Chapter 63:

The Monster In The Dark

Valkyria Squadron

Ueno Dam
Minamiaiki, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
February 19
8:00 AM
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We just finished separating our hostages into two smaller groups, which will make them feel more nervous and prevent them from doing something stupid. After assigning the guards, the rest were given their assigned tasks. Those who act as backup are next to me in the generator room waiting in case a messenger arrives from the other groups asking for help. Bookmark here

About what we were doing here is due to the mission that Mr. Brandon assigned me. Due to the defeats and failures that the previous groups made right now, the position of the ISC is very delicate in the country, because although the government trusts us, what the police can find would cause a scandal that would end both the project and the reputation of the government as well as our company. The idea of what we are doing here is to try to cause great national news that causes panic and attracts the attention of the media. With the destruction of this power plant, the most important producer of materials for the I.S.C will not be able to supply the demand of our company and with this, we will make an announcement about great losses due to this disaster and the failure of the police. With this, Mr. Brandon announces the arrival of more security agents to take care of the I.S.C, and together with them, we will be able to treat more people to be able to get Mrs. Adelis and her damn team out of our way. Bookmark here

Since the idea is to cause the greatest possible panic, I investigated the place as best I could and I was lucky to realize yesterday of the scheduled visit of a school trip to this place, so I took advantage of the fact that we were passing through and we kidnapped them to be able to make this as striking as possible.Bookmark here

"Mrs. Akane!
"What do we do with that girl?"Bookmark here

"Don't say my name again or I'm going to kill you!"
"Regarding her, take her to a room near tunnel 1 exit"
"Tell me which one when you return"Bookmark here

!!!Bookmark here

"Hang on a minute!"
"Who are you!?"
"I do not remember that I had an extra man in here"Bookmark here

"Well you never told me exactly what to do so I only followed the main group"Bookmark here

"Okay, I didn't have much time to plan everything in detail either."
"I think your part was to help the patrol outside"
"Go and help the others two to lock up that girl and then reinforce the outside of the tunnel"Bookmark here

What I did not expect was to find that the group of students that we have kidnapped was the granddaughter of Inspector Yamamoto with them. That will cause us to change our plans a bit when we get out of here, so I decided to separate her from the rest of the school group. When I get out of here I will have to pick her up and take her with me. Now that I think about it, I forgot to ask the code name of that other man, so I would have remembered better what his mission was. But how strange, I thought that if the position of each one had been clear before starting this.Bookmark here

"Madam, the explosives in tunnel 2 are prepared and ready, Wolf 4 will stay there to monitor the place in case the police act in an unforeseen way"Bookmark here

"Okay, so start putting in the generators now"Bookmark here

We will be here until we can confirm that the police are in the area which should be in 25 minutes at least. Once they appear, we will escape through tunnel 2 and destroy the generator at the same time. With this, we will cause panic and surprise in the police who will be unable to react to that. In case they are made through Tunnel 2 or use both at the same time, we will use the bombs to get rid of them and we will make our way through Tunnel 1. In case we have to fight, without a doubt, we will have casualties, but even that does not matter this time because from the beginning Brandon indicated it is not necessary for the others to come out alive, so they would rather do me a favor if the police kill them to not having I to do it afterward. The same happens with the hostages if they are caught by the explosion in the generators, more deaths, more tragedy, more interest from the news, the more it wins for us. "Hell, Wolf 2 had long since finished installing that communications relay, otherwise we won't be able to communicate with each other down here. I just need you to tell me where the cops are coming from."
"You two go and check what he's doing"
"Finish installing it now." "Roger" There are 20 minutes until the police arrive in the surroundings, we should already be finishing in fact. One of my men appeared running through one of the tunnels, he comes at full speed worried, it seems that it is more bad news.

"Madam we have found two bodies near the one in tunnel 1, they were in front of the room that you had used to lock up the girl, now it is empty"
"We also could not find wolf 2, he does not appear anywhere"Bookmark here

"Just two bodies in front of Haru's cell?"
"That there weren't three guards?"
"Where is the other one!?"Bookmark here

"We do not know"Bookmark here

Something in all this is out of place. Something is happening that I am not aware of. Are the police already here? No, they have no way of getting to this region faster than helicopters. But what if another police team was nearby and I managed to get in, they would probably think about rescuing the hostages while reinforcements arrive. Be that as it may, the situation is wrong now, there is no other way, we are going to anticipate our plans and get out of here. Bookmark here

"You four check the hostages"
"The people there finish putting the explosives"
"The rest with me"
"We are going to leave here when they finish assembling the bombs"Bookmark here

After that, they followed my orders without question. These people are originally from one of the most dangerous drug cartels in Mexico, but the I.S.C contacted their leaders and reached an agreement to send us some of their men for this mission, in return their leaders will receive some kind of reward. With this, when the police review their bodies, they will not be able to link them in some way to the I.S.C. Those who accompany me have no idea that their bosses expect them to be assassinated here, but that does not mean that I can kill them yet, first I need to ensure my own safety, then I will take care of those who were left alive.Bookmark here

Several minutes had passed but there was no news of the people who had sent to search the area. In the tunnel, there was only silence. Something was wrong, of that, there was no doubt. We have to get out of here ...Bookmark here

BOOOOM!!!!Bookmark here

A loud explosion was heard all over the place, the sound was enormous, almost leaving us deaf despite the headphones we had. The sight that came from the tunnel was so strong that it threw us to the ground and the shaking so brutal that many things fell as well as the lights began to fail.Bookmark here

"What the hell was what just happened!"
"Seeing that we are still alive, that was the explosives from tunnel 2!"

"But I didn't give the order to use them yet!"
"Did the police activate them!"Bookmark here

"Idiot the police wouldn't do something so stupid!"Bookmark here

"Whatever caused it doesn't matter, this just went to hell"
"We have to get out of here"Bookmark here

"He is right, now that that tunnel is destroyed we must get out of here now"
"You have at hand the detonator of the generators"
"We are going to force our exit through tunnel 1"
"We will activate the explanations when we are halfway"Bookmark here

My team and I started to walk towards the exit, there were 8. Seven highly armed men with my Arksuit, we could still win against a police assault team. As for the escape, not everything was going as well as we wanted, because now the tunnels were difficult to walk due to some debris, in addition to how much they failed, it made seeing the road quite difficult. Moving enough through one of the connecting tunnels, we were reaching exit tunnel 1. But when the first man passed by, something brutal happened.Bookmark here

In one of the light beams of the bulbs we saw how tunnel 1 was guarded by a small girl, who when she saw us ran towards us, the occurrence came immediately so it was impossible to see where she had run. When the light came back half a second later the girl was now on the head of the man who had the detonator, and with her arms, she tore the head off with almost no effort, at the end of raising the man's head the body fell. We were all paralyzed to see such a display of cruelty, which the little creature took advantage of, and, drawing a weapon, she fired repeatedly at another man. Then the lights went out for just a second, and with that second it was vast to get out of our sight.
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Without saying anything, the six of us who were left approached and made a circle, all facing towards some direction, so there would be no way to surprise us with his next attack. But once again that thing leaping from us attacked in a strange way that we did not expect. From the roof of the tunnel fell a giant sword, huge and heavy, it fell right on one of us with the edge. That person was split in two in a completely bloody manner. Among the darkness you could see for fractions of a second some traces of lights, they were our shots towards where we thought the creature was. It was just chaos and noise, we thought we had managed to impact him. But when the light came back for a few seconds, only three more bodies could be seen on the ground. They were shattered, one had his arms severed, another was impaled on one of the tubes coming out of the tunnel and the last one was also missing his head. That thing had somehow managed to kill three more in the dark and in front of our noses, but we weren't able to realize it. This is not the work of the police or the Alliance. What was here was a monster, one that used the darkness as an extension of itself, a predator hunting for fun. The violence of the deaths was completely unnecessary, but whoever that thing had made clear his position about violence. Bookmark here

The light went out again, and with it came another series of attacks from the monster. There was only me and another one left, let's go back to the small tunnel. But suddenly my shield was activated and I could see how the shield had repelled several shots coming from above, just above me. Without losing a single second I shot up without looking, but nothing happened. then I saw how two small red trails fell just below me, the creature was looking into my eyes. The lights came back and I could see how in front of me I had a small white girl, but although she knew her, my mind refused to see her as she really was. What I had in front of me was a monster hunting her next victim. This time she had two long knives and she swooped down on me. One of them threw it so absurdly fast that my shield detected it and stopped it, the other tried to use it to cut me but managed to dodge it. Seeing that she had failed in her attempt at the light, the hunter took a couple of steps back towards an area where there was darkness until only her red eyes were visible. After that I closed them and the lights of the whole place went next to her. There was only darkness surrounding me and that thing taking advantage of it. Bookmark here

Suddenly I heard a cry of agony together behind me, the next thing I could see when I turned around was like out of nowhere the giant sword fell from the ceiling right above me. The shield of my arksuit returned to protect me although it was about to fracture, I could barely see the silhouette of the monster holding the sword, which when seeing that it had failed again, retreated towards a deeper part of the tunnel. I was waiting for the next attack from him, I could come anytime, anywhere. But after a couple of minutes, nothing happened. I thought it was my chance so I turned around to get out of there.Bookmark here

From between the darkness of the corridor, two flashing red eyes could be seen, they looked permanently towards me, without making any other movement.
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The monster was there, I didn't know how long it had been looking at me from there. But I was in complete panic, that thing would kill me without a doubt, the question was how violent my death would be. I used the last of my will and fired my weapon, but I saw how that was in vain, it was useless. The monster avoided it easily and I was without bullets. That stalker put my hands on my neck and squeezed her hands. The air begins to fail me, she was trying to strangle me. I lacked the strength to be able to do something about it. And the face that the white monster was making was a smile, he was smiling when he saw my panicky face while I was drowning. Bookmark here

I was already at my limit, I was losing consciousness, it was going to be my end unless a miracle happened. And as if my plea was heard by God another flash of color passed and hit the white jacket that sent her to fly a couple of meters. I turned to see who my savior was but I did not see an angel, because there was none. What was in his place was just another monster. It was a girl with a suit that I had never seen and her skin seemed a bit like it was formed by something like blue flames, her form seemed to be contained thanks to the extra armor that she had and half of her face that was covered by her white hair could only be seen a smile just as disturbed as that of the white monster, it seemed to have legs, but I couldn't see where she ended and where the flames contained in the metal ball under her began. Bookmark here

"At last I can find you again Elise"
"Now you will finally surrender to me!"
"I'm going to make you pay for what you did" said the blue monsterBookmark here

Then she pounced on the thing that tried to kill me and began to fight each other. I didn't know what the hell was in the least bit overdone and I didn't want to know either. The arksuit was undamaged and her thrusters had more than the power to spare. It was almost suicide trying to fly something like this at full power in a confined space like a tunnel, but it was either this or certain death at the hands of one of those two. So I began to pray, started the engines, and began to fly through the darkness of the tunnel leaving all that hell behind.Bookmark here

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