Chapter 10:

Chapter 10 - Information


Frank carefully led her to the desk and pushed the chair away so she could rest.

She sat down in the comfortable chair and gently put her hand to her forehead, as when one begins to get a bad migraine.

He leaned over and asked quietly.

From my position I could not hear what Frank said, I could only see that she nodded her head immediately, he, making use of the oath one takes to the career one decides to study in his case, that of caring for the sick, got up and went to the medicine shelves.

He closed the shelves after taking out some capsules, along with a bottle of water, alcohol and absorbent absorbent cotton.

He returned next to her, gave her the capsules in his hands, put the water on the floor, poured some alcohol on the absorbent cotton and proceeded to wipe the blood stains from her mouth, after which he took the capsules with the water.

The atmosphere seems that I do not exist.

I wait irritated keeping my distance with them because I still don't know what they are, deep down I just want to think that both of them are two ordinary students,

On the other hand I try to understand the reason why they ignore me or so I try to think but, the need for information makes me impatient so I decide to go all in.

- I'm still waiting for an explanation - I speak with a somber tone.

- Don't be impatient - replies Frank a little assertive.

- Damn .. you know Frank I wonder why so far you are still wearing the cap, and so is she - I head to the shelves and take some water from one of the bottles there - mmm I start thinking and I don't find it logical, if you say it's because of your style I think you should have a better excuse .

I approach aggressively .

- Adam I'm trying to be patient with you , but now I'm not in the mood for such things - his assertive words changed to those of a violent man .

- You're being patient with me, don't be ``pendejo`` ... I should be the one being patient with you, or don't you remember what just happened?

pendejo, in my country it means someone who wants to be smart.

Behind him, I was preparing my hands to remove his cap, with a shrewd movement he stopped my hand.

He stopped my movement in a very quick act, stopping my hand by the wrist, he squeezed it very hard, the force was comparable to that of a pressure machine capable of cracking walnuts with a single movement.

He turned towards me with an imposing aura - I told you .... truth Adam , that I was not in the mood for this - he spoke while looking sideways at his friend .

My body twisted in pain to the left , a normal reaction to such force , my teeth were grinding pressing together in rage that he was overpowering me .

Luckily I have the other hand free , I take it to the left pocket of the lab coat - shit you are strong , I would say too much for a person with your build , do you take steroids or drugs , you know I prefer drugs make you more creative but steroids ... you know what they say , no , they leave your penis short - I spoke with pain and difficulty


- Come on, that's enough ... You think you are in a position to talk to me now, let me tell you that I will give you the explanations when I feel like it.

- Stop it Frank - said the girl in a weak voice.

- No, not yet ... now tell me Adam, you still want ...

The colorless gas jumped in her face, his eyes dilated and he was silent, he let go of my wrist quickly.

He dropped to his knees as he clutched his throat alluding to his shortness of breath - what have you done to me ?- he said choking.

- Frank! ... what have you done to his - her friend shouted trying to get up.

Leaning on my knees - now you don't look so brave - I laughed, stood up and stretched the arm that not long ago was going to be crushed by Frank's incredible strength, I stretched a little and did some twists to relax the muscle and bones.

< for someone not so muscular he has a lot of strength >

I leaned over to him - I really didn't think it was going to work - I showed the hand I had had free and with which I had intoxicated him, in it a small open glass vial.

- It's the first time I've done this acetone thing, but it looks like I'm going to fail the organic class because the gas is not very potent, I thought it would kill you instantly at first - I threw the bottle away.

I took off his cap , his long hair looked very strange , with too much volume for the kind of straight hair he has .

I ran my hands through his hair which was a little greasy , I felt the hard texture of a hard shell , stretching down to the nape of his neck , like two hard snakes , the hair disguised it very well .

I approached her, her cold eyes that at first glared at me were now only those of a frightened cat, just like Frank I checked her hair after removing her cap.

Unlike Frank, her hair was a little rough, maybe it was because of the dust she had released a few moments ago.

Their horns were towards the front and they were very small.

I sigh, I head back to the shelf but now not for water, my target is the tool area, I rummage through them and pull out a very thin steel colored scalpel.

I head for her with somber steps and a cold stare, Frank turns around fearfully when he sees me heading towards her with the scalpel.

- Stop... stop... what are you going to do? Adam she hasn't done anything to you - he lies desperately on the floor but his body is numb from the acetone gas.

- ahhh ... you want me to stop but you don't know what I'm going to do - I put myself in front of her.

- I know you are angry, he attacked Angela but it's not his fault - he spoke with difficulty as his lip had also been affected.

- a ... if it's not her fault , tell me Frank have you been outside , have you seen any of your acquaintances turn into those things , or see how the greys , how those damn bastards play with your mates .

He was silent .

She was silent , she ducked her head and her arm began to shake .

I bent down - tell me dear nurse , how many people have you attacked - I grabbed her trembling arm .

- No one - she hesitated.

- Stop moving, you'll make me cut an artery - I slid the scalpel lightly over the wheat skin of her forearm.

- Wait what? - Frank quickly intervened.

- You won't hurt me - she said.

- Hurt you... don't be an idiot, you're like a valuable specimen for any other mad scientist who wants to study you but for better or worse, you helped Serene first and I'd rather doubt your word than have to do something bad to you .... and about Angela, well yes, I'm upset about that but she'll explain it to me later or so I hope .

I took one of the sample vials out of my lab coat and filled it with some of her blood , I stood up , as I looked at her skin it had a similar effect to normal blood , instead of the normal crust coming off , the crust turned grey and then quickly closed up .

I walked over to Frank , just like her friend I took some of his blood while he just looked at me .

I took a chair and sat across from them with my hands in my pockets.

So far I only had three vials of acid and some other chemical material in solid form like a small sheet of zinc.

- I'm still waiting for explanations - I looked at both of them for a couple of seconds.

- I've already told you everything I know -  Frank refuted.

- I don't know how it happened, I've been in the infirmary the whole time - she said.

- What a simple answer - I stood up and walked towards the curtains with my back to them - I'll find out myself but first the most important thing .... Did you take care of them? -

I asked that girl who was still not back from yes but she was in better condition than frank, looking at her from the corner of my eye I saw that she was hugging him on the floor.The frightened girl nodded her head.

- Let me remember, if I remember correctly there is a spectrogram here isn't there, which room is it in?

- At the beginning of the corridor, it says ``analysis room``, do you want me to come with you - Frank added.

- No. I know how to get there and I think the effect will wear off in at least an hour or I don't know.

I pulled the red curtains very hard, this time I was stunned by the image in front of me.Angela and Serene were without their blouses and bras, with their breasts in the air, the difference between them was very big.

Serene had darker skin, and her nipples were darker, her breasts unlike Angela's were smaller, it was like comparing lemons with oranges, Angela's breasts were large, light skinned and with pink nipples.

- kya! - they both shouted, throwing a tray in my face.

I see the led lights on the ceiling and my vision blurs as a sharp pain in my forehead instantly arises.

I stand up, Angela and Serene are both wearing two white shirts with the infirmary logo on them.

- Where did you get it?

- she gave it to us before the whole incident happened -Angela answers more calmly and with a different aura than a few moments ago that comforts me .

I feel a little remorse for the way I acted.

- Serene, are you better ? - I ask her .

- Yes, I feel better although I have a little pain in my head but it will pass.

- If so, follow me - I turned my back to them as I started walking towards the exit.
- they won't come ..... because frank is pale... something happened - Angela said

- no! because i still don't know what they are .... i think it's because i poured ``acetone`` on him.

- acetone - I exclaimed with serene force - you want to kill him... you know how toxic that gas is, how many bonds it had.

acetone is a flammable gas and very toxic to human health.

- I don't know... I was never very good at organic , I guess from one or .... how many links there are , it will be ok in a few moments .... come on .

They both looked at each other , and gave me a fearful look that made the feeling of remorse grow a little .

They followed me .

As Frank said , at the beginning of the corridor was the analysis laboratory , the doors were in bad shape but could be secured with a couple of chairs .

We entered , I turned on the light to see more clearly .

The electric power had not disappeared in this place thanks to having solar panels that provided power in case of blackouts , bless the remodeling but it was a separate thing the light bulbs as two did not turn on and only one gave small flashes of light .

As Frank said there was a spectrogram .

Without waiting I head over to it , in the sample part I put frank's blood first to see the results .I take one of the chairs that were over there , I sit in front of the spectrogram looking at the flickering light waiting for the results to come out .

A deep sigh escapes me as if my soul was screaming for all this to end now, I feel my eyes start to burn.

My lips draw a bittersweet smile at the thought that a few moments ago I looked like a ruthless killer, a facet I had never seen, but what affects me most is having hurt people who helped me in a moment of desperation.

Gem-black eyes peered into my face, illuminating the dark moment I was going through.

- You have been through a lot today - Angela with her delicate voice seems to soothe my sorrow, while with her right hand she caresses my face.

Her look had a little bit of fear in it, but it is overshadowed by joy.

- What do you say...?

Her lips are very close to my face , I feel his exhalations crash against my face and my body begins to tremble .

The rambunctious sound of the spectrogram interrupts this scene , I quickly turn to him and head to see the results .

< this is impossible > I think to myself as I stare at the spectrogram results in astonishment .

- What's wrong why are you staying like this - asked Serene .

I pulled back and sat on the chair - how can this be possible - I shouted out loud.

- What's wrong? - asked Angela.

Look at it on your own.

They both approached the spectrogram screen and had the same reaction as I did.

- Do you understand what is going on here - I stood up and walked with my arms crossed.

- Something like that - answered Serene turning to me.

I am not surprised by her answer , in her cycle class she always stayed in the first places so it is logical .

- I think so but could you explain to me how come there is silicium in those bloods .

- That is what we have to find out , but there is still one more thing to investigate .

I go to the microscope and put Frank's blood .

- Here - I throw the vial with the girl's blood in it - run it through the spectrogram as well. The microscope lens reveals to me the same thing as the other solidified sample, with a slight variation.

It shows that the diseased cells repotentiate with the invading cells , but at the same time the invading cells die leaving the diseased cells healthy and potentiated .

- So this is what happens .

- Let me see - Serene approached .

- You know what all this means, don't you?

- It's an infection , but how can all this happen .

- Let's recapitulate all the information - Angela intervened , checked the microscope and said - The cells are modified ... and we have ``silicium `` in the samples of his blood which means .

- That the cells that infect the host modify the gene in general , but these deteriorate if the host suffers from some genetic disease , these correct and modify the gene , it would be the case of frank but and she , what happened to her should not act like frank .

- No - intervened Serene entering after seeing her blood samples- her cells are not like Frank's, she does not suffer from a disease as strong and genetic as his, so in general terms she is a normal person.

- The infection depends on the degree of the disease - added Angela.

- now we have silicium in the blood, this could explain a lot of things - said serene.

- if that responds to the solidification, since silicium in our planet is only found in solid state- i add

- then when it is in liquid state in their bodies, when it comes in contact with the environment, the oxygen solidifies it - says Angela

- Bingo !- I'm going to the microscope.

- what are you doing, now what are you planning to do - intervenes serene

- What do you mean?

- I don't know, you know how everything works, don't you? you're going to try to create a vaccine or something.

- A vaccine, don't be so ridiculous, first they would kill me and you would be used as toys ....

Angela pulled my lab coat and gave me a murderous look - be more careful what you say adam, don't forget she is my friend.

- Look what an attitude this is - I answered sarcastically - what we need to know is the truth about everything - I took my hands off her and went to the spectrogram, I placed the samples to corroborate the information.

Indeed what I had seen before was not a hallucination , molecules of hydrogen , oxygen , carbon and silicium .

< the only doubt is whether silicon solidifies instantly because it does not solidify if you breathe oxygen , but there is also this , when frank came in to help he injected something into his friend what it contained >

The sound of windows breaking alerted me , I looked out the windows of this room .Outside on the second floor an incandescent light was spreading . Flames were spreading.

As I turned around - Grr ra! - a loud scream sounded accompanied by the creaking of the window.

- Stay here - I slammed the door presumptuously, causing it to creak from the force of the impact.

I left the room, leaving the girls there.

I run in the direction of the source of the noise with a hurried pace, my breath coming in gasps.

The lights in the hallway flash on and off in rapid succession, causing my vision to fail me at times as the smell of burning begins to fill my lungs.