Chapter 10:

Worm Chapter 6: The Deepest Level


Worm Chapter 6Bookmark here

The Deepest LevelBookmark here

Racial ability Update: <Phase Change: Gas Lv. 1> has upgraded to <Phase Change: Gas Lv. 2>.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Racial ability Update: <Phase Change: Gas Lv. 2> has upgraded to <Phase Change: Gas Lv. 3>.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Racial ability Update: <Phase Change: Gas Lv. 3> has upgraded to <Phase Change: Gas Lv. 4>.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Since I’ve maxed out most of my skills and the remaining ones are high level, I focused on <Phase Change: Gas> and am able to level it up quite quickly.Bookmark here

I really felt the increase in skill leveling rate that is received by the title.Bookmark here

I split the work to many skills before. Now that I’m focusing on one, it’s pretty easy, at least on low skill levels.Bookmark here

I felt something from Body #10.Bookmark here

Body #10 is one of the bodies that I sent to the higher levels.Bookmark here

The strange vibrations I felt came from multiple humanoid beings.Bookmark here

I headed for the humanoid being and watched from afar.Bookmark here

What kind of humanoids are they?Bookmark here

[“Humans. They seem to be heading down to the lower levels.”]Bookmark here

Are they communicating?Bookmark here

[“I can even understand them. The language they use is the same one we used in our internal monologues.”]Bookmark here

Hmm… should I fight them?Bookmark here

…But I don’t want to get to fight humansBookmark here

[“They don’t seem to have high class levels, it would be useless to kill them…”]Bookmark here

…Maybe I’ll try to follow them. Thinking about it, humans won’t know it was me nothing will remain if I dissolve them after all.Bookmark here

I made Body #10 follow the group.Bookmark here

In a few seconds, the group of humans encountered a manticore corpse.Bookmark here

[“They are using magic.”]Bookmark here

Magic…? I can’t sense it with anything. Seems that this species can’t detect magic…Bookmark here

[“The magic they are using is dark magic. I don’t know what’s going on behind the dark cloak, but I’m pretty sure they are just investigating it.”]Bookmark here

The group finished in investigating it then left it behindBookmark here

I transported Body #7 to Body #10 using the inventory gate and had it dissolve the manticore while I made Body #10 follow the humans.Bookmark here

[Abyth Manticore] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Dissolving a manticore doesn’t make level up anymore.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

While following them, they walked up a slope. I feel like I’ve been through here before… Are they going to my starting point?Bookmark here

I also feel the fruits around this place… come to think about it, I didn’t find these in other places other than this part of the dungeon.Bookmark here

While I was feeling the surroundings, I felt a manticore with Body #5.Bookmark here

[“What bad luck, huh?”]Bookmark here

I have ⌠Dualism⌡ anyway. I can fight while following them. I’m evolution level 5 now, this manticore won’t scare me.Bookmark here

I changed Body #5 into gas by using <Phase Change: Gas> and moved to the manticore. It didn’t even suspect a thing.Bookmark here

I entered its body on the form of gas. I travelled to its heart. I turned into solid and pierced its heart.Bookmark here

It died instantly.Bookmark here

[Abyth Manticore] has been killed. Kill participation has been recognized. EXP has been acquired.

Level Update: Level has risen. Current level: 41.

Racial Ability Update:
<Phase Change: Liquid Lv. 9> has upgraded to ⌠Phase Change: Liquid⌡.
<Phase Change: Gas Lv. 4> has upgraded 2 times to <Phase Change: Gas Lv. 6>.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Gained 1 level immediately… that was easy.Bookmark here

…Hmmm? I felt something running away from the dead manticore.Bookmark here

Wait, there was also a manticore with it? I’ll go chase after it!Bookmark here

I transported Body #7 to Body #5, then to the manticore while Body #5 chased the fleeing manticore.Bookmark here

[Abyth Manticore] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.

Racial Ability Update: <Phase Change: Solid Lv. 8> has upgraded to <Phase Change: Solid Lv. 9>.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Bookmark here

After chasing after it, it stopped and started looking around. It stopped by the entrance of the third level.Bookmark here

Oh? Think your safe already? Time for more EXP!Bookmark here

[“Hey, you’re forgetting about the humans.”]Bookmark here

Crap!Bookmark here

[“Sigh… even if you have ⌠Dualism⌡, don’t forget that you shouldn’t lose yourself. You don’t need to concentrate, but you need to at least be aware. It’s like how a human does not care about its feet while writing.”]Bookmark here

Okay, I’ll leave this manticore here first.Bookmark here

I searched the area with Body #10. While searching I felt the presence of the humans.Bookmark here

They are running towards the downward slope.Bookmark here

Hmmm, they seem frightened. Wonder what happened…Bookmark here

Maybe they met a manticore? Oh well…Bookmark here

I chased after the group of humans with Body #10.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

They had encountered the Manticore that I left back on the exit on the upper level.Bookmark here

Hi there, Body #5. It’s a reunion with Body #10.Bookmark here

The group of humans did battle against the manticore.Bookmark here

And they failed.Bookmark here

Most died and they have been reduced to two…Bookmark here

[“Wow, the humans look really devasted. I feel pity…”]Bookmark here

How fun… If only I could see and hear maybe I’ll also feel that way.Bookmark here

When the manticore was about to attack one of the humans, I felt the presence of a bunch of monsters. The manticore felt it too and ran away from the vicinity. That manticore’s a coward, it’s always running away. You won’t escape!Bookmark here

I made the gas formed Body #5 trail the manticore.Bookmark here

I left Body #10 to watch the humans. By watch I mean feel vibrations since I can’t see.Bookmark here

…Are those [Abyth Stinger Ants]?Bookmark here

[“Yes, and a lot of them as well.”]Bookmark here

One of the stinger ants stung one of the humans and the human collapsed. The stinger ants carried the paralyzed human on their backs.Bookmark here

The presence of the other human has faded. Maybe it used a skill to hide its presence.Bookmark here

The human ran away after the ants were too far to detect him.Bookmark here

I transferred body #7 using the gate and chased him with it.Bookmark here

[“What would you do?”]Bookmark here

Of course, follow the ants. If they’re collecting food, then there’ll be a bunch to dissolve at their nest.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The human had just headed for the exit of the dungeon.Bookmark here

I stopped a few meters before the exit. I can feel the air flowing. There are more humans waiting at the entrance, so I decided to stay back.Bookmark here

I had Body #7 on standby.Bookmark here

Oh, Body #5 had already reached the manticore. Time to kill it.Bookmark here

I did the same method as before, it was an easy kill. I dissolved it as well.Bookmark here

[Abyth Manticore] has been killed. Kill participation has been recognized. EXP has been acquired.

Racial Ability Update: <Phase Change: Gas Lv. 6> had upgraded to <Phase Change: Gas Lv. 7>.Bookmark here

[Abyth Manticore] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.

Level Update: Level has risen. Current Level: 42.

Racial Ability Update: <Phase Change: Solid Lv. 9> has upgraded to ⌠Phase Change: Solid⌡.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Good, I wonder how many manticores are left…Bookmark here

Body #10 had chased the ants who had entered a hole.Bookmark here

[“This hole reaches down to the deepest level of this dungeon”]Bookmark here

Then there must be higher evolution level monsters under there!Bookmark here

[“That’s less likely…”]Bookmark here

At least let me dream…Bookmark here

I went down the hole.Bookmark here

Woah, that is a LOT of ants and monster corpses!Bookmark here

After reaching the end of the hole, I reached a huge place underground.Bookmark here

It’s a giant space filled with ant pathways and ant caves.Bookmark here

In the deepest part of the place, I can feel the presence of one big ant. The ant is as big as a manticore.Bookmark here

The giant ant kills the beings captured by the soldier ants and eats them. Wow, that is a good way to level up. Maybe rulers of countries do this themselves. They had soldiers capture monsters and kill them himself.Bookmark here

What is this giant ant anyway?Bookmark here

Name: None
Being Category: [Monster]
Race: [Abyth Stinger King Ant]
Racial Classification: [Insect]
Evolution Level: 5

Level: 41
EXP: 43%
Health: 930
Spirit: 979
Strength: 1246
Agility: 1782
Magic: 903

Racial Abilities
<Consume Lv. 6>|<Acid Spit Lv. 5>|<Stinger Lv. 4>|<Colony Maker Lv. 3>|<Bio Scythe Lv. 2>

Bookmark here

It has no Racial skills, but the skills category is there. This means the skills of other beings can be shown now.Bookmark here

And Pane said that she had no significant improvement to be aware of…Bookmark here

[“Well, it doesn’t really help that much.”]Bookmark here

It would definitely help with some monsters! Also, it would grant me peace of mind if I know the skills of the enemies I face!Bookmark here

[“Enough of that. So? How will you kill every one of these?”]Bookmark here

I have a plan.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

[“I never knew you could do that…”]Bookmark here

It just came into mind.Bookmark here

Right now, I’m making solid walls.Bookmark here

How am I making it? Simple, I split my body and slice them off and have them considered as “dead”.Bookmark here

I realized this when I was training Regeneration Mastery.Bookmark here

The body parts removed from my body don’t register as a body from <Split Body> if there are already 10 bodies. Meaning they are really dead body parts, for as long as I don’t absorb them.Bookmark here

I can use this to my advantage.Bookmark here

After I make a body form a solid wall, I would cut that wall off the body. The wall would not be part of my body anymore, but it would remain.Bookmark here

[“You could do lots of things with this”]Bookmark here

The place I’m making the walls are in the inventory. Two of my body are in the inventory. One is slicing the other body while the other makes walls.Bookmark here

While I was making walls, I noticed that the human that escaped had returned to the dungeons.Bookmark here

Oh, the human is back.Bookmark here

[“He has a really angry face. I wonder what happened outside?”]Bookmark here

Just how do you know what an angry expression looks like?Bookmark here

[“I got it from the knowledge you have. You don’t know it, but I have the same knowledge you have.”]Bookmark here

That’s not fair! I don’t know anything you know, but you know everything I know! Maybe you should control the body instead!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The boy reached the ant hole.Bookmark here

Wow, he’s gotten so far without being caught by the manticore, amazing. I thought he’s a human with a low level.Bookmark here

[“He is…”]Bookmark here

Name: Soldier X713
Being Category: [Person]
Race: [Human]
Racial Classification: [Beast]
Title: None
Class: [Benevolent Hunter]
Class Level: 3

Level: 21
EXP: 23%
Health: 427
Spirit: 362
Strength: 394
Agility: 522
Magic: 388

Class Abilities
⌠Detect⌡|⌠Sneak⌡|<Skill Share Lv. 4>

<Crossbow Mastery Lv. 2>|⌠Night Vision⌡
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Wait, he has high level skills!?Bookmark here

[“Other than that, he’s pretty weak…”]Bookmark here

Why would he go in here alone? Is he dumb?Bookmark here

[“If only you could see or hear, you would understand the reason for the vents you call “dumb act”. It’s a pretty sad and tragic story.”]Bookmark here

She sounds like she’s sorry for him…Bookmark here

…He’ll die if he enters the hole, should I let him in?Bookmark here

[“Of course, I want to see the ending to this tragic story.”]Bookmark here

…No, she’s not sorry for him. She’s only entertained with the story.Bookmark here

I let the human enter the ant hole.Bookmark here

Just as soon as he entered, he got stung and was carried to the ant king.Bookmark here

Pitiful.Bookmark here

[“…Guess that’s the falling action.”].Bookmark here

…Because of how your acting, I’m now interested in them. Guess I’ll somehow save him.Bookmark here

I covered up all of the exits.Bookmark here

Okay, now that all of them have nowhere to go… time to kill them off.Bookmark here

I transported all bodies except for Body #9 who was still on the higher levels. I had Body #1 up to Body #8 transform into gas mixed with ⌠Worm Slime Dissolution⌡ and spread them around the ant base.Bookmark here

At the same time, I made Body #10 jump down to the ant king.Bookmark here

[“His loved one just got slurped like noodles in front of him. What a tragic end.”]Bookmark here

Is he still alive?Bookmark here

[“Yeah, but he’s about to be eaten… ah, he just got stabbed and injected with poison that melts the bones.”]Bookmark here

Say that immediately!Bookmark here

I made Body #10 transform into a sharp blade and cut off the king ant’s head.Bookmark here

After that, I made Body #10 cover the human’s body and turned into solid to protect it.Bookmark here

Even with its head cut off, the king ant kept waving his scythes in the air slicing randomly. Talk about stubborn.Bookmark here

I was able to penetrate its exoskeleton! This is a max level ⌠Phase Change: Solid⌡ from a same Evolution Level being as you, it’s impossible to defend against!Bookmark here

It took half an hour before all the ants were dissolved. It was faster than I thought.Bookmark here

After that, I received tons of panel notifications about [Abyth Stinger Ants] being killed and dissolved. I had Pane stop with the panels and just skip to the level updates.Bookmark here

Level Update: Level has risen. Current level: 50.

Racial Ability Update: <Phase Change: Gas Lv.7> has upgraded 3 times to ⌠Phase Change: Gas⌡. | ⌠Phase Change: Liquid⌡, ⌠Phase Change: Solid⌡, and ⌠Phase Change: Gas⌡ has combined into the skill: ⌠Phase Change⌡.Bookmark here

Being Update: Level limit of current race has been reached. Evolution conditions are met. Evolution is available.

Evolution Process Update: [Morph Worm] evolution has been unlocked due to evolving with the racial abilities: ⌠Reform⌡, ⌠Phase Change⌡ and the skill: ⌠Regeneration Mastery⌡.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Oho, I guess it’s time to evolve!Bookmark here

[“I thought you were interested with the human. He’s going to die, what are you going to do about him?”]Bookmark here

Its going to die anyway, I guess I’ll just dissolve him.Bookmark here

[“Wait, at least let him say his last words before dissolving him. I want to see the ending!”]Bookmark here

You like stories, aren’t you? Wait, I won’t have any kill participation if I don’t kill!Bookmark here

[“The kill participation EXP will be very low anyway because the king ant was the one who reduced him to this state. There’s no need for that.”]Bookmark here

I guess so… fine. Listen to his last words.Bookmark here

But... translate it to me too! I'm also interested now!
Bookmark here

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