Chapter 3:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10

***The Art Classroom***

Contrary to most of the major subjects of the Academy, the art class was an optional discipline, though every student was required to get an optional course throughout their years in school. However, because it was the Human Saint herself who’s in-charge of it, a great number of students wanted in…simply for the fact that they got ‘tutored’ by Her Holiness. Only the quota of 50 people per optional class prevented Maddie’s subject from being swamped with applicants.

Nevertheless, though the art class of the Human Saint was popular and brimming with students, Madelaine could handle it. Partly because of her identity as Chersea’s most holy personality, the students never dared to challenge her authority.


And the other part was because…

“So that’s how you prepare your subject for sketches. Got questions about that?”

The art students applauded their saint, as they were impressed by the talent she displayed and her teaching skill as well. But then, one of them had reservations…

“Yes, Lady Tennenbaum, do you want something clarified?” the saint asked the student who raised her hand.

“Your Holiness—”


“I-I mean, M-Ma’am,” the student couldn’t hide the awkwardness of her situation, being forced to call the Human Saint familiarly, “do we…do we, uh, really have to…y-you know…d-draw that?”

Maddie smiled and proudly stood beside the statue they were using as the ‘model’ for her class. “My dear students, I know it’s a bit awkward to lay your eyes on a nude body. However, you should learn to temper your lusts and shyness! Remember, the goal of every artist out there is to capture the beauty of the human body, its intricate details and rich volume. Where else would you see that but from nudity?”

Err…Ma’am, I-I think we’re okay with that. H-However…”

“Is there anything in your mind that you’re worried about, Lady Tennenbaum?”

U-Uhm, how do I say it…” Lady Tennenbaum was fidgeting with her fingers, “uh, see…it’s the, uh, the model. T-That’s the…headmaster, right? The Lord Kuro of Arles himself, right?”

“And? What about it?” Maddie said that with a smile, though everyone in the classroom could feel the heavy, tense air that hung around them.

“Y-Your Holiness, please don’t think I have a problem with how you do art,” Lady Tennenbaum fiercely shook her head. “In fact, your sculpture of Lord Kuro is so good, it looks like the, uh, r-real thing!”

“Well, it should be! I mean, I based it on him!”

“But the, uh…err…

“Where are you looking at, Lady Tennenbaum?”

“N-Nothing!” the noble girl quickly covered her face to hide her blushing cheeks.

Maddie, who was reading everyone’s minds the entire time, silently laughed. For this art student to be flustered with her Kuro’s (statue) beautiful body…

…it means she succeeded in her art! It’s really lifelike!

And Maddie, as she was Kuro’s number one supporter, would always make sure that her people would see his ‘best side’. She would proclaim to everyone in Chersea how much her love and favor rested in this man.

Of course, no one can stop her…not even Seirna!

“Okay, if there are no further issues,” the holy art teacher picked up her brush. “Let’s continue with the lesson—”

Interrupted from her lecture, Maddie didn’t even hide her dismay when someone knocked on her classroom’s door. Just as she was about to stand and reach for the knob, Kuro came in, along with Lily and Lady Henristone.

“Your Holiness, someone told me that there’s something weird is going on back—Oh mah gawd!” the headmaster nearly froze in shock on what he was seeing in the very middle of the room.

Maddie, though she was quick to cover it, only hid the statue in vain. Not only did Kuro catch a glimpse of it; Lily and Lady Henristone were there to make sure that he wasn’t alone to witness that accursed sculpture.

“G-Got anything you want to discuss, Sir Kuro?”

Speechless because of his surprise, Kuro only gestured to Maddie to come with him outside the room. A few minutes later, Lily and Lady Henristone came with some other paladins, lifted the covered statue, and brought it out of-the-art room, much to everyone’s—save for Maddie’s—relief.

Well, some would say that it resurfaced again inside Maddie’s personal chambers, away from Kuro’s eyes (he wanted to destroy it).