Chapter 68:

Disrespectful Visit

Valkyria Squadron

February 24Bookmark here

Everyone in the house was on guard since almost the majority of those present had been the victim at some point of the person who was now in the living room of our house. Stella was right now drinking a cup of coffee served by my mother, she drank a little, and then she spoke.Bookmark here

"Thank you very much for the coffee, Mrs. Adelis."
"Although we have seen each other up to now, I want to thank you for all the work that you have done over the years because although you may not have been aware of it, we have both worked together for quite some time."
"It is thanks to you and your son that we have finally been able to rescue the Codex"
"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stella and I work as a supervisor and coordinator for the celestial security section, my job is quite similar to yours, I am in charge of assigning missions for our field agents as well as making sure they have everything they need to do with the work was successful"
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"Oh! Thanks a lot"
"I think that means that I have done a good job all this time if I receive congratulations from an angel like you in my own home." My mother answered while she served herself coffee too.Bookmark here

"Although I am sure that you enjoy my presence, unfortunately, this time it will be quite short because I am a little short of time"
"So I'll get straight to the point. "
"A couple of hours ago one of our agents in the city was attacked by a demon quite similar to the one that attacked Cesar in the Ueno dam tunnel."
"The agent did not survive due to his injuries, but what worries us the most is that he could not destroy the computer that he carried with him."
"The demon used this computer to access our databases."
"According to our security technicians, they managed to find out the daemon tried to search for information from only two people before it was detected by security and the computer ejected from the system."
"The first was about you Cesar, the good side of this is that your information is considered highly important to us, so your information is handled only with the strictest security measures."
"The probability that you have achieved something is completely 0 percent."
"Unfortunately the other person did not have the same luck"
"It's that of a journalist here named Nozomi Yasuda."
"We do not know the reason why this person participated."
"But according to my boss, Archangel Michael, he thinks the chance of her being attacked too is pretty high."
"Obviously this is not something we can ignore, so we must watch over her and protect her from her at any cost"Bookmark here

"All that sounds fun and all, but our job is to keep the codex safe." I interrupted her before she continued speaking.
"I am sure that a demon on the loose is something that falls within your jurisdiction to try to stop the demon on his own."
"Besides that same demon is putting his precious codex at risk."Bookmark here

"As I said before, our only agent in the city died facing this unknown demon."
"Right now we don't have anyone closer than you who can help us."
"And bringing in extra agents would take the time we don't have."
"Maybe even right now that demon is attacking an innocent human with impunity."Bookmark here

"One week, I'm only going to watch her for a week, after classes start I'll be back with my problems again."
"After that, it is your problem how this ends."
"And I swear to you that as this is another one of your damn plans, I'm not going to help you ever again."Bookmark here

"Although the distrust is justified, I assure you that there is nothing behind this time."
"This has been just an improvised problem to which we have to adapt a solution quickly."
"Also, as I said before, right now I don't have much time because I have to prepare everything for the arrival of the new agents, so I will leave here immediately."
"One week is enough, thank you very much for your help once again."
"I leave everything in your capable hands."Bookmark here

Suddenly something seemed to catch the attention of Stella, looking carefully she got up from the chair and went to the fireplace, next to where were our family photos and Luna's core. She opened the box and took out the green gem from there. Bookmark here

"Is this perhaps a dragon nucleus what you have here?"
"What if you don't know how dangerous it is for something like this to be here on Earth!"Bookmark here

I immediately took my gun and pointed it at Stella's head.Bookmark here

"You have five seconds to put that where it was or I will send you to heaven in the fastest way" I told her immediately Bookmark here

"May I know the meaning of this?" she answered confusedBookmark here

"The meaning is that if you don't put that back in its place I'm going to put a bullet in your head"
"There's no other fucking meaning"Bookmark here

Stella then noticed what I was referring to and without saying anything she put the core back in its glass box. Then she moved a couple of meters away from there fulfilling my claim from before.Bookmark here

"I hope there is a reason why you have that object here in your house and not have handed it over to the corresponding authorities and hide the fact."Bookmark here

"The fucking reason why that gem is with me is due to the fact that the stupid weakness with which they handled all that shit was nefarious."
"If you guys had done your fucking job, all that shit that happened wouldn't have happened."
"But since you guys couldn't even do a stupid thing right, it's up to us to do our best to clean up your shit."
"And the reason that gem is here with me is because I fucking say so and you can't fucking do anything"
"Because you don't even have the balls to take it from me by force "
"Is that right Mrs. Stella? "Bookmark here

"It's exactly how you say it"
"It was foolish of me to even discuss this matter."
"Please forgive my ignorance unfit for my race and my position"
"I am deeply sorry that I made you angry"Bookmark here

Stella immediately dropped to her knees on the ground and bowed in apology. She had screwed up quite a bit and she knew it. The fact that she acted as she did and how she disrespected me was something that the angels could not afford to commit in the least.Bookmark here

"So her with one action Cesar would have red eyes immediately"
"But of course it is important enough for you, right?"Bookmark here

"Maria can you just fucking shut up!?"
"Did you hear anything she said?"Bookmark here

"Absolutely nothing, as I was very busy reflecting deeply on my actions and lack of courtesy" Stella replied still on the ground showing her apology.
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"That you weren't short on time?"
"I think you must already be very late so you should leave immediately"
"And as I realize that you even remember what was in that box, I will tear off your wings with my bare hands."Bookmark here

"You're right"
"I leave immediately"
"I'm sorry to have bothered your day with my presence"
"Bye"Bookmark here

Stella stood up and immediately went to the door, then left without saying anything else. Once I was gone, I put away my gun and returned to the living room.Bookmark here

"Don't let an outsider touch that gem"
"The dragon cores were collected by the angels to be destroyed."
"For the celestial security section, even the existence of Luna's core is a threat."
"But I'm not going to let them take it no matter what"
"Can you help me with that?"
"Please?"Bookmark here

Everyone in the room was surprised to see me. Thinking that I had a strange face, I went to the mirror to see, but I just noticed that my normal face and even my eyes had returned to their blue color. Were they surprised by my reaction? but I think it is normal to protect what is mine and make it clear to others. If not, Stella might have taken it right away.
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