Chapter 2:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10


Hmm…hair? Newly-combed, alright.

Beard? Just shaved it.

How about the clothes? Ah, freshly-dried from the clothesline. I think Eris did a great job in applying perfume on it. I mean, wow…I could smell my dress from outside my classroom.

“Or, I guess she did go a little overboard with this…”

Anyway, it’s been around ten months since I returned from Cherwind. While things went back as usual, there were some matters that changed significantly. First and foremost was the beginning of Chersea’s first-ever ‘school-year’. See, while there were nobles and royalty who could read and write, education in this place was limited only to the elites…or the elite of the elites. In fact, some noble families—especially those from lesser nobility of the far-flung counties, duchies and/or regions—still suffer from illiteracy.

If that’s the situation with the rulers, then how much more were the common folk? Well, commoners learn about important subjects like ‘language’ and ‘arithmetic’ only through their ‘baptism by fire’, or their parents and/or ‘masters’, who passed that knowledge to them. As such, the masses had varying degrees of skills and expertise in their crafts, which could greatly affect Chersea’s progress in the future.

Especially when Maddie wants to emulate what I’ve done in Cherwind, where machinery and industries are blooming.

And so, the ‘Academy’ that I founded seeks to increase the literacy levels of Chersea. Coming from a world that promotes the ‘education for all’ principle, I think that public education could help this land progress further if talented individuals were leading the government, instead of people from privileged backgrounds. Also, factories and machines needed educated people to operate, so it’s like hitting two birds in one stone.


Honestly, it felt like I didn’t rest when I returned. In the ten months that followed, I’d been busy searching for potential teachers for my school. See, the job of ‘teaching’ in Chersea was considered ‘new’ and ‘odd’—which was kind of strange given that they had ‘scholars’ who study under a ‘master scholar’, or ‘governors’ who teach noble children literacy, arithmetic and other important subjects deemed to prepare them to rule over their people.

In any case, to find competent teachers, I had to determine which subjects were to be taught in the academy. For this, I identified ‘language’, ‘reading’, ‘arithmetic’, ‘magical science’, ‘history’, and ‘ethics and manners’ as core disciplines. Then, ‘military science’, ‘home-keeping’, ‘games and sports’, ‘music’ and ‘arts’ for optional courses. Once I knew what should be taught, the next step was to find good people to pass their knowledge.

Lady Eris became the history teacher, as it was our agreement prior to my disappearance. Sure, I know she’s young for such responsibility, but I think the Duchess of Braunhauer could be relied upon for these matters. The Paladin Corps captain, Lady Sylvia Henristone, volunteered to teach ‘military science’, while I would handle ‘language’ and ‘reading’, having had to spend several months to understand the basics of Chersean language for it.

Now, the relative ease of finding teachers for the said subjects led me to overestimate the attitudes of the Chersean people regarding my plans and goals in establishing the Academy. After settling the matters with Lady Eris and Lady Henristone, the search went from ‘easy mode’ to ‘brutal mode’ really quick. The nobles and royalty either scoffed or were horrified at the idea of educating the common folk. Most of them believed the masses were incapable of learning their ‘complex’ knowledge and skills, and so they forbid even the scholars to talk to me.

On the other side, the common folks viewed my efforts as funny and/or unnecessary. For them, an educated commoner was an impossibility, with them contented with just being able to count, and communicate with each other of their social status. Other academic pursuits didn’t matter to them, and so, they looked at me as the ‘admirable yet eccentric hero’.

Of course, you know what it means to be branded as an ‘eccentric’: no one wants to take you seriously.


So yes, I almost thought that my academy was over before it even started. Luckily…

“Kuro? Ah, there you are! What are you still doing here?” it was Maddie, who barged through the door of my classroom, wearing clothes that resembled a teacher from my world. Perhaps she read what was on my mind about the uniforms of teachers. “The students have already assembled at the courtyard, waiting for your address!”

Ah yes, alright. I’m coming!”

Yep, fortunately, my fiancée was supportive of my goals. When she learned no one wanted to apply in my school as a teacher, she and Lily immediately volunteered to teach ‘arts’ and ‘home keeping’ respectively. Well, in normal cases, I’d turn them down…seeing that Maddie was the Saint and Lily was her servant. However, those two threatened to ignore me if I didn’t let them.

And besides, I have no right to refuse when it’s me who’s literally begging for applicants…I just had to make sure that they can do it while not neglecting their own responsibilities.

Also, I’m initially unaware that Maddie sent letters across the royal courts of Chersea asking for people willing to teach. Soon, I was surprised to see master scholars, nobles, and even some royal members, were applying for a teaching job in the academy. Some of them even went to greater lengths (ahem, bribing) just for me to accept their application. I only learned about Maddie’s involvement when the applicants told me how they were convinced to apply.

Now I’m wondering what Maddie wrote in those letters…she can really be persuasive at times.

The unintended consequence of what she did was that it raised the profile of my relatively obscure Academy. With rumors of kings, queens, and other prominent nobles in my faculty, soon, children of the noble families started to enroll in droves. From an ‘eccentric’ idea, the school I founded became a ‘fad’ almost in a day. However, it also made the commoners stay away, for they viewed the school as somewhat ‘reserved’ only for the elites, which was contrary to my original plans.

So, I sought to change that perspective. I eventually imposed quotas on the enrolment, keeping slots open for the commoner children who wanted to come and study. And to be fair to everyone—noble or commoner, we also introduced entrance examinations to determine those who deserved a space in the academy.

Though, I hope this is only temporary. If we’re successful this school-year, we’d expand the Academy and eventually remove those examinations, so everyone can enroll.

“Hah…” taking a deep breath, I prepared myself before heading out to the courtyard. I guess, even if it’s another world, the feelings whenever you’d face your students on their first day in class would remain the same.

“You’re nervous, Kuro?” Maddie asked.

“You bet I am,” I admitted in between my breaths.

“Hmm…” the Human Saint then hovered beside me and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheeks, “I’m sure you’ll be alright. After all, you did everything you can to achieve this dream of yours.”

“Yep,” I smiled back, “you’re right. After all that happened, now here we are…”

“Of course, we always got your back,” Lily declared, tapping on my shoulder.

“Yes, both in school and outside school!” Eris added, embracing my right arm.

“Thanks guys!” I grabbed the door knobs, took one last deep breath, and headed out to meet our students.


Nine hundred students. That’s our school population, which was 50% nobility and 50% children from wealthy commoner backgrounds. I think for this year we had no one enroll from poorer families, though I’m hoping it would change as time passed by. Anyway, as I came from a place where one teacher would handle 70-100 students inside a classroom, I sought not to repeat that and keep the numbers to a manageable 30 students per class. We also divided them to levels, according to each child’s skill and knowledge, so that the most ‘educated’ ones would be on the 4th year level while the less ‘educated’ would end up in the 1st year and under the focus of the teachers.

“Good, uh, day, Class 4-1!” was my greeting the moment I entered my first class. Though…


Of course, unlike the custom of Earth’s schools, I already expected not to be greeted back by the students properly. Well, they came from upper-class backgrounds, so I kind of understand the silent treatment when I came in.

“Hey, this isn’t right!” I heard someone said, “Everyone, please stand up and greet our teacher!”

“Are you telling us to bow before a commoner?” another student replied. “Mister Kuro may be a hero and a scholar, but we are nobles!”

At that point, the first speaker stood up, calling my attention towards her. From her expression, I knew she was disgusted by the answer she received. Nevertheless, that white, short-haired girl was indignant, “Oi, do you think I give a damn to your status as a member of human nobility? In Cherflammen, we demons give proper respect to our teachers, noble or not.”

“You’re a demon, we’re humans! Learn the difference!”

“No wonder why you’re still barbarians,” the demon girl’s hand began to emanate a reddish glow. “All I’m asking is to respect our teacher; I would incinerate those who won’t do—”

“Alright, Miss, that’s enough!”


Well, of course, as the highest authority inside that classroom, I had to put a stop to the fight even though it would greatly benefit me if the demon girl scared off these arrogant human nobles. Although, I only told her to cease chanting her magic spell before someone else gets hurt, and not apologize to these idiots. She’s my ally, anyway.

“I forgot to tell everyone here that when a teacher—me or anyone else, as long they’re the teacher—enters the room, show respect to them by giving a greeting at least,” I gave the reminder. “As I’ve told you in the orientation earlier, we’re not talking about social status here. In this school, we will treat every student as equals.”

The noble, that one who almost got into the fight, then stood up. I thought he would disagree, but he bowed for a bit and said, “I apologize for my rudeness, Sir Lord Kuro.”

Nah, it’s fine, as long as you guys understand,” I winked at him, “And by the way, please, just call me Sir Kuro. The title of ‘Lord’ is too much for me.”

I’m quite impressed that unlike most of the human nobility that I’d encountered before, these noble kids were more polite than their parents. I guess I’m going to enjoy my first day of school…

But before that…

I walked up beside the demon girl who defended me, and told her, “Thank you for correcting your classmates!”

“No problem, Sir Kuro! You’re very much welcome!” she smiled.

“By the way, you’re really a demon? I don’t see any horns in your head.”

“Well, let’s say my horns are kind of…uh, detachable, Sir.”

“Detachable?” I nearly snickered when I heard that. Fortunately, I stopped myself.

“Yep! While I’m a demon, I’m also a human, see?”

“Oh! Half-demon and half-human?”

“That’s right, Sir! Though, if possible, I don’t like to be called that way. I love both of my parents’ race, so I consider myself wholly human, and wholly demon.”

“I see. I apologize for the earlier call.”

“No problems, Sir! I understand, and appreciate that you’re quick to accept my identity.”

“Well, you’re my student, so I’m here to teach you. I don’t care about backgrounds, really.”

“I think I’ll love you, Sir!”


“Will you marry me?”

The entire class and I were silent when she said that. Our eyes were stuck on her, and the atmosphere went awkward fast. Well, I was surprised by the sudden confession. But of course, she’s a student, so I’d take it as a joke. “Please don’t play around with your teacher!”

The demon girl only chuckled. However, I was even more surprised when she continued with, “Would you like me to begin the class introductions?”

“You mean you’re the first to introduce yourself?”

The demon girl nodded.

I was dumbfounded for a few moments, impressed at her attitude. Honestly, the class introductions were the most awkward moments in every school opening. Back on Earth, I would always have a hard time looking for volunteers, so I’d force the students to introduce themselves via alphabetical order.

I know some of you might think that it’s stupid, but the actual purpose of that is not only for the students to know who their classmates are but also to train these guys to interact with their fellows. This is a school, after all.

So, in any case, since the demon girl volunteered, I asked her to take the stage, which she promptly did. Deep inside, I was also surprised that she knew exactly what I was about to do, or what usually happens inside a classroom.

It’s as if she already went to a school from my country…


Not only that. Now that I got to take a good look at her, her face reminded me of someone I knew…

“Hello, classmates!” the demon girl smiled and did a curtsy. “I’m Noir, Lady of the Usarved Demon Clan. As you may have already known, I’m a demon, and a human. Nice to meet you all!”

The noble kids showed their appreciation for her by applauding. However, she’s not done yet…

Ah, and yes, if anyone of you wonders why I look familiar…” she winked at us, “…it is because I’m the half-sibling of my brother, Prince Hurion Devras of the Demons.”

What a small world…


And then, lunch break came.

Of course, we allotted a faculty room where all the teachers would stay after their class, or when it’s lunch. When I came there, I saw Eris taking a nap on her table, with Lily sitting beside her reading a book. Maddie was nowhere to be found, while the other teachers were eating, or just simply having a break.

“Good job today, guys!” I told them, you know, just to encourage them.

The teachers—all of them members of the Chersean royalty or prominent noble families—smiled back at me, and went on with their lunch, served by their servants.

Yep, it’s really surreal. A commoner leading the nobility, who took up a teaching job. But I guess I have no choice; these folks will have to suffice for now.


Now I’m just wondering where Maddie went.

“If you’re looking for Her Holiness, she’s in the art room.”

I turned to the speaker, no other than the monarch of Amaranth herself, Queen Jessica. “Ah, hello, Your Majesty! I thought I made sure that the bell for lunch break was heard all over the school.”

“Well, Her Holiness did hear it,” the queen explained. “But I guess, she’s too engrossed in teaching the students about art.”

Err…how about the students’ lunch?”

“She told me that they’ll have their lunch there at the art room.”

“That’s wrong—”

“I won’t attempt to stop her, if I were you, Kuro,” Her Majesty said. “You know how stubborn Her Holiness is.”


“Besides, let Her Holiness do as she pleases,” the Queen of Amaranth laughed. “It’s pretty boring back in the Holy Palatial Gardens.”

“True.” I couldn’t help but chuckle when she mentioned that. I mean, I ended up in this world and met them simply because of Her Holiness the Human Saint was bored.

Ah, the power of ‘Butterfly Effect’ is kind of scary and amazing at the same time.

“Anyway, how’s your job as a teacher, Your Majesty?”

The queen laughed, “Honestly, I find myself enjoying it.”

“Hoh…” I didn’t expect to hear that from her. When I first started teaching, the demands of the work were so overwhelming I was already exhausted halfway through the day. Likewise, my co-workers felt the same in their ‘first days’.

“You know…the adulation of the students, their courtesy whenever we meet at the hallways or the classrooms,” she narrated with dreamy eyes, “I think I’ll love being a teacher.”

Err…I’m pretty sure that’s not what a teacher is all about.

“And the best thing of all…they listen whenever I talk,” she added. “Not even my brother would give me an entire minute to what I say before, see?”

“Not even your ministers?”

“Well, though I’m a queen and they ‘listen’,” she emphasized that last word, “I could tell they always have reservations on my words, though they never oppose me outright, especially if it runs contrary to what they think is best.”


Well, her words suddenly hit me. If I remember right, Her Majesty the Queen Jessica was considered a ‘stupid child’ though she was loved. Her brother, the late Prince David, carried more influence in the Amaranthine royal court before, since he was perceived by everyone to be smart. Her Majesty’s words and opinions were always side-lined.

I guess I’ll just let Her Majesty bask in the light of her adoring students; they seem to accord her with more respect than what I initially expected.

“But you know what? I’m just kind of weirded out by that half-human, half-demon student from Class 4-1,” Queen Jessica revealed.

“Miss Noir Usarved? How so?”

“Yes, I think that’s her name. See, she acts so familiar with us, always volunteering to ‘go first’ whenever I would ask them to do something,” she explained. “And from what I observe, the others are afraid of her.”

“Well, some children are like that, even from the place I came from.”

“Really, huh? That isn’t because she has demon blood within her?”

“Yep,” I nodded. Queen Jessica certainly had no idea of students who were too eager to please their teachers and earn every single damn point that was available to increase their grades. “In any case, just let her be. Though you’re weirded out by her actions, you’ll soon find that you’d want students like her.”

“I see…well, if you say so, then I guess she’s harmless.”

Err…is her having a demon blood a great deal in Chersea? If so, then I guess the bad blood between humans and demons stemming from the wars of the past hasn’t disappeared just yet.

“So, uh, besides that…” I sought to change the topic, “…are you okay with your schedule?”

Hm? What do you mean?”

“Your schedule,” I reiterated. “You’re Amaranth’s queen. Don’t you have anything else to do in your kingdom?”

“I left those to my ministers,” the queen replied. “I told you before, they always seem to know better than me, so I let them do it. They’d only tell a problem if it’s something they can’t deal with.”

“Wouldn’t that be a problem?”

Her Majesty shook her head, “No. I know what you mean, so I sent people to monitor my ministers’ actions. They have done nothing that disrespects my will and the people, so far.”


“Also, Her Holiness helped me picked them; she’s a good judge of character.”

Of course, Maddie can read minds.

“So yes, if you’re worried that I’m not doing my responsibility, then I—”

“I’m more worried that it’s too much for you,” I interrupted. “Governing a kingdom while teaching is something I’ve never seen before, so I was concerned you’re biting more than you can chew.”

Queen Jessica stared at me for a few moments. I thought my words offended her, but then, I was relieved when her lips drew a wide grin. “Oh? So you’re worried about me?”

My heart nearly skipped a beat when I realized what I just said. I mean, yeah, I’m really worried that she might get burned out by carrying two heavy responsibilities on her shoulders.

In my experience, teaching for six classes before is already exhausting.

“Hmm…” the queen then gently took my head and felt it against her cheek. “You worry too much, my Kuro. But, I’m a queen, no matter how I came to the throne. I’m not someone who can be easily pushed over. Teaching for only two hours is like a walk in a park for me.”

“O-Oh…” I was taken aback by her gesture, though I’m torn whether I’d pull my hand or just let it be. She might get offended if I did that, though I’m concerned others might see us and put meaning to what they saw.

The queen didn’t let go, however. “Besides,” she continued, “I wanted to know the things my future king would like to do.”

That’s it. I guess, even though I tried hard not to be swayed by her words, Queen Jessica still made me blush terribly. I could feel my cheeks slowly getting warm.

“And also, my gryphons would always fetch me when it’s time to go home, so it’s all good.”

Haa…yeah, that’s what I just wanted to know. At least, Her Majesty’s got a fast ride back to her kingdom after class hours. She didn’t have to go through all that teasing, jeez!


But yeah, I liked it.


***The corridors near Class 4-1’s room***

While on lunch break, the students of the Academy took their idle time as an opportunity to socialize with each other. As most of them were nobles, re-establishing links with their peers and acquaintances were easy. It’s as if they were only attending a royal ball, which was significantly better compared to the ‘strict tutorials’ under personal tutors and governors hired by their parents.

Of course, with most of them knew one another before, it didn’t take long for the students to create the first groups. By the hour of the lunch break, one could easily spot the ‘popular’ students, the ones who preferred to be left alone, and those who liked to stay alone together.


However, for Class 4-1’s half-demon and half-human student, Lady Noir couldn’t find a group in which she could fit in. Well, it’s not that her classmates, or schoolmates, hated her. In fact…

“Wow, your hair is so white and silky!”

“Milady, your ruby eyes had just pierced my heart and breathe life to my solitary existence. Allow me to offer this simple poem…”

“Can I touch your hair? It looks so beautiful!”

Crowds of human boys and girls surrounded her the moment the bell rang for lunch, even those from nearby classes. Apparently, word had come around that a beautiful demon noble was among the students, so they checked the rumors. They even moved the tables near Lady Noir’s spot, while others brought their food over…served by their personal maids or butlers in intricate cutleries and plates. In contrast, the demon girl had little space for her lunchbox.

Well, it’s not like she minds it; that’s the purpose of her lunchbox, anyway.

But in any case, Lady Noir realized that while she belonged to no group, she had become a category of her own: the ‘goddess’ of the school. The human kids were looking at her with curiosity and admiration, and they showered her with flattery and praises.

Heh, it’s part of it. She knew she’s a real beauty herself…

So much for that. While the other students were busy in their adoration, Lady Noir never lost track of the real purpose of her presence in this place: the commoner hero, Lord Kuro of Arles.

His name had been going around within the elite demon circles ever since the time when he fought against Seirna—the accursed saint that was the bane of the demon race’s existence—and actually won! A good number of rumors emerged about him; that he was a semi-divine human, or a dragon that came from heaven that took the form of a human, or a wise sage from the land of the Elves.


But yes, she was utterly disappointed when she saw the truth. The ‘Lord Kuro of Arles’ was a common-looking human, with black hair and somewhat a wimp…as what he shown when her classmates disrespected him earlier. She couldn’t imagine how those great things that she heard had been attributed to this guy; the stories must’ve been mistaken!

However, observing the Lord Kuro of Arles was only a part of her goal. That was because, she went to the land of the humans in order to know what happened to the Lady Natasha, Saint of the Demons. It was said that when the Demon Saint disappeared, she had been working with the Human Saint to open a portal to the Beastmen world, where the Lord Kuro was imprisoned.

Problem is, creating portals without the permission of that land’s saint is against the rules decreed by the heavens.

Lady Noir had to know the fate of Lady Natasha, especially during these turbulent times when the cult ‘Knights of Cassandra David’ was on the rise, and the hero ‘Demon of the Gray Parka’ was also gone. So, she came to Chersea to find out the truth, and got the lead about the Lord Kuro of Arles. Though the man himself was initially uninteresting; much to her surprise, this ‘Academy’ he founded had a lot of similarities to Cherflammen’s prestigious school, the ‘Conclave’…which was created by the old hero, Cassandra David.

The rotation of teachers every after class…

The use of uniforms, and the subjects offered…

And even the entrance examinations…

If there’s one thing that was fundamentally different between the two, it’s the freedom of the students of the Academy compared to the Conclave. Here, the humans seemed to enjoy socializing with each other every break, whereas in the Conclave, the demons barely got enough time to even see the shadow of their fellows. And the class duration lasts for only six hours.


Who is the Lord Kuro, and why does he know these things, long after Cassandra David established them?

Lady Noir would never give a thought about that man, if only she were to look at his appearance. Nevertheless, his actions spoke louder than his looks, so as a demon herself, it’s in her nature to find answers to her questions. Despite her ongoing search for Lady Natasha, she would also peer into this man’s background.