Chapter 4:

The Sacred Sakura Flower

Haruki- はるき [Volume.1]

1:30 AM

We could already see clouds gathering on the sky as we started making our way to my house. The Kimono Forest was 13 KM a far from my house. It started drizzling as we had 5 KM left to cover. As it could turn in to heavy rain, we started rushing towards. At last we found a Cab nearby. The Cab driver stopped immediately as he saw us. He looked like a kind person. He didn't even ask us for the rent as he dropped us near my apato (Japanese word for apartment). I opened the lock by using the keys which I usually keep in my back pocket. We all went in, Akira , Hideaki sat on the bed while Kiyoshi sat on the comfortable sofa that I bought by my savings last month. 

"Alright, ill make some tea, than let us talk in detail about everything" as I started to move towards the Kitchen right next to the bed room. 

I put the kettle on the stove and waited for the tea to be ready. I poured it in 3 cups as i myself didn't like to drink tea in company. I put the 3 cups on a large tray and went back to the room.

All of them were starring at the bag which had the artifacts. I gave each of them a glass of tea and sat at the edge of the bed near the artifacts bag. We remained quite for sometime and than i finally spoke.

"So, Now i am going to take each of the artifact out 1 by 1 and we are going to test who is it for"

Everyone remained quite.

I picked the bag and took out an artifact which looked much like a bow with a weird shape. Ken told me its called the Divine Slayer. It is as deadly as the name sounds. It have 3 kinds of arrows within it which are summoned by the user of the bow which ever he desires. The Pink , Red and White arrow. The Pink arrow can make someone fall in love with you and will do what ever you tell him more like he will become your puppet. The Red arrow if hit someone anywhere on his body will release a certain kind of Black Plague which will consume all of the victim's body. The White arrow however, is a bit different. If the arrow hits the acquired target, his memories will be under your control. The user of the bow can either erase his memories or alter them as he like. Ken told me something else about the Divine Slayer which I found very peculiar. He said this bow can also be used to slay a God or some divine creature. I didn't understand what he meant neither did I ask because I was more worried about him than the artifacts at that time. 

I told this entire detail about bow to them. Their eyes, Now wide open as I told them more and more about the bow. As I was not sure about what slaying a God meant. I didn't tell them that. I stopped speaking.

There was a five minutes silence in the room. I once again broke the silence.

"Why don you give it a go Kiyoshi."

""Who? Me ?" Kiyoshi sounded shocked.

"Yes, Just hold it and the bow will choose you, if you are the one"

"Well, i guess there is no harm in trying" he said pumping himself up.

I handed the Bow over to Kiyoshi. 

Five minutes passed but the bow didn't show any signs as the sword of mine did. 

"Well, I think its not for me. Heh" Kiyoshi replied after 5 minutes.

"Hmm, well it could be. Akira why don't you go next" I said taking the bow from Kiyoshi and handling it over to Akira.

"......" Akira nodded.

As soon as the bow came in Akira's hands it gave a bright blue light and disappeared of our sight. 

"Where is the bow?" Kiyoshi said in a state of shock.

"Huh, What do you mean?" Akira asked looking confused.

"He means the bow just disappeared." Hideaki said in a taunting voice.

"But its right here." Akira answered.

"That means it chose you." I said 

"The invisibility is the sign that the bow chose you." I continued.

"I can see the arrows on my back already"

"PINK RED AND WHITE" Akira shouted.

"Relax, they wont stay there forever just put your bow back and they will disappear, i think." I started to calm Akira up. 

Akira put his hands on his back. 

"You were right. It did disappear. How did you know?"

"Because something similar happened with my sword" I replied to Akira.

They started talking to each other while I took 2 more artifacts out. The Book of Great Knowledge and the Silent Spear of Rakshas. I handed the Book over to Hideaki and spear to Kiyoshi without saying anything. They both glowed and than disappeared. 

"How did you know that they are meant for us?" Kiyoshi questioned in a state of shock.

"I didn't know. I just guessed. Luckily it went right." I replied.

"Okay, So what do our artifacts do" Hideaki questioned me looking at his hand (which held the invisible spear).

"The Book consists of different spells and charms. For stronger spells you need more energy. The spear is said to be a spear of a Raksha (in Hindu mythology, a type of demon or goblin.) It can take as much enemies as you want but it do depends on the strength of the user." i halted for a second and continued.

"Remember, All of you while making an attack your weapon will be visible for about five seconds"

They all now started looking at there weapons. I lied on the bed as I was too tired of the journey and also by explaining things to them.

Akira started to move towards me. I looked at him.

"Something wrong?" I asked of curiosity. 

"You said there were 5 artifacts. What's the fifth one"

"Oh, I totally forgot" 

Being honest I was so worked up with everything I forgot about the fifth artifact.

Once again I place my hands in the bag and took out the last artifact.

"Ken didn't told me anything regarding it. All he said is that it's called the Sacred Sakura Flower."

Everyone seemed curious.

"He didn't told me anything how it works. He just said find the true person who can use it because it's power is immeasurable."

Everyone was confused what could be so powerful about an artifact which looked like a mere cherry blossom.

Questions came in everyone's mind even myself.

"Well, i think, we can find it when we find its true user" I said trying to cheer everyone up.

It was already dark. Kiyoshi, Akira and Hideaki said a Good Bye to me with there confused faces and went down the hallway while I watched them going.

誇らし / hokorashi_