Chapter 3:

The Assembly

The Y-files [GL]

Belgian trivia:

School hours

School is from 8.20 to 15.30 or 16.20 depending on the course. On Wednesday class stops at 12.00. There is no school on the weekend.

Chapter 3 The Assembly

School gates are often closed after 8.20 and remain closed until school's out. There is no way out. I remember feeling locked up. Where I went, if you were late you had to ring a doorbell and a school official had to let you in. You were always caught if you were tardy. If you were late 3 times you had to stay next Wednesday afternoon copying the school regulations. Since I have never been a morning person and often stayed up late reading, I've spent a lot of my youth copying those damned regulations... But I made them suffer for it in return by taking them to the letter, quoting them when I was reprimanded for it. There were several changes to the regulations the year after.

Miss Lourdes looked at the clock and it was already the end of the 7th period. School would be out soon so she immediately called the school assembly. If this took too long people would hate me for taking up their free time after school as people would not be able to leave if Ms Lourdes would not give the order to open the gates.

So everyone was gathered in the courtyard. I was on stage with Ms Lourdes and Ms Lyst. Ms Lourdes started addressing the student body and was explaining that in light of recent events I had volunteered to spearhead this brand new initiative called the First Bureau of Yurification and that everyone was to cooperate to the fullest of their abilities.

Then Ms Lyst gave a little speech about the goals of the FBY. I felt the eyes of the student body turn toward me and felt my head flush. The way she was wording it clearly implied that I was attracted to girls and even experienced in the matter.

I could not react, we were in front of the entire school.. My reputation was gone in 5 seconds by the hands of this beautiful but infuriating woman.

Why did such a troublesome woman need to enter my life? I was happy and felt completely in control with what I had. Next dead might not be suicide but a murder case I thought when suddenly the micro was passed to me. I had not anticipated that. I just went with the flow and before I knew it I was up on stage.

I flushed even more thinking about what to say. I just had to say a few quick words. I glared at Ms Lyst who winked playfully at me and quickly remembered the mumbo jumbo she uttered this morning and started to use the word facilitate as much as possible. I managed to speak for a few minutes without saying anything.

Ms Lourdes frowned and ended the assembly. “I guess that facilitated things” she smirked at me.

Just as I wanted to leave Ms Lyst gave me a little box of books.

“What is this?” I asked.

“Awareness homework, I expect you to have read them all by the end of the week.”

I nodded seriously, if I had decided to do something, I would not half-ass it. I hated leaving work not to perfection.

How often didn't I see half-assed dishes at restaurants making my chef blood boil. If I were the chef I would have thrown the plate back toward the person who made it... But enough about cooking for now...

I took a closer look at the books and immediately felt my head become red up to my ears again . These were all yuri manga and novels. There were some rather explicit ones too.

“These are just dirty lesbian books!” I shouted.

“Another fine example of your ignorance my dear Claire.” Ms Lyst answered. This is not lesbian, this is yuri. You need to become aware of the beauty and pureness of yuri at an all girl catholic high school. There is no other source material about the subject so this is as close to a scientific lexicon as you will get. Your ignorance of insulting books just because you are not familiar with the subject is ignorant and is what caused you to be in this situation in the first place.”

She added 3 more books.

“This is because you are clearly even further behind than I thought.”

I had to shut up or extra homework would pile up and I would never see my kitchen again...

I sighed, I still expected someone to pop up to say this was a candid camera joke... But no alas, apparently this was reality.

I felt rage at being made to suffer by some weird woman who had me in the palm of her hand. I am used to being in control but was being played like a fiddle. I started walking home. I needed a strategy to handle that woman or my life would be over.

As I left school a little later than the other pupils I did not really run into any class or school mates on the way home so I had a little time to ponder.

My thoughts kept going back to the fact that Louisa apparently had loved me in a romantic way and that I completely misinterpreted her actions and that due to my misunderstanding I had hurt her and driven her into a corner making her take actions that could not be undone.

I felt tears on my cheeks as the feeling of guilt washed over me. This was not my fault was it? No normal person would blame me. Louisa had never spoken or said anything to me, apparently she had stalked me. Was it really my fault for not noticing a stalker? I started to feel angry. I needed an emotional let out for my anger and I knew exactly the thing that was going to provide me as I arrived at my doorstep. I wanted to get to the kitchen as soon as possible.