Chapter 16:

Cap 15 - The Heroine and the Explorer

Eyes of the Mind

While Haruka helped Calen remove the trapped elves from her handcuffs, the girl began to think a little about the current situation of the two worlds, so Haruka all that war between the two worlds made no sense, continuing like that between killing or being killed was something that made the girl thoughtful, although she also wisely that this was practically inevitable.

"Eared, may I ask you something?

"Why are you calling me that? I told you my name is Calen.

"Do you think we can become allies and live peacefully together?

"... No, being honest with you, I believe that coexisting with humans is impossible for us.

"It's... I figured that.

Before the girl could continue her conversation with Calen she realized that there was someone coming down the stairs, quickly Haruka got up and waited for that person to show up.

"What you're doing.

"Stay behind me.

After saying this the metal door that paraded them from the person coming down the stairs opened, they then saw a man in a dark white suit with blue eyes holding a kind of briefcase.

"Looks like we have company today, you know you could have at least hidden the two you put to sleep upstairs.

"I have no habit of hiding evidence, that's a bandit thing.

"And who exactly would you be?

Haruka then began looking back looking for something, she then looked at Calen holding a black cloth that she had picked up on one of the stretchers that had a relatively large size.

"Eared, lend me that cloth there.

"Okay, but why do you want him?

After picking up the cloth, Haruka tied it to her back forming a cape, soon after she posed somewhat strangely while covering part of her face with the cloth.

" I am the one who brings justice to the weakest, I am the fear that all evildoers feel at night, the one who punishes villains and speaks motivational phrases, I do not have a superhero name yet, but here I am to punish you for your crimes!

After the girl said this the room stood in a shameful silence for a few seconds while everyone present tried to understand what had just happened.

"Gee, no nice reaction? I thought the superhero idea would be funny.

The man then began to laugh softly at that situation, in contrapartly the elves were still perplexed by the girl's performance.

"At least he's laughing, you should learn from him.

"You're interesting girl, what's your name?

"It won't change anything you know my name, now if you'll excuse me, I'll take these people with me.

"You don't expect me to let you walk out of here with my goods, do you?

"You could leave, couldn't you?

"No, i'm not.



"That's it, so can we at least come to a conclusion without destroying this place?

"Do you seem very determined, Do I like your style?

"I appreciate your compliments.

"That t-shirt of yours, your way of acting, how could I be so foolish, you're called Haruka, aren't you?


"So it was really you, I had my doubts, but this juice box t-shirt of yours leaves me no doubt.

"Is noting that girls' clothes look like a wise pervert?

"Does your master know that you are helping the enemy?

After hearing the man's question, Haruka stopped for a few moments and soon after changed her gaze, she was now more serious and focused.

"You're a hunter too, aren't you?

" We can solve this in two ways, at first you give me my merchandise and you can go away, if you do not tell anyone what you saw, I do not tell the ACP that you were acting with the enemy, in the second, I kill you here and now, no one would know that you were here, hide your body will not be laborious, I'm only going to have the loss of not being able to sell my products for a few months.

"Your options are fascinating, I have a question, if I kill you here, what punishment do I get?


"We have a standoff apparently, as you said yourself, no one knows that I am here, if I kill you, no one can accuse me of anything.

"So apparently we don't have a choice, do we?

"You can let me go away with them, after I walk out the door no one needs to get hurt.

"I liked you, it's decided and understandable, it seems even my sister.


"Unfortunately, I can't let you out of here.

"I figured it would be like this.

The man then opened his briefcase and took two daggers, soon after he stared deeply at the girl and prepared to attack, Haruka could feel the danger coming from that man.

"Eared, I can't help you from now on.

"What do you mean by that?

"That guy doesn't seem weak, seeing from my current situation, maybe he's not alone, the most I can do for you is make way for you to get out of here.

What do you mean? What about you?

Haruka then began to walk towards the man, he in the other match did the same, after being relatively close to each other they began to surround themselves as they faced each other.

"You can still leave, you know that, right?

"As a warrior of justice I cannot let you get away with your crimes.

"You're a wise comedy. "The man said while he laughed little.

In a minimum space of time, Haruka advanced in the direction of the man using only his physical enhancement, she then gave a kick towards the chest of the man he successfully defended using his daggers, the impact of the kick made him walk backwards, soon after Haruka used a spinning kick towards the man, he quickly deflected the kick and counter-attacked the girl, in a quick thought Haruka stopped his dagger with one hand.

"Now I've got you. "The man said with a misnose smile.

"What are you talking about?

The dagger Haruka was holding then shocked the girl who instantly released the man's dagger, and then kicked the girl in the abdomen, throwing her aside.

"I have a very shallow connectivity to magic, it almost made me put aside as a hunter, but my skills have bycame this problem.

"Are you a lightning user?

"No, My magic is quite different.

After saying this the man appeared behind the girl performing a blow with his daggers, Haruka by instinct used his ability to invulnerability and escaped the deadly blow, when she turned to attacks the man again, she was hit in the back, when her eyes turned back she saw the man pulling his dagger from her back.

"But what kind of magic is that...

"Did you like it? For stealth missions she's great, that's how I killed most of the strongest elves in that village, then I just had to hire some idiots to bring the women here, they couldn't resist at all, did they?

By the time the man realized, the elves had already left the room, while Haruka distracted him.

"By your comment, you did not act alone, how many hunters know about your little game?

"Shut up.

The man then turned to Haruka, the girl quickly punched the man, when his blow was about to hit him, the man disappeared, however, Haruka had already discovered how his ability worked.

"That magic of yours is a way, it's kind of a teleport, isn't it? "He asked Haruka as he turned his eyes back.

At that moment the man was being held by the neck by the soul that Haruka had projected from herself.

"Hey? What did you think? Cool, huh? I used this a few days ago on a mission and started training projecting my soul out of my body, I thought I was going to kind of lose my consciousness or die doing it, but it looks like the projection is linked to myself outside my body, you can say that's pretty cool, can't you?

When Haruka finished his comment a presence caught his eye, when the girl turned her eyes forward, she saw a tall man who wore a kind of black tunic, he was bald and half pale, his eyes were totally white and he expressed no reaction.

"You took a long time to get here, Morgan...

"Why are you playing with this Elias girl?

The girl at the same time was in alert mode, she by instinct began to analyze all the possibilities she could use to her favor inside the room.

"You've got them... Morgan?

"Certainly, I warned you that it was a bad idea to keep these scum scum being watched over by this garbage you hired, so I took the opportunity to get rid of them.

" Great... Can you help me?


The man then raised his hand towards the girl with his palm facing up, he then began to close his hand, Haruka at the same time threw himself to the side, almost instantly the cover she wore was cut getting stuck inside a cube.

"What the hell is that...

" A dimensional cube.

"You idiot! Why are you telling her about your magic?!

By the time Haruka realized, Elias had already teleported near Morgan.

"You're very light...

"I have to thank you for your lack of technique, if your magic hadn't weakened I wouldn't have been able to teleport, but it doesn't matter now.

"I also have to thank you...

The girl then revealed one of the daggers of the man she had stolen while he was near her, the man at the same time turned his eyes to his hands and noticed the missing dagger.

"You're a?

"I just borrowed it, I found her design cool just that.

Haruka then positioned herself while waiting for the men's movement at the same time as she thought what she could do in that situation.

"You will soon join those filthy elves inside this cube.

Morgan then showed a cube of pure energy to the girl, inside it there were small figures, when Haruka focused her eyes she realized it was Calen and the other elves she had helped free.

When the girl least expected Morgan again tried to trap her inside a cube, however, using her reflexes and her speed the girl managed to dodge the cube again.

"You have been well trained.

The girl instinctively used her soul magic together from the stolen dagger and blocked a quick attack from Elijah that had teleported to her, with the impact of the blades an electrical interference traveled over the room.

"A modified and electronic weapon, it is very way, my master says that in a combat against humans these weapons are lethal, however, against monsters they tend to be very ineffective.

"That old man you call a master must be expired by thinking so.

Unbehady Elias, Haruka moved almost invisible to his eyes, delivering a quick attack, the girl struck a brutal blow that destroyed the man's dagger by flinging him on impact toward a wall.

"Technological weapons break very easily, especially blades, you should know this, after all the way they are made make them weaker because of the technological introduction.

After saying those words Haruka felt a violent impact that pushed her away, while being pushed away the girl managed to control her body and make a spin in the air soon after cushioning her impact with her legs against the wall.

As she came down from the wall the girl noticed her arm shaking, the impact she had received almost broke her arm, the girl began to feel intense pain coming from her right arm.

"But what the hell was that...

"Impressive, I intended to kill you with this blow, for your size you are very resistant, other hunters would have been destroyed. "Morgan said as he resumed his totally straight pose.

Haruka at the same time realized that she had not noticed the approach of that man, quite the contrary, to the girl it was as if he had not even moved.

"In the current situation, it seems that it will not be able to play with you, I should have come home and focused on seeing my anime ...

The girl then removed the cloth she wore as a cape, she suddenly turned the dagger blade upside down with her right hand while holding the cloth with her left hand.

"We don't have time to waste here, Morgan, kill her at once.

Haruka for a moment drew a slight smile, the girl then threw the cloth forward so that he hid the girl's vision for the two men, while cloth capped the girl's vision for men, Haruka used her magical abilities and her body enhancement, she moved at an amazing speed and headed without the two men noticing behind them.

The girl quickly struck a blow with the dagger from top to bottom towards Morgan, however, when the girl's blade hit the man's back the gun broke instantly as if it had hit a steel wall, quickly Morgan turned his eyes to the girl, he then raised his arm while looking at the girl.

Realizing the danger Elijah prepared to teleport away from them, however, before he had a chance to escape, Haruka held her clothes while concentrating an intense level of magical power from her soul around herself, she then touched Morgan's back.

At that moment Morgan closed his hand creating a cube where they were, with the interference of the three spells, an intense failure occurred in Morgan's powers, with the intense failure something went wrong causing the three of them to disappear from the room without a trace.

Meanwhile somewhere in the spirit world.

In the middle of a destroyed entrance inside a giant cave, Kirien cleaned a wall while holding a notebook with one hand.

"It's been exactly three hours since I came in here, all I found besides skeletons and creatures were these damn riddles, is my information incorrect?

Kirien said as he headed for a wall and held a torch in a fissure.

"Okay, now let's see, if everything is right, I just need to change this location marking and put some demonic magic here, it gets to be funny how most catacombs use demonic magic, I've lost count of how many times being a succubus has become useful in this kind of work.

Kirien said as he changed a marking of the wall and place and traded it for another.

After Kirien solved the puzzle a passage that led to a system of hidden tunnels opened to the succubus, sneaking through the narrow tunnels Kirien encounter a kind of entrance with a giant door made of stone.

"Right, this must be the entrance to the dungeon, so far everything within the conforms, I have 3 more electrified darts, 2 common darts and the dart for emergencies, maybe I should go back and equip myself more? No, all the best explorers find the best rewards while taking a chance on them.

The succubus then pulled out a red scroll with a strange writing from her purse, she then put it on the door and quickly ran behind some debris while covering her ears.

" Explosion! ... Explosion? Explosion?!

Kirien then stood up as he stared at the door with a look of questioning.

"Did I do the wrong scriptures? Usually they explode on the spot...

Almost instantly the scroll exploded almost killing the girl in fright and making her witness for the second time a near-death experience before her eyes.


Kirien then pulled out her notebook with her hands shaking and with a fluttering smile on her face and began writing a remark that she should no longer use explosive scrolls on her holdings.

"I... I hope there are very rare objects in here, if not I'm going to suck someone's soul when I get back...

The succubus then went into the immense darkness and dust behind the door after the explosion.

"Was blowing up a door under the ground in an environment that is almost in ruins a stupid idea?

Kirien then took a transparent ball from his bag and deposited some of his magic on the ball, almost instantly the ball began to glow.

"If we don't see it, here it's a little bigger than I thought it would be, a little tidier too... Okay, let's get to what really matters, where's that map?

The succubus then took a folded map that she kept in her purse and opened it on the floor while lighting it with her sphere.

"If the information is right here is the main entrance, it has 4 floors deep, the first, second and third are the cells and areas of torture and interrogation, what I really want is in the room, but... it's scary that there's no defense here, but what kind of dungeon is this?

For Kirien a dungeon without a protection system was something really peculiar, whenever she encountered some of its main characteristic was her defenses against invaders.

The girl then grabbed her black beast and armed her with an electric dart and while looking around.

The entrance to the dungeon was very simple, walls of cracked stone and a cracked ceiling of pure raw stone, in front of the girl there was a staircase that led her to the first floor, the girl then took her map and stored it inside her purse, she then took the sphere of light and held it in a support next to a small bag in her belt, holding steady his beast Kirien began to descend the stairs.

"A dungeon that hasn't been open for 300 years, its last owners had a horrible sense of decoration, not that some dungeon is beautiful, after all you were created to be hell on earth for those trapped here, didn't you?

As he went down the gigantic ladder, Kirien checked every corner for possible traps, it was normal for dungeons in the spirit world to be filled with deadly traps, their owners would saddle them so that something would not be taken from that place, the secrets that the dungeons kept was what excited the succubus.

The fact that the dungeon presented no danger to the girl made her really uncomfortable, after walking a little on the first floor, Kirien felt an icy air cover the atmosphere of the environment, she then took her backpack and took out a necklace, it was a necklace made of a black rope and a transparent sphere that held a kind of magic inside her.

"All right, let's see... what was it again? May the evil that surrounds me be consumed, that all evil energy be purified, for those who fear darkness may find light, may the power of darkness weaken once more and the light to return...

After saying those words an intense blue light cleared the room revealing strange black forms of energy, Kirien then began to look around as those strange figures retreated away from the girl.

"Having to recite these human enchantments are a pain in the ass despite being a very pillar of ancient history, so... were just ghosts, I hate having to use this thing, although it's great so that demonic entities don't tear me in two, it also bothers me a bit because I'm a demon, patience if I were human at least I wouldn't bother so much about it.

The demonic entities to which Kirien referred, were the spirits of hatred created by anger and desire for demons, were totally deformed creatures and with frightening appearances, they were completely violent and attacked everything they found, even the demons themselves did not come unharmed from the attacks of these entities.

"Just as a precaution I'm going to keep this activated, I'd hate to have to recite the enchantment again.

The girl then began to ascertain the cells, however, what Kirien found inside the cells was nothing less than she had expected, several skeletons and a dark and painful energy.

One of the figures then approached Kirien, it was a much larger form than the girl and it had a menacing aspect, however, the girl observed the strange way in a totally relaxed way as if she did not even care about the presence of that being.

"Why... Why did you arrest us here?! "I asked a voice tremily with a crude and totally echoing tone.

"You're asking that to the wrong person, I haven't arrested anyone here, whoever has trapped you here or is already dead or is a long way from here.

"You... Can... free me?

"I'm not an exorcist or a priest, I also have no scroll for this, I'm a succubus, I can't help you. "Kirien said as he noted the conditions of the dungeon in his notebook with a totally serious and focused look.

The strange figure then distanced himself from the girl as he paraded next to a skeleton trapped inside the cell and sat on the floor in a fetal position.

Leaving the girl cell began to look around while trying to understand how the dungeon actually worked.

"Perhaps this is not quite a conventional dungeon, even though the negative energy here is much greater.

When Kirien noticed a strange figure was holding a part of his clothes, it was a small shape similar to that of a child.

"So they also trapped children here, it's not abnormal, but I'll write it down just out of curiosity. "He said to succubus as he wrote an observation in his notebook.

"What have we done to deserve this? "I asked the strange figure in a low, echoing tone.

" If I had to kick, I would say that it is because of political interests or something, perhaps because they were different or have committed some kind of crime, if I were to take on the basis of the dungeon we are, because it is underground and hidden by riddles it may be that it was used by the underworld of spiritual crimes, so maybe you were used to satisfy someone and so on.

"Am I someone abnormal in their eyes? Is that why I deserved it?


By choosing to follow the life of explorer instead of following the succubus doctrine, Kirien was seen as abnormal by the other succubus and incubus of the spiritual world, however, for the girl this was not important.

"There are people who say I'm abnormal, but I don't think so, what others think doesn't matter to me, you didn't end up here because of who you are or is no longer, you ended up here simply because someone wanted to put you in this hell, I wish I could help, but it's beyond what I can do. "Kirien said as he closed his notebook and kept it back in his purse.

The figure then let go of the girl's clothes and began to distance herself from the girl, in contrapartly Kirien only observed the figure distancing himself from her.

Following the path of the explorer, Kirien learned a lot about ancient human magic, something that these days is in obsolete quotes, formerly humans recited enchantments in virtually all their weapons or spells, after a few years humans were the first to evolve their form of magical power, thus making the practice of reciting enchantments in their spells something irrelevant, Kirien had in mind that humans could help in that situation, however, she also wisely that asking for help for humans was impossible.

"And to think that humans would be the first to evolve to a point where they would no longer need to use enchantments...

The girl had a certain obsession with the past of the ancient wars, Kirien became a lover of the ancient history of existence on beset by humans, this was one of the reasons why led the girl to become an explorer.

After exploring the first floor the girl began to go down the flights of stairs again, Kirien then had already arrived on the third floor of the dungeon, the girl was already beginning to wonder if she had wrong the dungeon or something, for the girl everything was too easy.

"No ground trap, no poison gas, no stone guard, no spiritual prison, no gray scarallum, no tentacle monster, I expected something more attractive...

Much of the excitement Kirien felt in her explorer life was to observe the traps and challenges created by the ancient owners of the dungeons, caves, or ancient environments she used to explore behind legendary and mystical items, however, this time nothing that most rekindled the girl's day was happening.

"Last flight of stairs... what a disappointment.

"Last flight of stairs... what a disappointment.

An echo caught the attention of succubus, at the same time Kirien realized that it was not just any echo, she then began to look around curiously with the strange echo.

"Where did that come from?

"Where did that come from?

The girl then realized that something was wrong, she then took two pieces of stone that was on the floor, she then threw the first one in the flight of stairs, she received no echo in response, the second they threw in the direction of the center of the room, she also did not notice any echo coming from the second stone.

"... Hi?


Kirien then noticed that only her voice had an echo pattern, she then began walking to a corner of the gigantic room, while the girl walked she could hear slowly forming steps that were not hers, however, she could not tell the source of the sound, she then stopped in front of the door of one of the cells and suddenly gave a slight punch to the door, instantly a door on the other side of the room made the same punching noise.

"Not to be identified by the necklace...

At that moment Kirien only knew that whatever it was was copying not only her voice but also her movements, the girl then got up wondering what could be doing this.

"It can't be a ghost, it can't be an entity either, the necklace would have identified either of them, what kind of trap are you? thought Kirien as he struggled to figure out what that could be.

The girl then remembered something she had read a long time ago in a book, about a creature that simulated a physical mirror, a strange being that reflected the existence of other beings, the bad part of this creature is that it consumes vitality from whom she copied, in addition to being totally immune to direct damage from whoever she copied.

Kirien knew she was in a complicated situation, however, the excitement she felt at that moment was huge, little by little she began to see a similar shape to her being created in the creature.

"This is fantastic! This is really cool, really cool!

To Kirien, the vitality that creature sucked was nothing more than a few months of life, months that were irrelevant to the girl.

“I can tell you're draining my life, but by my counts until you kill me is going to take about 12,000 years, another point for the demons! "Kirien said while his eyes sparkled at having encountered such a fantastic creature.

As she stared at her mirror form, Kirien noticed that the creature was copying her movements, however, she also had her own movements, to see if this was true. the opposite side.

“So your pattern has changed…that's really cool.

For Kirien to be in that situation was one of the best things that could have happened that day, she then started down the flight of stairs to the fourth floor, she soon came across an iron door that had a padlock on the outside, she suddenly took some kind of totally bizarre pliers she had in her purse and placed it in the lock.

"Look closely at my mirrored version, I found this pliers in a crazy Druid's house, it was kind of lost in one of the illusions I put it on, don't get it wrong, I was looking for information and he wanted to use me in something, so I I had no choices, while he was lost in the illusion I borrowed it, even in the last 98 years he still hasn't realized it's gone, or he's still stuck in the illusion, maybe that too, getting back to what matters, he's able to squeeze an object with 10 times the strength based on the strength of whoever is using it, I don't know why he created it, but for me it's great for stuff like that.

After saying that the succubus pressed the pliers and he instantly broke the lock, the girl then returned the pliers to her bag and slowly opened the door, the girl then found a huge and messy room full of boxes and trunks.

"I came for bronze... and ended up finding gold.

Kirien then pulled out her notebook and started jotting down what she had seen so far and about the mirrored creature as she prepared to explore the room, her mirrored copy then approached behind the girl as she tried to see what the girl was writing.

"Are you curious?

The creature then turned its eyes to Kirien's face and realized that the girl wasn't even looking at her and that she was totally focused on what she was writing.

"Listen to my mirror form, an explorer must always write what he found no matter how irrelevant it seems, every piece of information however small is something important, after I finish writing about this exploration I will use demonic magic to fuse the words with my memories and transmit them to my black parchment.

“Why exactly do you do this?

"Hmm? Can you gesture your own words now?! What happiness they grow so fast. Kirien said as he stared at the creature with a glowing gaze.


"You're still very young on the explorer's path, one day you'll understand my mirrored form, let's see what's here for now.

Kirien then put away his notebook and began to explore the room, while looking inside the chests the girl found several maps and old notes, in some she found pure gold coins and ancient weapons that had already lost their enchantment.

"Say my mirror form, what do you see here?


Kirien at the same moment made a noise as if he had been stabbed to the chest.

"What do you mean garbage?!

“I just see obsolete guns and notes that don't change a thing these days.

"Your vision is still that of a beginner, these weapons are relics nowadays, those notes, despite not changing anything, can be considered historical, these things should be in a museum because of their historical importance.

"What is a museum?

"A museum is a place where it is kept, where curiosities of all kinds, scientific or artistic articles are gathered, it is a paradise for the curious!

"Is there such a thing in our world?"

"...No, but one day it will exist!" Why am I going to create, it will be called the fantastic museum of Kirien, the ultimate explorer!

"What a long name.

“I know I suck at creating names, someone already told me that, but that aside, let's see what else we have here.

As Kirien scanned the room, she noticed a strange lack of reality, something almost imperceptible.

"But what do we have here...

"What are you talking about?

“It's kind of magical flaw, I think I can do something to normalize it.

The girl then opened her backpack and took a white parchment along with a brush from inside it, she then deposited her magic on the parchment and began to draw a circle with some notes in a demonic language around it.

"What are you doing?

“A prison, if that's a reality slip I can lock him in our reality using this parchment.

"Where did you learn this?

"A human taught me many years ago, he was the one who encouraged me to follow the path of the explorer.

"A human?

"Exactly... that's it, I'm done, now I just need to fix it here.

Calmly the girl positioned the parchment under the flaw, she then stepped back a little and pointed her hand towards the parchment, using some of her concentration Kirien activated the parchment, after activation the strange flaw started to collapse and cause damage around you.

"That doesn't sound good to me.

“Be calm, the parchment is forcing the fault to lock into this reality, something is holding it somehow, the parchment feels like it's pulling it from somewhere.

Kirien then deposited more of his magic on the scroll and forcing even more to bring the flaw to his reality, after a few seconds the flaw materialized and burned the scroll, however, Kirien had managed to control the flaw and bring it to his reality, when the girl stopped to check in front of her there was a strange half-transparent golden cube that rotated slowly in the air.

"What is it?

“I don't know, I could say it's an information cube, but it's unlike anything I've ever seen, it seems to be made of pure energy.

The girl then again picked up her notebook and began to jot down on the cube she had found.

“What do you plan on doing about it?

“…To be honest I don't know, he doesn't seem dangerous to the touch, but the magic he exudes is pure and devastating.

After giving some thought to what to do, Kirien decided to try to weaken the energy cube so he could collect it.

The girl then took a small capped glass bottle from her bag with a black ball floating inside it.

"What's that for?

"Many use this thing in magic handcuffs or for torture and stuff like that, the bigger it is the more damage it does, it sucks magical energy, it's like a black hole, although it's only used in magic, I don't know what that cube it may be but i believe that and me weakening it will make it easier to carry and study later, it can be dangerous to touch but if it is weakened it will do less damage to me.

"Want to carry something that could end up killing you?" This borders on insanity.

"You're killing me now while draining my life energy, do you know?"

The succubus then slowly opened the bottle and removed the marble with the help of tweezers, she then suddenly placed the marble on top of the cube.

"Now we just have to wait until the cube weakens...

Almost at the same moment the cube began to crack and crack, the girl at the same moment realized that something was wrong.

“We'd better back off…this isn't going to be good, I can feel it. "The mirrored form of Kirien said."

“I have to agree with you…

As they watched the cube, something caught Kirien's attention, as the ball absorbed the cube's magic, the stronger the cube became, without thinking twice Kirien picked up his crossbow and shot the ball, after hitting the ball with his electrified dart , the energy that she had sucked returned to the cube that made it collapse at the same moment and destroyed it creating an intense light that prevented the girl from seeing what was happening.

“So that's what the cube was hiding…” It said Kirien's mirrored form in an aggressive tone.