Chapter 11:

Chapter 11 - Assault


8.00 pm 

I walked with heavy steps, maybe it was the effect of the smoke that didn't let me move with the same strength or the bright lights that were a nuisance to my eyes that left me with the idea of being careful when running. - Get out of the way! - I heard the warning cry in the midst of my disoriented footsteps. When I realized I was in the air, being pushed by the female body that took me to the end of the corridor, we both fell with great force on the floor taking the brunt of the impact, when I felt how she fell on my chest and how the cold floor hit my back the pain I felt in my broken ribs was very hard so much that I thought I had two stakes inside my body.I am lying on the floor and the loud explosion inside my lungs caused by the smoke comes to the surface, I lean against the wall to make breathing easier although the smoke doesn't help, at the same time my eyes start to be affected by it producing a burning sensation.When I am then able to breathe better, I turn my attention to the person who moments ago had pulled me out of the center of the hallway.She had her head resting on my belly, I recognized the straight black hair with some blue locks flowing down my body. There was no doubt it was her, Frank's friend. Amazed to have her right in front of me, the feeling of guilt flared up in me, remembering that a few minutes ago I had stalked her and attacked Frank, leaving him in a bit of a bad state. Besides, she didn't look too good after being arrested when she attacked Angela.- Asshole... asshole - she said in a cold and hesitant tone. I don't understand why you are insulting me, I don't even know why you are here if I clearly told you that you could get to the testing lab without problems.- to .... you are always so noisy - I spoke with bewilderment. She raised her face, her eyes were still those of a frightened cat with a bit of fierceness. - And you're a stupid guy who doesn't know how to watch his back if he hadn't come for medicine, you.... I looked up in the direction of my former position, a combination of smoke and dust prevented me from seeing any further. I had intended to answer but the subtle, slow cracking sound caught my attention, forcing me to strain my eyes to see beyond that screen of smoke and dust. - You haven't noticed yet, have you?- she spoke confidently as she continued to lean on my abdomen. The dust in the hallway dissipated and the smoke drifted away with the help of the headwind. Glup - I swallowed forcibly as I saw what the smokescreen was hiding. Just in the direction in which a few moments ago I was running a little disoriented, lay a sturdy gray arm that had broken through the brick wall with ease.The sturdy arm slowly withdrew from the wall accompanied by some debris that impacted the ground in the form of small reddish fragments with white powder.I used the gray arm as a sort of humanoid map that I followed with astonished eyes in search of the being that had attacked me with the intention of dying. I turned to the bottom, it was robust, well muscled and with platinum skin, I looked up which kept forcing me to discover the being that had attacked me although it was no longer necessary, I already knew who it was but a part of me, in my subconscious wanted to see what reaction it could have. The gray , the cursed species that was attacking my entire university and I don't know yet if it's the whole world but I hope it's not , it was him , there was no doubt . I didn't take my eyes off him hoping to see some movement on his part . He only turned towards us , that inanimate and obsessive look that caused terror in my heart was the only thing I observed while his extremely protruding and full of wounds lips remained silent , in the same way as his antennae that remained static . What does he intend by staying like this, what is he planning, why doesn't he just kill us? Doubts filled my head in search of an answer, but deciphering this thing that showed no facial signs or body movements was almost impossible. Fear flooded me, making me alert to any noise or stimulus it might produce.I was carried away by my questions until the sound of the neck thundering alarmed me, when I realized that he was performing the same tic, the damned tic that represents death for any being that crosses his path, I feared for my life because I already knew that his kind always performed it when they thought of something ruthless. - I think we have to... we have to go. I could no longer maintain my usual serene tone, it showed in my terrified voice.I took my eyes off her for a while to talk to her.I didn't get an immediate response from her and only felt a huge presence rush over me and a small electric shock ran through my body like a bad omen.After feeling this I looked up impatiently, but all I saw was the gray, muscular being rushing towards us with great speed and a small glint in its black eyes very similar to that of a star shining alone in the most remote galaxy. I felt as if I had no way out, paralyzed by the fear inside me and even more terrified by the simple fact that I didn't know what to do now. It was irritating to feel so fragile and inept, The truth is that I don't know what happened to me all afternoon or why I'm not running now, or trying to dodge that blow, maybe it's because I'm tired of running. My body reflected the desire to end all this, there was no way out.But the memory of my promise to Angela to keep them safe and the desire to see the people I love one last time, to go home one last time, produced a small spark of hope inside me that made me react. I have to turn, even if it's just a few inches to avoid the full blow, but if she wasn't on top of me it would be much easier. Without hesitation I grab her waist as if it were a hug and turn to the right, turning my back to the gray with the hope that her trajectory is wrong and she crashes into the wall so I can run out of here although it was an absurd idea I had a 50% certainty that I could get out of here. I closed my eyes and hugged her tightly as if she was the person I wanted to die next to, creating a different image of her. - Hey, are you...? - I heard the agitated voice behind me, I recognized the timbre of the voice, it was Frank's from the sky. I slowly turned my head and saw him. The guy didn't look good, his face still showed the ravages of the phosgene gas but at the same time it showed anger towards the gray, a little paralysis in his leg because it wasn't flexed and above all the great effort he was making now.He is holding the arms of the gray as an impenetrable wall commanded by the sky, but his body does not seem to resist much . Seeing how he was striving to save us, produced inside me the bittersweet taste for my actions committed towards him, besides the rage I felt for endangering two people by my careless actions, but not only that but one of much amazement at the same time because it was impossible to see what he was achieving . - How could something like that happen, impossible - is what the gray's eyes seemed to say, showing signs of effort to wipe Frank off the map. Perhaps he was relating what he saw in his eyes to what he was thinking but there was no doubt that Frank was now a tough nut for him to crack. It was the clash of two titans in strength, and I say that because only one of these things could get through his body with minimal effort and to see it stopped by a mere human, no, not a mere human, I already checked that but to see these features is amazing. Frank was frowning, his eyes lowered but at the same time trying not to show hesitation, his teeth began to protrude leaving the canines growing in his jaw while his skin was marked with silver lines like a map made of metal, the antennae on his head began to rise from behind becoming more rigid much like those of a grasshopper. Gruaaaaaaaa! He let out a euphoric scream that sounded more like a second wind. His shout had a positive effect on him, boosting his confidence even though his strength seemed to falter, his battle spirit soaring to the stars within him, while the gray showed weakness as he succumbed to Frank's strength. - wuawuwuuuua seeesraA similar babble was heard coming from behind the smokescreen coming from the bottom of the other end of the hallway . The gray's antennae tilted slightly in that direction as if it were an SOS call.His slightly tilted antennae and shapeless lips implied that he was up to something.As if in an act of last-ditch effort, I launched a big kick to the center of Frank's abdomen, which flew past my body. - Hey, hey, hey, you're awake, we have to go, your boyfriend is dead - I hit the head of the girl lying on my chest.I really am a fucking idiot, how could I be so stunned by such a show of strength and not run for my life?- No... no, that's impossible, it's all your fault if you hadn't come in, I didn't want them to come in, but he insisted - she said rolling her head on my chest,- You can complain to me all you want later, but we have to get out of here. I tried to look as calm as possible.I stood up and forced her to her feet as the grey lay exhausted on his knees in front of us.We ran out- wuuuuuuuuuuua serrrrrsThe ominous rustling amidst my urge to flee instructed me in the idea that we had been locked up , while inside me the thought of having thought those bastards were at rest for the night gave me the feeling of wanting to beat myself up for the stupid and trusting thoughts I had had . My teeth clicked as I stopped . Through the smokescreen, another gray man entered from the back of the hallway with a very haughty attitude, though his face showed no emotion .He walked slowly and confidently, dragging his black fingernails along the wall, leaving Sanjas-like marks on the wall.- Fucking bastard, how can it touch me you're all the same wuevada - I shouted at him.Hearing this he simply made a small variation on his lips that resembled a smile which gave me to assume that they could understand us, then he did the same twitch as the others, his neck looked like it was going to break with every snap he gave.

( wuevada it is an insult )

Turn immediately - run! - I told her with enlarged and exalted eyes, I pulled her with the motive to flee to the other side of the corridor. As we fled from the grays behind us, we heard the mournful babbling coming from the other end of the corridor, which was covered with smoke.This influenced us negatively.We both slowed down and moved forward very carefully.The feeling of not knowing where the other gray was coming from was desperate and annoying.In front of the lab lay Frank, unconscious from the blow he had received moments ago.It wasn't my first choice but it was what we had left now, hiding inside the lab was the way to go since running away would be impossible.- Frank - she lunged at him after pulling hard on his wrist to release my hand.I shift my attention to the gray man coming towards us, slapping his shoulders and pecs with my palms like a drum.At the same time I realize that more grays were starting to arrive from the loud crunching sounds that were starting to be heard all around me.-srrrrrrrrrr ewu a srrrrrrrrrr ewu The group of grays entered the hallway, all as an escort led by the one who seemed to be the leader and who stood out the most among the group.With a kind of prosthesis on his arm he was indicating to everyone that they had passed which confirmed to me that he was the leader of this whole squadron of grays.Not if it is the same gray, I hesitated to believe it was the same until he raised his other limb which was nothing more than another prosthesis, both had an archaic touch made of wood and metal. - So they are smarter than we thought, because I didn't see it coming... and now I know they have leaders - I take Frank between my shoulders to make him enter the lab. Grrrr raa ! - the creature screamed into the air.I turned to look at it slightly, it had its prosthesis extended in the air as if it was appeasing the people.I deduced his current pose, which gave me the impression that it was a challenge to me , so he wanted to finish what we had started long before when I rescued Serene . While the other beings were just making up for it with light battle sounds and chest thumping . I raised my middle finger in response.