Chapter 3:

A Quarrel

Haruki- はるき [Volume.1]

"What did you just say?"

"Are you being serious?"

"But why would he do that"

Questions arised from Hideaki and the others. 

After the suicide of Ken I stayed at the at the cliff for about the next hour. My brain was still processing all the things that just happened right before my eyes. The more i tried to understand the more difficult it became to see things through. I felt like iam the protagonist in some kind of television series. It was all like a nightmare to me, and now these strange looking artifacts that Ken handed me over and told me that they possess a unique power. Is it really true? He told me the artifact will test it's user depending on his/her traits. I looked at all five of them. The more i looked at them the more curious i would become. I wanted to test one of them to be sure if they really are old artifacts from the ancestors.

"I remember Ken saying this sword is called "Aerated Sword" I think it's name is due to the fact that it can strike from distance through air. It looked more like a Wakizashi (A Japanese Sword). I picked it up. I was just trying to check if its really strong. I randomly swirled the sword in one direction. It emitted a strong air of high pressure in the same direction that even i backed a little and had to use all the energy to get a grip on the ground. After a few seconds it stopped and I was startled when i looked back.

All the trees in that direction were blown away along with their roots. My brain couldn't approach how it was even possible. 

In a state of shock, I did not even notice that the sword is not in my hand anymore. I could feel my back more heavy. I looked back but there was nothing only the bag that I took from my house. I took off my bag but it still felt heavy on my back. Than, I saw tiny particles on my back moving constantly in random motion. I tried to touch them. As my hand went near it i saw something forming by the particles. The hilt of sword showed up. I pulled it out and the next moment the sword was on in my hand.

Ken told me that the artifact will give you a hint if it accepts the user. 

"Does that means the sword accepted me as it's owner?" I questioned myself. 

Being startled by the things that i just came across, I went looking for the others.

As soon as i started searching them, I heard a voices on my back. It seemed like someone was calling my name. I looked at my back and saw shadows forming on the ground, although i still couldn't figure out who it is. As they came near I recognized the voices. It was Kiyoshi and the others but why are they all together, that was not what Ken told us to do.  

"Why are you all together?" I asked of curiosity.

There was complete silence for the next half minute.

Finally Kiyoshi broke the silence. 

"We thought it would be better to find those objects together"

"You had any success on finding the objects yet Haruki?" Akira questioned me.

I was puzzled in my mind on how should i get myself out of this situation. The best way was to tell the truth but i don't want to hurt them by saying that, also how would i even justify myself that i was not able to save Ken from suicide?

"Ken gave me all the artifacts himself." words finally came out of my mouth. Everyone looked at me right on my face with their eyes wide open as i continued further. 

"He told me that he will be the leader of the organization, So as per our agreement before he won't meet us ever again but will be connected to only me."

"What did you just say?"

"Are you being serious?"

"But why would he do that"

Questions arised from Hideaki and the others. 

"Let me complete first" I cut Hideaki is he tried to speak.

"He gave me all the artifacts. He told me facts about the artifacts that i wouldn't believe myself until i witnessed it myself. Each artifact possesses a unique power furthermore the artifact will choose the owner itself by showing some kind of clue or hint. If its not suitable for the owner it will decline the owner."

"So, even if we believe everything you said that doesn't change the fact that you and Ken kept secrets from us, also you are the one to whom Ken gave the objects or the artifacts not us. Considering how bizarre it is to believe on your artifact story and the fact that you two keep secrets from us i find no further meaning of taking part in this. So, I am sorry Haruki! but ill leave now."

Kiyoshi turned towards the other side after saying that and started moving away. Akira and Hideaki tried to stop him.

"Let's actually listen to him or see the artifacts he is talking about" Hideaki spoke in his jolly voice to try calm Kiyoshi a bit.

"You think i am that dumb to believe it?" Kiyoshi said as he pushed Hideaki.

Hideaki fell down and that started a fight between all of them.

I was standing a few meters away from them, thinking of a way to get out of this.

"There can be only 1 solution to this" i said to myself and pulled the sword from my back.

"Let's try that again"

I firmed the grip of my feet as i started to strike the thin air. Once again as i gave my first strike with the sword, air pressure increased pushing me behind. The gush of air went straight to the trees ahead and caused the destruction of all of them. 

Akira, Kiyoshi  and Hideaki in a state of disbelief started looking towards me and the catastrophe that i have caused with their eyes wide open. 

"How you did that?" Akira said in his terrified voice

"You just destroyed all the trees in single blow" Kiyoshi spoke up too.

I took hold of the situation.

"I used the artifact that chose me before. Its called Aerated Sword because it can strike through air with long distance."

"But how is that possible?" Hideaki spoke incredulity. 

"So now you guys do believe me right? This is the power of artifacts that Ken gave me to fight the bad, to fight the evil in our society. To avenge his family."

"If you guys don't want to join me still that is fine. I'll find someone else for it than but i will avenge him and every other person who could not find Justice. I'll leave now too, have a nice day "

I said that and started moving out by walking pass Akira , Kiyoshi and Hideaki.

In the next moment i felt a pat on my shoulder i looked back. 

"Lets avenge everyone together shall we?"

Kiyoshi spoke and opened his hands to hug me. 

"I am sorry that i doubted you." Kiyoshi said as he hugged me.

"It's okay we all make mistakes. I don't mind it as you have learned your lesson now"

"So, what's the plan now" Hideaki asked in his cheerful voice.

"Let's go back to my house and discuss the entire situation there." i spoke as everyone agreed to that. 

Yet once again we set forward to find out more about these Strange Artifacts with Kiyoshi on my right along with Akira and Hideaki on my left.