Chapter 15:

Cap 14.5 - The Cube

Eyes of the Mind

Somewhere unknown lost in the immensity of the spirit world.

An extremely confusing and messy place, with several maps and markings on walls, books thrown and stacked on shelves and corners, near the center of the vast room that looked more like a library, was kirien sitting in front of a wooden table, the girl was analyzing her newest find, a black cube with yellow scriptures that appeared to be very old.

"You've given me a lot of trouble, haven't you? After doing some favors for some information, I finally found the temple of the ancestors, or let's see, 4 potions, 2 protection scrolls, plus that horrible thing of holy water, who knew that a succubus would use holy water, whatever, but you cost me a lot of resources and time, what knowledge do you hide in there? I can't wait to open you up, to be in that place you must have something wonderful in there.

After observing the strange object for some time, Kirien finally decided to start working on it.

"These scriptures... They're pretty old, but how old are they really really? Perhaps the exile of the black elves? Or perhaps it's the rise of the demented? It may even be from the ancient war.

Fiddling with the cube while analyzing one of her books, Kirien was trying to figure out how to open the cube, but her goal turned out not to be as easy as she thought.

"But how the hell do you open it?! I've tried the key points of scripture, fourth-degree opening scrolls, and even demonic magic.

Rising suddenly, Kirien began to think about how she could use to open the cube, she soon headed for one of the bookshelves that was in the corner of the room.

"So... Which one of you can show me how to open that damn cube?

He said Kirien while picking up book by book looking for some that could help in opening the cube.

"Such an old cube should be much simpler to open, usually the opening scrolls solve the problem, but in this case, not even that is working.

After some time looking for a book that could help with his problem, Kirien returned to the table again and began analyzing the cube again.

"Humm, what is the language of these scriptures? an ancient demonic? No, it is very refined even by demonic standards, what is the basis of these scriptures anyway?

Kirien then took a notebook she kept in her purse and began to write down what she had discovered about the cube until then, she did not actually have much to say about the cube, after finishing writing she began to leaf through the pages of the notebook seeing what she had written until then, as she leafed through she saw her notes of the tomb she had found Haruka's mother.

"It took a few days before I could get a potion to heal the ass that that woman ripped off, the fallen, Citrion, Razus, Ancor... and Alizyn, the four ancient demons, but what was Haruka's mother doing in that place? And she still destroyed the whole place, don't she understand how important that discovery was to me? What the hell! ... I could be playing with her right now, it would be a lot more fun.

After thinking of Haruka, Kirien recalled that she had left a scroll of contact with the girl, for a few moments she thought of contacting the girl, but eventually she ended up doing nothing.

Then... After I figure out how to open this, I'm going to be able to play with my Haruka as much as I want...

The succubus then took the cube and stored it inside a hidden compartment behind a bookcase.

"Good... where did I leave you? Portal... portal, I found you, let's go to the next journey! Maybe I'll pay Mom a visit, what will she find when I say I found my better half? "Kirien wondered as he thought of Haruka with a smile and a hearted face.

The girl then used her scroll to open a portal to some unknown location.

" I'm leaving! Not that there's anyone for me to say goodbye to here, is it? All right, let's see what the dungeons have in reserve for me.

Kirien then entered the portal to begin his new journey of discovery.