Chapter 14:

Cap 14 - The Two Sides of the Coin

Eyes of the Mind

After a long fight using training weapons, Haruka and Jean were on the edge of their physical forces, had passed hours after the start of the confrontation between the two, at that time it was possible to say that both were totally exhausted.

"Why am I even here?

"It's pretty simple battery, you are the fastest and strongest in physical matter among the others, your form of combat is also The Lin Chyn, joining this with your ray magic, this makes you my coolest ally, so I thought a little and came to the conclusion that you can help me train my form of combat.

In Haruka's vision, she had found the perfect tool for her workouts, after a few days training with Sebastian, the girl had already managed to master part of the Din Ran form, but the attacks of the spirit world against the earth had subsided due to the lack of missions, Haruka had run out of a way to put into practice her new fighting style.

"Weren't you training with your master?

"The old man told me that he had some commitments to solve the ACP, as far as I know was referring to that parade of us going to the spiritual world.

" Many of us were selected for that mission, the mood here at acp is not very good ...

"What a neurosis, still three months and a few days away, people are taking this too seriously.

"I wonder what you take seriously indeed.

"MMORPG events, we get some cool items, real life for me sucks, the only things I think is cool are the hunts ... or thought, losing my allies in real life is painful, they do not come back, one of the reasons that makes me continue in this work is that I like the action, if I lived a normal life I would have already killed myself, I was not made to live normally.

"For you, is this job just a joke? Something you find amusing?

" This work for me is the only thing I found to make sense of my poor existence, after I find a way to make the spirit world stop tormenting this world, maybe I start selling Foot Pack or something, are many possibilities.


"Good, good. Shall we go on? I believe it's over recess time.

"Unfortunately I can not stay any longer, I need to help my master, now that he has returned from the hospital, I am helping in the training of the new hunters.

"So the jet cat finally got out of captivity? How cool, can you help train the new hunters?

" Yes, as we go on a high-risk mission, the ACP has increased the number of hunter hires.

"Can I come along? "Haruka said as she leaned forward very excited and with her eyes shining.

"We need help, do you have experience with documents? We need to organize some hunter registrations...

"Bye drums, i'll see you another day.

The girl leaving was something that Jean was not surprised at all, in that situation it was kind of clear that the girl was just wanting to test her skills in the new hunters.

After the girl said goodbye to Jean she left the ACP and started walking aimlessly while thinking about what she could do.

"Looks like the weather's going to catch fire in a few months... I'm going to end up missing the year-end events, when I figure out who gave this troubled idea I'm going to get him down in the punch.

The girl then realized that she had arrived in a city neighborhood she had never seen before, far from both the ACP and her home, Haruka then picked up her cell phone, then she sat in a corner and began to see the latest anime releases.

"Let's add these here in the accompanying list, then I'll go down and go watching...

While Haruka updated her anime list something caught her eye, before her in a dark alley, she managed to see a blond-haired white girl being pulled by two men, after seeing that scene, Haruka got up and walked toward the alley.

"You incompetent, how can you let her get away?!

"I'm sorry, it's not going to happen again...

"This cannot be repeated if you find out what we're doing here...

"And what are you doing here? "He asked Haruka while typing something on his cell phone.

At the same time the two men turned their surprised eyes to the girl.

"Who are you?

"I... I'm Batman! Not really I must be batgirl, I'm Batgirl!

After hearing that the men pulled knives against the girl, yet the girl kept typing on her cell phone.

"Girl... if you hadn't shown up here your fate would be different, but you've seen too much.

"Me? I'm using the cell phone son, calm there that missing I save 4 more animes ...

"That's enough, finish her up.

One of the men ran towards the girl ready to strike her, Haruka then struck a punch that broke the man's jaw knocking him to the ground then.

"... Sure! I'm done, so, man, what's yours? Coming running at a helpless girl? Are you some kind of sex maniac?

"... Who are you?

"I'm Batgirl, don't you see my cover? I'm not wearing black clothes and a mask either. but who said I need a sex fetish costume to fight crime?!


"You'd better take your friend to the hospital, his mouth seems to be a little out of place.

"Who sent you here? Which faction are you part of?

"The pope, I am of the followers of the dimensional church of the kingdom of Zeus, I have given you a lot of time to get out of here, there will be no next warning, you leave this place standing or lying down, you choose.

"You will pay dearly for it... " said the man as he helped his friend to get up.

"I'm scared to death, someone helps me, I'm going to have to move, Mom helps me.


After the men left the alley Haruka looked around looking for the girl who had caught his eye, looking calmly around she found the girl hidden between two dumpsters.

"It's all right, they're gone.


"You can get out of there now, there's no one else who will hurt you.

"How dare you say that... even though it's human.

"And you're what a car?


Haruka then held the girl's arm and pulled her out of hiding, after removing the girl even though she did not want to, the girl revealed herself to be an elf.

"An elf? What are you doing here? "He asked Haruka with a half-assed look.

"Let me go!

"... Wasn't it reported trespassing in this area when you got here? How many are with you?

"You're a hunter...

The mood between the two was not good, Haruka could notice that this girl had a deep anger against humans, however, Haruka noticed that the girl had broken handcuffs on six arms and legs.

"Is it a new elf fashion? Wear accessory cuffs?

"Do you still make fun of our house?!

The girl then tried to slap Haruka in the face, however, the girl held her hand before it could reach her face.

"You're much weaker than a normal human, I'd say you don't even have magical power, you elves are very rational, tell me... How did you get here?

"Are you still trying to trick me?!

"What are you talking about? I didn't do anything to you!

"They were hunters like you, they attacked our village, they killed our parents, brothers, husbands, they brought our strength to this place, and you still think you didn't do anything?!

After hearing that Haruka let go of the girl's hand, the girl couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"Where are you keeping your others?

"You know very well...

"Where are you keeping your others?!

"... I don't know how to define what kind of place that is, it's kind of trade, it's got a lot of red lights on the door and sells a kind of fish I've never seen before...

"Show me where this place is.

The elf did not trust the girl, however, she felt a gloomy pressure coming from Haruka, at that moment her fear for the girl spoke louder, she then decided to take the girl to the place.

After walking through some streets the elf pointed out the place from which she had fled, it was a kind of Japanese restaurant, knowing about what the place was about Haruka walked quietly to the place while the elf followed her, after entering the restaurant, Haruka came across a very little busy place, there were only two people being a clerk and a man who was sitting next to him.

"Hello young lady, I'm sorry but we're about to close. "The clerk said.

"Close? But it's still 6:47, you close early like this?

"It's just that we had an unforeseen event today that forced us to close early.

"Um, is that the one behind me?

The man soon eyes behind the girl and noticed the presence of the elf, at the same time he was astonished.

"Is this some kind of joke? I mean, organizations would never allow a creature like that to walk around, is she dressed up or something?

"How peculiar, she said she left here... " said Haruka as she approached the two men.


Haruka and the two men stared at each other for a few seconds, the man who was sitting got up and went towards the girl, he was much taller than her, he stopped next to her and started looking at her from top to bottom.

"What do you want here? This isn't the kind of place a girl should be at this hour.

Soon after saying this the man put his hand on the girl's shoulder, Haruka at the same time looked at him in a quiet and quiet manner.

"But isn't this a restaurant? It wouldn't be a problem if I stay here, would it?

"I think you'd better get out of here.

"And I think you'd better take your hand off me.

"Listen here girl...

Before the man finished talking, Haruka pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.

"Hold on, they sent me a message.


"How cool, it seems that released new skins to my characters, this one is very cool, how much do I have in my account?

"I've had enough of it. "The man said while he was taking the girl's cell phone.

" Hey, what are you doing here? What's that? At least alert the victim that it's a robbery.

"I'm going to count to five so you can get out of here, if I get to 5 and you're still here and I'm going to take you out.

"How cute, you make things a lot easier for me.

The girl then punched the man in the belly, after receiving the blow of the girl the man lowered himself, Haruka then grabbed his head and hit her against the counter, soon after he fell to the ground unconscious.

"Looks like we got a knockout here, the judge counts 10 and you're out big guy!

"We don't like violence here. "The clerk said while pointing a pistol at the girl.

"Easy! I'm just a helpless teenager wanting to make a wish.

"And what is your request?

"Show me where you keep others like her.

"I don't know what you're talking about.

Haruka then looked at the elf who was still at the perplexed door, the girl raised her hand and made a gesture asking the elf to come to her.

"What are you doing? "The clerk said as he watched Haruka call the elf.

"She left here, so you must know where you're keeping the others, but as you said yourself, you don't know what I'm talking about, do you? Then you don't have to worry.

"That's stupid!

The man then turned his gun to the elf and prepared to shoot, realizing that it would be shot, the elf lowered herself and put her arms in front of her head, Haruka quickly held the man's gun still in his hand.

"What's that, man? Why so angry?

"You'd better drop my gun...

"Umm? The excuse is, you were planning on shooting my ally, so I thought I'd stop you before you send her to another life, let's do this, you drop the gun and I'm not going to break your hand next to the gun, all right?

"You don't seem like a normal person, by far I'd say you're normal, you're a hunter, aren't you?

"Maybe I am.

"If you're here then you may not know the deal we have.

"I don't have any deal with you, I was just passing by and I saw two perverts pulling a helpless girl into an alley.

The man slowly began to drop the gun, after realizing that Haruka pulled the gun toward him and then broke it.

"All right, now that the danger is gone, why don't you tell me what you're doing here? "Haruka said as he leaned over the counter.

"It shouldn't make a difference to you, your job is to kill the creatures, not get involved with them, just to be here protecting it you may end up getting hurt.

"Um, tell me, if I kill you both and take the girl with me, who's going to be able to say I did anything?

"... Kill us? What kind of hunter are you?

"One who is without patience, shows me where you keep others just like her.

The clerk then began to walk towards a wall, after reaching the wall he pressed a series of tiles in a specific order, after finishing tightening the tiles, a passage in the wall opened giving way to a path that led underground.

"It's here...

"Before we come down, I have one more question for you.


"Who's helping you? I'm referring to the hunters.

I don't know, i don't know.

Haruka at the same time punched the belly of the man who made him fall to the ground coughing.

"I'm going to ask you again, who's helping you kidnap the elves?

"I... I don't know... they just bring us the goods, I swear.



The girl then got up and kicked the man's face knocking him out, soon after she turned her eyes to the stairs and began to head underground, the elf seeing that scene ran toward the girl and held her arm.

"Why are you holding me?

"What is your intention in doing so? You're hitting on your fellow men, and why are you doing it?

" We are not elves, I do not see them as my fellow men, I'm just following what I think is right, I did not identify you as my enemy, I'm just helping someone who needed help, I doubt very much that they try to screw me, the ACP would not allow something like kidnapping elves, so I'm not worried, If they're going to report me for helping you, I'm more concerned about who they're working with.


The elf then let go of Haruka's arm and she began to descend the stairs while being accompanied by the elf right behind her.

"What's your name?

"I thought elves were more polite, even if maybe that's a custom of humans, but here before you ask someone's name, you identify yourself first.

"... Calen, my name is Calen.

"My name is Haruka.

"Thank you for helping me.

"Don't thank me, we're still enemies in theory, I'm helping you because I thought it was right, yet the attacks on the human world continue, and the elf's track record in the slaughters in the human world is immense.

"... You saying that makes it sound like we're the bad guys.

"Who is the villain? Why do you and we fight? I've been hurt by some struggles defending ordinary people who want to have some involvement with the spirit world, the inhabitants of the spirit world have attacked us over and over again in recent years, killing all the humans they could find, some for pure pleasure and others for being unconscious and acting by nature, just as we humans attack ed and killed you, in the end we are all irrational creatures who fight only for their own motives and ideals, in this struggle there is no right and one wrong, there are those who have goals that can only be achieved in bloodshed.

"... Humans are barbarian beings, you only think of yourselves! No for nothing, they enslaved my people after the reign of the elf king.

"I may be young, but an old man put in my head enough information from the spirit world, during the reign of the elf king, you killed in cold blood any living being that entered your territory, humans tried to make a peace deal with you, you know what happened to these people?


"You tore out your arms and eyes and made them walk in circles in front of the elf king's kingdom until you died using control scrolls.


"Let's free your people soon, we're not here to discuss who's right or wrong.

"... Okay, i'm going to go

After finishing down the stairs, Haruka came across a large iron door, despite the technology to hide the passage, the door was literally ordinary, however, it was quite heavy, something that an ordinary person could not pull depending on his strength, the girl then held the door handle and opened it slowly.

After opening the door, Haruka came across something she never thought she would see, a white room with several iron tables, each with an elf tied up, to the corner of the room there was a cage where elf children were locked, each of the tables just as the cell had a price, the girl had found a clandestine elf market.

"What the fuck is this...

"Maybe that's similar to what we did with humans, isn't it? They sell us and make us an object, the fate given to the people of my people here are diverse in human eyes...

"Let's get them out of here soon, the more time we spend here, the more danger we're in.

"What are we going to do to get them all out of here? Do you know how to cast a portal?

"No, i'm not... It would be really weird if they saw elves walking in groups on the streets, but what the hell!


"For now we're going to let them go, then I'll think about what we can do.

Haruka found herself now in a complicated situation, the girl had no idea who to turn to at that time, she didn't even wise ly trust.