunion

heaven's hell

"Long time no see little brother"

The voice comes from behind Ishigami as he hears someone dragging a chair and sitting on it.

"Welcome back big sis"

Replies Ishigami with a pleasant voice.

At the meeting

"Ishigami and Reyna are cousins. If I am not wrong"

Says the male elder.

"Yes, they are. Ishigami used to be the vice leader of the household when Reyna was the leader, as Reyna became a rogue representative, Ishigami got the post of the leader by default."

Confirms Fumino.

"Try not to involve Ishigami with Reyna in this mission, he might hold back punches. They are related by blood after all"

"Will do. Just keep your end of the promise"

"The blood household will be paid 15% of the revenue if the mission turns out to be successful"

"Well then. I shall take my leave"

Male elder gives off a gentle smile as Fumino leaves, unsure of if the male elder will keep his end of the promise.

Back at Ishigami's house

"You have grown quite a lot in these 3 years. And now you are the leader of the household as well huh"

Says reyna, sitting comfortably on the chair with no fear whatsoever, though being so deep inside a household.

"It has been 3 years since you left, surely I would have grown. The people of the household of creation also wanted me to take the post of the leader so eventually, I took it"

Replies Ishigami. In the mean time, he uses his powers to create a dagger with his right hand which is well hidden by his body.

"I suppose you are following the footsteps of your older sister. Being kind to your people like her"

Reyna eyes gets moist.

"Yeah, following the footsteps of old sis. She wanted you to follow her ways though"

Ishigami eyes also gets moist

"Kindness took her away.

 Even though they didn't like it, I had to be rough, cruel to the people for making our place in the household absolute"

"They actually admired you, the people. They atone........"

"I don't care. Never did, never will. I am now a rogue representatives, I am going to get paid heavily if I am able to bring the only blood representative to the Oni mask guy and I am pretty sure you know him"

As soon as the words escape Reyna's mouth, Ishigami throws the dagger he made towards her. Reyna dodges the dagger with ease, still keeping the straight face.

"I know you can't hurt me so I assume..."

"I know your third godly creation is heal"

"I expected you to know it"

Suddenly the lights go out as darkness fill the room.

"It was really nice seeing you again, I wish old sis would have been able to see you like this as well, a strong man which she wanted you to become"

Reyna lights her cigarette which makes her face visible for a fraction of a second, a face with eyes on the verge of bursting in tears.

"I will have the blood representative. Don't be in my way in the future cause the next time we meet, I will not treat you as my younger brother"

Warns Reyna with a threatening voice.

"We will see"

Replies Ishigami. Suddenly the lights turns back on. Reyna has taken her leave.

At the same night, Kakoroshi and Kenchi are out, near the water household. 

"Do you know something about Reyna?"

Asks Kakoroshi to break the silence as both are walking under the night sky.

"Yeah, the ex leader of the household of creation. She is our new mission."

Answers Kenchi, still looking forward with senses on high alert.

"Can you tell more about her?"

Kakoroshi ask further, turning his head towards Kenchi.

"She can be said, was a dictator. She killed the leader before her to take the spot. Her older cousin sister and guardian was also a leader of the household and now her younger cousin brother, Ishigami is also the leader of the household now. Can be said that her bloodline were born for being a leader"

"Elders didn't do anything about her being a dictator???!!! Not any of the household interfered?!!!"

"A household can't interfere in other household matters neither the elders if the people agrees and have no problem with what is happening in the household"

"So you are telling me that people had no problem with her forcefully taking control over the household"

"Yes. The people can be forced to agree but it can't be said for sure, She, can be said, was cruel and powerful as well, the perfect combination. She is the only representative I know whose powers can be compared with Fumino."

"I see"

Both continue walking as silence took over for a while.

"Is Fumino that stron....."

"Shhhhhhh! I sense something"

Suddenly Kenchi goes on full alert, looking around for a few seconds before walking towards a big open field behind a bunch of trees.

"What the......"

Kakoroshi is disgusted as he sees 3 Inhumane beings eating on some people, ripping of limbs and intestines as ones body's eyes is popping out, barely breathing.

"We have to get in action Kakoroshi"