Chapter 64:

Demon From The Past

Valkyria Squadron

Ueno Dam
Minamiaiki, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
February 19
8:50 AM
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I had already seen several similar machines in Oriente 6, but seeing something similar here in this place never ceased to amaze me. The humans had dominated the sky, just now several of these so-called helicopters were arriving in the area, more armed men descended from them, Although these were much more numerous, they wore a uniform and their precise and exact coordination. According to my mother-in-law, they were the police, those in charge of maintaining order in the country, and their best warriors came in those helicopters. Without a doubt, the attack this time has been important enough for them to respond in such way.Bookmark here

Right now several police teams were entering through the tunnel, ahead was a truck that looked quite robust. The men on foot walked slowly behind it so that if they were attacked they would all protect themselves with the vehicle. His progress was slow but steady.Bookmark here

Regarding Haru now that the police had appeared, I came out of the forest and delivered her directly to her grandfather. I told them that we were in the bathroom when everything happened, when the police arrived they decided to come here to attend to Haru who had fainted from her nerves. After that, they asked me several questions but now I am free. A couple of moments later Haru woke up to no longer having the talisman with the dream spell stuck to her back. Not long after the tunnel, the school bus came out, escorted by several policemen with the rest of the students, our teacher was driving it. When they got to the outside, the bus stopped and they began to exit one after the other. When I see who was in it, I see that one more person is still missing. Miss Utagawa did not appear with them, only she and my darling were missing for our entire class to be free. Surely it won't be long before he gets out of there.
A couple of moments later my darling still hadn't come out, the police seemed to be trying to install something inside the tunnel. On the phone, Mrs. Adelis told me that she would almost arrive here with one of those helicopters to get us out of here. Not long after a helicopter appeared very different from the rest that I had seen today, this one was much bigger and protected. It landed quickly in a part not far from the tunnel in a place small enough for it to land without problems, but its pilot easily managed it without much effort. From him, 3 armed men got out who quickly reviewed the surroundings, the next to get off the helicopter was my beloved mother-in-law. Which greeted me and I think she said something, but due to the noise generated by the vehicle, I could not hear her. When she saw that I could not hear her, she took quite large headphones and passed them to me. As soon as I put them on she spoke again.

"These headphones are for communications"
"You can talk to them with everyone on the helicopter"
"Your daughters are listening too, they will filter the channels so that my guards can't hear about things they shouldn't"
"Do you know where Cesar is?"
"He should have gotten out of there before the police showed up."
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"No, I do not know"
"He told me that he would try to rescue the others and then he would come out"
"The rest of the class already managed to leave but a girl with the last name Utagawa is missing"
"I don't know if it will be important for them to put her apart from the rest of her."
"How did you manage to come in one of these machines?"Bookmark here

"Well Maria is here so I thought about coming to pick her up quickly" Adelis told me while pointing inside the helicopter, inside I could see Maria greeting me
"Also with this helicopter and using as an excuse to pick up my daughter is that I plan to get Cesar out of here"
"if the police catch him, it will be a big problem"
"You managed to warn Cesar to come to the alliance helicopter, right?"Bookmark here

"I already used the two talismans to send messages to tell him that"
"But as you can see it still doesn't come out"
"Do you think something happened to him?"Bookmark here

"The police report the discovery of more dead armed men in the scene" I heard the voice of one of our daughters although she was not here thanks to the headphones.Bookmark here

"Hell, I don't like this at all"
"Cesar doesn't seem like the type of soldier who doesn't follow orders for no reason"
"Something must have happened"
"..." mother quickly thought about her options
"There is not another option"
"Tamamo I need your help"
"Is there any way you can help Cesar out of there?"
"Without causing much fuss preferably"Bookmark here

"Well, if that's the case, I think that if I became a fox I could enter through the tunnel without the police paying attention to me."
"When I find it I could get bigger and run for the exit"
"When the police see a three-meter fox running towards them they will surely be distracted enough not to notice Cesar on my back"
"Well it would be like robbing a bank to hide the theft of a phone but it can work"
"Okay we will do that"
"Pay attention"
"Get in there and get Cesar out right away, okay?"
"Everything else doesn't matter anymore, time's up"
"Don't rescue anyone else even if they are dying and there is a chance"


Just when I answered the ground began to move violently, everyone screamed in panic. But just as suddenly it started so it ended. It did not appear to be an earthquake as it was too short.

"The police report the collapse of exit tunnel 2"
"It seems that it was the explosives placed by the terrorists"
"Dad wasn't there according to the cameras"
"The police do not report casualties on their side either"

"Tamamo go and rescue him now"
"When you finish come back here immediately"
"I'm going to leave the helicopter waiting, as soon as you arrive we leave immediately"
"Don't let anyone see you transform yourself"

"All right!"
"It's my chance to rescue my darling this time"
"I will not fail"

I quickly went into the forest and changed my shape. Then it was as fast as my legs allowed me and I entered the tunnel to rescue my love.

"Hey what is that?"
"It's a fox!"
"Wait, it goes to the tunnel"

"And who cares!"
"Surely the tremor scared him and he seeks refuge"
"Focus on your work"Bookmark here

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First, the damn group of terrorists, and now a damn demon is in my way. Why the hell am I so unlucky? To begin with, what is she doing here? What business does she have with me because I don't remember having done anything to them yet?

I was in a stupid corridor that was near the road that led to exit tunnel 1, near where the parked vehicles were, the room was now well lit because I was fighting against an enemy, quite unknown even to me, also it seemed that my daughters too noticed it and stopped playing with the lights. In front of me was what appeared to be a girl, but she had blue skin and was surrounded by something that looked like a chandelier. Her clothes seemed to be that of a princess I think although in her lower bearing she seemed to have nothing it was difficult to explain because it was as if her legs were hidden among the flames that were there. She laughed in a sinister way, almost as if she enjoyed the fight and the problems she was giving me, just seeing her face made me want to hit her.

"Today will be the day that I will kill you, Elise"
"You're going to pay for everything you've done to me so far"

"I'm sorry but I don't even know who you are"
"I don't remember doing something to someone who looks as crazy as you."

"Now you really pissed me off!"

Hell, that thing really has feet!

I was taken by surprise when I saw that with a jump she separated from what was a flying platform and came towards me at an absurd speed, and when she was next to me she gave me a super strong kick If it hadn't been for Avalon, I don't think my head would be in my body right now.

"Hell, you can react pretty quickly when you feel like it."

"I think it's ironic that you say hell as an expression of anger"

"Don't compare me to those garbage"
"I'm not one of them !!"

"And how do you want me to know?"
"I've never seen anything like you in my life"
"A minute ago I didn't even think you had shoes or socks."
"I've never seen anything as rare as what you are"

"Well, then you won't even know what awaits you now"

"What the hell!?"
"Why can you get that scythe out of that dark area !?"

"Why are you surprised by that?
"You can draw that stupid giant sword from anywhere too!"

"Wait if I've never withdrawn it since you showed up, how do you know that?"

"Come on, don't pretend that you don't know anything"
"You know perfectly why I'm here"

"No, I already told you"
"I really don't know who you are"
"I'm sorry if I forgot, but I don't remember who you are"

This girl aside from her appearance, her way of acting was quite strange as well. She has two pistols on her waist similar to those used by pirates but she does not use them, it seems that her fury towards me made me forget them. She is so engrossed in trying to hurt me in a painful way before trying to immobilize me first. And he doesn't seem to care as much about the fight as making her remember whatever it is I did to her. But of all this, the most interesting thing has been that she has called me Elise all this time, at no time has she said my real name and in turn, she does not call me Nanami either. Whatever I did to her it must have been while I was being a girl and they called me Elise. And seeing as it does not seem that she was now after the continental war there is only one possibility. She knows me from when I was in Atlantis, during the war against the dragons, but that makes even less sense because if during that time I just discovered the existence of angels, much less would I know a demon. Who the hell is she and what does she want from me?

"Hey, are you sure you can do what you're doing"
"I don't recall that angels or demons interfered so openly in a minor matter among mortals."
"Isn't there a rule between the two sides that no open fights on planets like this?"

"This has nothing to do with stupid angels to even stupider demons"
"This is a personal problem between you and me"

Shit, really, what did I do to her?

"Here I go, get ready!"

"but what the ..."

She started running towards me, but just as I prepared to block her, she somehow managed to completely change direction and attacked me from behind. How the hell did she do that?


She hit me again now from the opposite side of the direction she just was!

Will she be able to move so fast? Not impossible, if so, she would break the sound barrier and make a sound inside this tunnel, but unlike the superhero of the comics. This girl doesn't seem like she can run indefinitely, her speed bursts are quite short. Otherwise, she wouldn't have had a hard time killing me. Whatever she is doing she can only do it a few times or for too little time to be a clear advantage for her.


That was not me

Suddenly the girl trying to make one of those erratic movements but in another place and began to bleed on one side. She looked like she had been stabbed there, but in all that we had fought and I never had such a chance. Did she hurt herself? Well, I do not plan to pass up this opportunity. So I threw it at her and gave her a kick worthy of the UFC champions that made her fall on her back.

It's my chance to end it !!!

"Orders received"
"Okay, opening fire!"

Shit, the police are here!

A police assault team had taken this on us and surely when they saw us fight they decided to shoot first and ask questions later. I dodged quickly and got behind Avalon, I could hear the bullets ricochet to the other side. Hell, this is not quite the police thing to do. Normally they would try to arrest suspects, even in these situations. After all, they want to have someone to question and blame later. And especially when seeing almost two girls fighting without firearms. They are definitely in a bad mood. Damn, I'm not in the mood for this shit.

"Weak fools, don't get in my way" The girl giggling now if she used her pistols and shot the police.

Because the first policeman had a bulletproof shield the shot rebounded, then the three who were behind responded by firing again. The blue girl, seeming to respond to the provocation, lunged at them. For my part, seeing how bad my situation was, I decided to throw a smoke grenade towards where they were. Due to the closedness of this place, the whole room quickly filled with smoke, making it impossible to see anything. With that and guiding me with my hand, I went into a corridor that led even further into the complex.

If the police were already here, it means that I had to escape now. My time was up and they surely see me as a threat. It's just a matter of time before they send more to my position. But there is only one way out of here and insurance they are already protecting it. I'm going to have to force my way through. Damn, there are two groups in this tunnel! Fuck them, I pass here!

There were two groups of 5 men each, each group was separated by about 10 meters. As soon as they all saw me raise their weapons, they asked me to stop trying to make an arrest. I was not going to give them the pleasure, so I threw another smoke grenade in the middle of the groups and raced closer to the first. I kicked the chin of the first one who sent him flying towards the other two who were behind, then jumped to the left where another of the policemen was and gave him a direct punch to the face, shaking the protective glass of the helmet. I picked up the rifle that had just been dropped at the previous man and threw it at the last one that was left on the head as well. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone is now distracted, I ran into the smoke to go for the next group to get out of here.

Although killing them would be much easier that would only bring me many more problems in the future, so it was better to just hit them and leave them behind at the slightest opportunity. The other group I was able to dispatch just as quickly and without major problems, I continued towards one of the corridors that led me to the exit tunnel. But as soon as I turned I saw how a scythe came flying towards me at full speed, I immediately fell to the ground and managed to avoid it. I tilted my head to see again the girl in blue across the hall waiting for me to fight again.
"Can't we save this for another day?"
"I don't have time for this right now"

"You will not see any other day, bitch "

She put her hand in a dark part of the tunnel and again took out the scythe that must have been behind me, she then lunged at me to attack me. I dodged her attack again and tried to hit her by throwing one of my knives at her, but she did another one of those strange movements again and when she appeared again she was in front of me again with her fist just inches away. my face. He resisted the blow that made him lose his balance. She tried to make another see that trick but stopped in the middle when it seemed that she re-hurt herself with it.

What a pathetic fight we were making. It didn't seem like we would ever end if I just ran away and she just tried to hurt me. If I wanted to end this, I would have to get serious again, but if I did that now, I might get excited again and kill a policeman by mistake again. But she didn't leave me any other option. But then a noise flooded the corridor, they were footsteps, footsteps of an animal, it seemed those of a running dog. From the darkness, at the end of the corridor, I saw how a small fox came running towards us. Seeing that the possibility that it was Tamamo was high, I moved a little away from the blue girl because surely my wife would try to do something.

The fox jumped quite high, smoke came out of it and when it dissipated it appeared in its place, she had in her hands a hand fan, but it did not seem to be one of those that could be found in stores, because it is made of metal. It looked more like a weapon than a utensil, it seems that it was another of Tamamo's goddess weapons. She used her fan with one hand but the amount of wind that came out of it was not comparable to her size. The gust of wind was so strong that she sent the two of us flying down the hall. Tamamo took my hand in the air and pushed me away from where the demon had fallen.

"Cesar you have to get out of here"
"Take me by the neck and hold on tight"
"I'm going to get you out of here now"


I did exactly what she said and suddenly there was a smoke explosion again. When he finished he was now perched on the back of a giant fox. But despite how fierce she looked, I was not afraid of fear because I knew clearly that she was Tamamo and that she would do everything possible to keep me safe. After seeing that she would not fall easily, she started running at full speed through the exit tunnel. The speed that we had was alarmingly fast, because without a doubt she was going faster than the car in which I came, besides the size of her now was considerable, because it almost covered a large part of the tunnel. As we approached the exit I could hear the police surprise the giant fox running towards them at full speed. Some screamed in fright and others ran towards the exit as well. When we passed a group of several men, I would throw one of the few smoke granules that I had gotten from the terrorists and threw them back. So the policemen we passed could not see us because of the smoke in the tunnel.

When we finally left there, there were several patrol cars and more police waiting for us. Tamamo did not stop in the slightest and ran even faster, when we reached the street and everyone was alarmed by the appearance of the giant fox, she jumped fearlessly into the forest. I have no idea how we didn't hit a tree but once in the forest, he kept running nonstop, climbing the mountain right now. Shortly after I began to hear the sound of a waiting helicopter, Tamamo stopped and returned to her normal form, and headed towards the helicopter. Inside was Maria and my mother waiting for me, the latter was angry at my actions. Tamamo got up and sat next to me. And to my surprise, other armed men came out of the same forest and also mounted the helicopter that was taking off.

Wait a minute, what is Cedric doing here?
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