Chapter 6:

Chapter 6: Trouble at The Gate.

The Master and The Slave

The massive gray cold wall that circles the entire city cast a large shadow at the nearby building. With its many watchtowers embed in the wall itself, that watchtower help to guard the city against any outside force. They say it can even hold an attack from a dragon. Nesto notices a large quartz on top of each of the watchtower.

From his military day, someone once told him that it is a weapon capable of firing a large magical energy projectile on the enemy. Nesto then look at the gate, noticing a large number of guards in heavy armor and wearing a helmet that covers their face. They all are armed with sword and spear. Nesto also notices a few War mage in the midst of the guards, because of their robe-like uniform and light armor.

Someone taps Nesto on the shoulder, "Sir, you are holding up the line."

Nesto looks behind him and notices the male elf behind him, gesturing him to move forward. Nesto looks back to front and takes a step forward. He then peeks to the front of the line and sees a human woman is having a problem with the elf inspector at the gate checkpoint.

"What do you mean I cannot leave?" Say the human woman.

"Be patient human," the inspector said to her while his men check her belonging.

"I'm a free human, my master has released me. Why can't I pass the gate?" the woman said.

"We just checking to make sure you didn't take anything that didn't belong to you," The inspector said.

"I didn't steal anything," The woman said.

"Clean, we can only find regular cloth and a wrapped bread," one of the guards said then toss her belonging at the woman feet.

"You may go," The inspector said.

The human woman grabs all her stuff off the ground and walks away from the inspector quickly. The inspector looks at her with disdain until she no longer in his sight.

"Next," the inspector said.

The elf woman in front of Nesto walk closer to the checkpoint and the inspector easily let her passed without any hassle or even glance at her. After the elf woman leaves it finally Nesto turn, he walks to the inspector and immediately the inspector shout.

"Weapon!" The civilian around Nesto duck down.

While all the guard in the vicinity circle around Nesto and point their weapon at him. Nesto just stood there, his eyes just stare annoyingly at the inspector while letting out a sigh.

"Drop your weapon and raise your hand up in the air!" The inspector shouted while pointing his sword at Nesto.

Nesto raises his hand up in the air after dropping his bag and Axe on the ground. One of the guards carefully walk to Nesto and kick the Axe away while another one push Nesto down to his knee. The guard then grabs both of Nesto hand and bring it together behind his back. Nesto then felt the cold steel on his wrist as the guard handcuff him.

"Well, shit," Nesto said before a sack covers his head.

Nesto felt a sharp pain as if someone hit him in the back of his head with the hilt of a sword, knocking Nesto out.

After, a couple of minutes.

Nesto groans in pain as his slowly came conscious again. Nesto opens his eyes and notices the sack is still covering his head. Nesto tries to move his hand, forgetting about the handcuff. When he finally notices about the handcuff, he let out another tired sigh and droop his head in defeat.

Nesto heard an angry elf talking to another outside of the room. The other elf voice is too quiet to hear clearly, but the angry elf was loud enough that Nesto could hear it.

"What do you mean you lose her?"

"In the sewer?"

"She jumps into a canal?"

"Why didn't you chase after her?"

"I don't care how hard it is to find her, it's your damn fault."

"If you don't find that elf girl, you are going to pay the price."

"Leave, I got another business to tend too."

Nesto heard the door to the room open and close. The footstep circle around Nesto, almost like the elf is examining him. The footstep is heavy for a woman, even if she wears a heavy armor. The footstep stop and his sack were lifted off his head, granting Nesto sight back. Nesto looks around the room, noticing his Axe leaning on the wall and remember one of the interrogation room he once used in the war.

The male reveals himself, an elf with a long blue hair and dark blue eyes. Based on his body type and shape, Nesto remembers this elf. He is the inspector that treat the woman at the checkpoint poorly earlier.

The inspector drops the bag of coins that was a gift to Nesto on the table in front of him. The inspector then lifts the Axe and planted its blade on the table.

"Tell me, how a human trash like you have all this gold? Did you steal it?" The inspector asks.

"It was a gift from my former master," Nesto answer truthfully.

"Do you think I'm a fool?" The inspector asks.

"No, sir," Nesto said, suddenly the inspector punch him in his faces.

Nesto's fingers start to dig into his palm, as his anger begins to surface, but Nesto let out a breath, calming him down.

"Now tell me the truth, did you steal the gold!?" The inspector asks.

"No," Nesto answer and the inspector punch him the face again.

"If you are going to lie again, I'm going to cut your precious tongue off," The inspector threatens Nesto as he leans closer to him.

"Did you steal or not?" the inspector said.

"No," Nesto answer.

Nesto can see the vein bulging on the elf forehead, as he clenches his teeth and glare at him. He then pulls the Axe out of the table and lifts it up in the air. The inspector was about to plunge the Axe into Nesto shoulder when suddenly the door to the room opens up.

"What in the name of Yana?!" The other armored elf wearing a helmet shouted.

The inspector drops the Axe immediately and it planted itself into the ground then he salutes the other elf.

"I was just interrogating him, Sir!" The inspector said.

"That is not proper protocol, get out of this interrogation room, inspector!" The other elf command.

"Yes Captain," the inspector said and quickly left the room before glaring dagger at me.

The inspector closes the door behind him. The captain walks to the table and took a seat before letting out a drained sigh. The captain then taps his finger on the wooden table.

"You know, you shouldn't bring a weapon at the gate, especially if you are a human, former major Fasheir." The captain said then takes off his helmet and place it on the table.

The elf in front of him with brown hair, dark black eyes and tree tattoo on his face while wearing a friendly grin on his face as he looks at Nesto.

"Elren, is that you?" Nesto ask.

"I can't believe the one that people called 'Silver Flame' is tied up in an interrogation room after bringing a weapon at the gate," Elren said.

"I haven't seen you since the war, how are you?" Nesto ask.

"I'm healthy and getting a bit fatter, but that is thanks to my wife and daughter. They keep making delicious food for me everytime I get back home," Elren said.

"You're married, that's good. Do you have a picture of your daughter?" Nesto ask.

"Yes, actually I do," Elren said then take out a pendant that he is wearing under the armor.

He opens the pendant, revealing a picture of his wife and daughter to Nesto. Nesto notice there a lot of resemblance between Elren daughter and his wife, but Nesto also sees the few resemblances to Elren.

"Oh, so cute. How old is she?" Nesto asks while look at the picture.

"12 years old," Elren said proudly.

"Thank you for asking, but let get to business," Elren said then store the pendant in his armor.

"Where did you get all this gold?" Elren ask.

"I got it as a gift from the head of Amberdall family," Nesto answer.

"Oh, the noble family you work for, that explains it," Elren said.

"What were you going to do with the Axe?" Elren ask.

"Build a house," Nesto answer sheepishly.

"A house... Okay," Elren said then he stands up, walk up to Nesto and unlock his handcuff.

"You can leave now," Elren said.

"Wow, that easy?" Nesto ask while rubbing his wrist with his hand.

"You save my life once Nesto, I thank you for that. Think of it as a gesture to repay for what you had done," Elren said.

"Thank you Elren," Nesto said gratefully.

"Next time don't bring a weapon or large sum of gold at the gate, okay?" Elren said.

"Okay," Nesto said.

"Let me show to your stuff and escort you out. Also, I will tell the other guard to let you passed through whenever you want," Elren said.

"Thank you again," Nesto said.

"No problem," Elren said.

Elren then brings Nesto to where all his stuff is located, and with all of his stuff return back to Nesto. Elren then escorts Nesto out of the watchtower and to the outside of the wall gate without any hassle from other guards. Nesto wave goodbye at Elren before heading into the forest instead of using the provided trail.

Elren looks at the Nesto as he leaves the vicinity of the gate with his left eyebrow raised and let out a smile before entering the gate again.

"What a strange man," Elren let out.