Chapter 6:

Interlude: Protecting what is most important.

The Y-files [GL]

Ms. Lourdes POV after the assembly

Now that I was finally alone in my office, I let out a sigh that I could absolutely not be seen letting out in public. What a day!

I had promised my childhood friend, Lisa, for whom I would change the orbit of the moon if necessary, that I would protect her child.

But I had never thought it would take such ridiculous proportions.

Claire had always been a model student, so I thought not much would happen. So the moment when all the evidence started to pile up against her, I panicked. The only thing I could think of was to stop the interview and steer my attack on the counselor in the direction of the fact that blaming minors was not the way to deal with them in a constructive way. Basically some academic trivia smashed together to make what I want seem like the logical thing to do . As a headmistress I had dealt with politicians for quite some time now and picked up quite a few tricks.

A little later after interviewing other students we would luckily find out that Claire was indeed most likely innocent in the matter so I started the offensive again on Ms. Lyst before she got to interview Claire again and expressed very clearly that she had to handle my students with the proper care as expected of a professional. I hoped that nobody would notice my conflict of interests.

I had a hard time figuring out Ms. Lyst. Every time I thought I figured out her type she seemed to change into a different type of person like at that moment I was laying in on her to protect Claire, she suddenly started acting super enthusiastic and spouted some idea about a bureau for yurification of which we could make Claire the poster child.

I had no idea what yurification meant but I saw a way out for Claire without any charges and a way to keep my promise to the one most important person in my life. Because of that I interfered with a police investigation into the suicide of one of the students in my care and gave her my support.

Seeing that I was supporting the idea, detective Menfroid immediately picked up his phone and called his superior.

Not even 15 minutes later I got a phone call from the mayor telling me that she would support the project,that she would get in touch and that we should not worry about budgets, the community and the Brussels government would back us all the way.

I just said one sentence to help a child but the consequences spiraled out of control fast. Well nothing to do but to reap what I sowed, what is done is done.

But Lisa would owe me a big favor and that was something I looked forward to. Perhaps I could even take her out somewhere on a day the brasserie was closed.

Suddenly I felt giddy like a teenager. I remember admiring Lisa all my life and being devastated the day she started going out with that man. Until that moment I had not realized that I had that kind of feelings for her and even before I could realize it, it was too late.

When that man died, Lisa was a complete mess, so I saw a way to get back into her life and helped her out with her family. Claire was still a little baby and little boy Frank had just entered elementary school so the kids were still too much work for someone with depression.

I visited them every day helping out with the household for almost a year before Lisa got back on her feet. That way I made sure to reclaim my old position as the person closest to her and I did my best to make sure she would never date another man by taking preemptive action against all possible candidates.

I made sure I would never lose her again.

I know that is not nice of me but I have my own interests too. Even if we could never have the sort of relationship I wanted, I still did my best to monopolize her and even if our relationship was not sexual or physical, our relationship became much closer than that of regular friends over the years. A more pure kind of relationship if I would need to describe it.

But first the task at hand. I would need some information and some sources on this yuri. For that I would need to talk to Ms. Lyst tomorrow. Because I would need to be completely up to speed on all matters concerning yuri so that I would not make an ass of myself if the mayor asked questions.