Chapter 69:

Atlantis The Continent Of Troubles

Valkyria Squadron

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After the commotion caused by Stella's visit, we all gathered for dinner. We were still talking about what we would have to do in the next few days. We were gathered at the table eating something quite simple, chicken rings with a salad. Tamamo helped with the salad and so far it has been the best she has cooked, so you can see progress with her diligent practice. Almost all of us, except Tamamo, use a spoon to eat, because although we have all tried it, we are not skilled with chopsticks, the next in skill is Maria but even she has a hard time and since almost all of us eat the same as there is no rush for learning. Bookmark here

"I can't believe that now a demon is chasing you to kill you "
"But remembering that we have a goddess and even an angel here with us, it must be natural that demons also exist"
"But why that one in particular? what did you do to her?" asked my sisterBookmark here

"That is an excellent question, I have no idea why either"
"The only thing I can think of is that it is because of something that happened in Atlantis, but I don't know what part of it was that could make her angry" I answered sincerely.Bookmark here

"As I understand it, what happened there was important but you have never told any of that"
"What happened in that place?" Tamamo asked curiously.
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"The question is rather, what did not happen there?"
"So many horrendous things happened that I don't even know where to start"
"Well, I think the best thing is to tell it from the beginning."
"I do not pretend to be here all night so I am not going to tell everything in detail, so pay attention."Bookmark here

Atlantis as you can imagine it was a very ancient civilization. They were a very skilled people who always liked to break new limits, always pushing their inventions to the limit in the attempt to conquer new frontiers. They were a civilization that was very dependent on the use of their highly developed magic-based technology. But this had a problem, this technology was very dependent on materials, his favorite material to work with was orichalcum, it was a very difficult element to find on earth. So the Atlanteans always had to conquer new territories in order to get new areas to get resources. Why didn't they just search their own territory well for new veins of metals and orichalcum? Well, that was because they couldn't. His territory, his continent was like no other. The place where Atlantis was located was a large floating island that could freely roam the planet.Bookmark here

They were the undisputed owners of the planet. The maximum civilization that existed at that time. His domains were great and his power unimaginable. But his people were also selfish and self-centered. For them, humans on the surface of the planet were inferior dirty beings. But even so, trade was always necessary, so in the lower part of the floating island there were fortress ports installed strongly defended so that the agent could sail towards Atlantis to exchange goods, it was for this very reason that the lower part of the island It was considered low class, while the richest and most powerful lived in the upper part. Time passed and the Atlanteans came to hear of a new civilization created by man without the help of the magic, it was Mesopotamia. The Atlanteans visited them but when they saw the level that the man had reached, they boasted and laughed. They believed beings superior to anything on the planet. And the ego came from him to such a level that they even rebelled against Heaven and declared war openly. They wanted to show that they were the perfect beings who had surpassed even THE BOSS.
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Although it was undoubtedly foolish what they did, it was something they had carefully planned in advance. They had even made allies to whom they gave some of their technological advances and that the Atlanteans would use to increase their troops in the war. They are allies Sodom and Gomorrah had agreed to help the Atlanteans in exchange for them helping them defeat their enemy, Mesopotamia. You will know the fate of these two places if you have read some books. The Atlanteans managed to survive the attack from the skies but suffered a substantial amount of casualties despite the fact that they had not even managed to launch an attack. Due to the number of deaths they suffered so suddenly, the political situation was unstable in Atlantis. Because of this, they decided to temporarily withdraw from the conflict and travel west. To try to get more resources to carry out the repairs and create new weapons, the fools of the Atlanteans decided to cast their luck once more and invaded a new civilization. Unfortunately, I could not know much about what was this other civilization that they attacked, but according to what I heard this was at a level similar to the Atlanteans themselves. This war turned out just as badly as the one before the Atlanteans had finally encountered a people capable of facing them at the same level. Bookmark here

Due to the dire situation they faced, having been attacked like never before and suffering casualties at an unprecedented level for them, some of the officers of the same Atlantean army staged a coup to sign a peace treaty and return to their previous situation where they did not have to worry about anything. Atlantis once again due to these disputes had to withdraw from their current war campaign to deal with their internal problems. It was during this revolution that the emperor of Atlantis was mortally wounded, Nanami's father. Inside his castle, The Palace In The Clouds, the emperor on his deathbed cast the curse of dragons to finish off his opponents. What he didn't know was the level of threat these beings were capable of. The dragons not long after they managed to create a portal that managed to connect with St. Petersburg in Russia, in the current era. Bookmark here

This is where I started. The day those dragons came out into the world was the day I was vacationing there. I managed to escape from the city with Rose's group. We then took refuge in Moscow and then I had my incident in the tunnels. When we managed to get back to the portal where the dragons came to earth we realized that they were opening more around the world. But this also indicated one thing, that the place where these Dragons came from was from that other place to which all the portals connected. Atlantis was where they were coming from and where we would have to go to finish them off. Bookmark here

When we got there to destroy the dragons the civilization of Atlantis was in its last days, its great and powerful cities were now ruins, its warrior people and pride was now decimated, despite its great inventions for war now deadly diseases and the pests were present. Her harvest fields were now hunting grounds for dragons and famine was the norm. Her young empress Nanami was clearly not old enough to inherit from the death of her parents and face an empire in ruins. All apart from the incessant onslaught of the dragons that attacked every hour. Bookmark here

Thanks to the collaboration of Nanami who convinced her people, the two towns came together to face the dragons. We call this combined army the Union. Thanks to our presence with fresh troops, the capital of Atlantis was able to survive a little to help us assemble new teams to combat the ferocious beasts. The magicians of the court made the amazing discovery of the dragon hunters among our people. They were descendants of people who had achieved the feat of slaying a dragon in the past, such as Beowulf, Siegfried, Saint George, or Saint Martha. If these people were wielded magic, they could develop powerful combat skills as well as the ability to become stronger after killing their enemies. When these people were discovered, they were considered heroes or chosen by the Atlantean people and they were given white cloaks to represent their status before others. These people fit perfectly into the category of typical anime heroes, from their stupid way of seeing the world as well as their perfect values unable to see evil in people, along with their stupid power of friendship. Most of them were a real pain in the ass trying to bear them. And in case you ask, no, I was not with them. I am perhaps the most average person you could find. I was just a regular army soldier doing my job as Rose's guard.
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Union's plan to defeat the dragons consisted of sending a vanguard to advance while the great part of the army remained to guard strategic points to ensure shipments of supplies. The objective is to get close to the lower part of the floating island, where the Celestial Forge was located, the place where the most important weapons of the Atlanteans were created, the orichalcum weapons; as well as where the largest deposit of this mineral was located and that probably had all that was left of it. With it, a sword would be created that was capable of defeating the Overlord, the First True Dragon, and ruler of the dragons. Which commanded his army from the lowest place on the island, a fortress sanctuary where it was said that the remains of the founder of Atlantis were and of which it was said that on his shoulders rests all the weight of Atlantis If we could finish him off, we could win a war of attrition.Bookmark here

I accompanied the vanguard for most of the trip, accompanied Nanami as her guard, and saw my companions die horribly easily. The funniest thing about that is that the dragons did not discriminate between white cloaks or regular soldiers like me if your luck runs out until there you go. When we arrived at the forge, there were not even one-third of the people left in the vanguard that started the trip. I was brutally injured defending Nanami and the entrance to the forge. The next thing I realized when I woke up was I had not died and my new height. In what I was unconscious, the Atlanteans managed to forge the orichalcum sword, Avalon, but Nanami had died during that time and I got her body as her last wish because my original body was mortally wounded and she did not want me to die. I took the survivors and returned to the surface of the floating continent to report what had happened, the trip was difficult and long but we made it. One time upstairs Rose who knew who I was proposed the plan for me to go through Nanami, who supposedly had achieved great power to face the dragons and therefore the change of appearance from black to white. The Atlanteans wanted me to choose a new name, so I chose Elise, which people called me after Elise the last empress of Atlantis. Bookmark here

After regaining strength, equipment, and the last recruits that we could find, we mounted one last expedition, the last one that we could mount with the last of our exhausted supplies, if this was not successful, nothing would have it because we no longer had the capacity to produce more. weapons, both in Atlantis and back on the now barren Earth. The trip down to the bottom was difficult. But the siege of the last enemy fortress was something else entirely. It was where we suffered the most losses due to the cursed True Dragon of Death, the same black dragon that Luna died because of him. The only thing we could do to defeat him was launch an attack with so many soldiers in a suicide attack that we saturated that bastard's death power. When that battle ended we were a short distance from the room where the Overlord was waiting. The surviving white cloaks led by their best warrior, Sakura Izumi, immediately launched an attack against him. The few surviving troops followed. Unfortunately, I was ambushed and separated from everyone else, I was locked in a small dark labyrinth, where I had to spend several hours. When I managed to get out of there and force my way to the sanctuary, the Overlord was waiting for me, on the bodies of all the now-dead white cloaks and the codex in his hands. I had to fight him completely alone, and if that was not enough, he damned destroyed the machine that kept the island afloat, which began to fall to destroy the planet with his impact in case he lost. But I managed to defeat him in that combat and by winning the battle I was able to use the codex to end the war against the dragonsBookmark here

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