Chapter 9:

Chapter 9: Get out.

The Master and The Slave

The little girl brings one of the planks to Nesto while he pulls out one of the floorings in the hallway. Nesto places the broken flooring on the side and grab the planks of the little girl hands.

"Thank you? I'm sorry, but I never ask your name yet," Nesto said as he turns his head to the little girl.

"It's Celi," The little girl said with a bright smile on her face.

Celi back away to grab another plank to give it the to the man beside Nesto who also work on the flooring. Nesto grabs the hammer beside him and two nails, he then begins to nail the plank down to replace the broken one.

"How about you, what your name?" Nesto asks the man beside him.

"The name is Joh," The man replied.

"Do you people know each other?" Nesto asks as he pulls out the other broken flooring.

"Yes, we all were own by a single person," Joh replied.

"What kind of owner did you had?" Nesto ask.

"He was a sadistic man, that all I can say about him," Joh grimace but still continue his work.

"It must have been tough serving someone like that," Nesto said.

"How about you? Based on your cloth and act, you must have served a lot of people," Joh ask.

"I've been around, but mostly I have been lucky on getting a good owner," Nesto answer, as he reminisces the Amberdall family.

"Here you go," Celi said as he hands Nesto the new planks.

"Thank you, Celi," Nesto thank her after he takes the plank from her hands.

Celi grabs the broken floorings and carries it downstairs. After Celi leaves the hallways, Joh turns his head and ask Nesto, "You know I never see Celi this excited for a job before."

"It a good job with a good pay, what not to be excited for?" Nesto ask.

"It's a good job, the boss seems to be a really good guy. Even though it's a good job, I have never see Celi this happy before, she always had this melancholy on her, always," Joh said.

"I think she looks up to you, Nesto," Joh said while he pulls out another broken floorings.

"What makes you said that?" Nesto ask.

"She changes after that night that you scared those elf kids away. We have never seen a human do that before or dared to," Joh said.

"Can I ask you, why do you even work? I know you have gold coins. For someone who has gold coins, I don't think that persons need to work," Joh said.

Nesto pulls out the broken flooring, Celi climbs the stairs and brought some more planks. She brings the plank to Nesto and Joh. Nesto and Joh said their thanks and grab the planks.

"I just need to be busy," Nesto said.

"Busy huh? I used to know an old man who always wants to work because if he doesn't, he will felt that he is useless," Joh said.

"Sound like a hard-working man," Nesto said while he nailed down the new plank in.

"He dies because he works himself to death," Joh said.

The woman, Nesto made last night came up the stairs, Celi look at her with a big smile on her face and hug her legs with joy.

"Yinlar said its lunch time. He wants you all to come down and take a break," The woman said.

"Okay," Nesto said and stand up from the floor.

"I never get your name before?" Nesto ask.

"It's Corza, sir" the woman answer.

"Nice to meet you Corza, are you related to Celi?" Nesto aks.

"I'm her mother," Corza answer.

"Your Celi mother? You look younger than me," Nesto said.

"It's a long story," Corza said as she pats the tops of Celi's heads,

"Come on, let take a break," Joh said as he wipes the dust from his hand.

Joh moves past Corza and climbs down the stairs. Celi let go Corza legs and follow Joh, Corza also follows Joh. Before Nesto could follow the three of them, he heard a slight creaking noise coming from the door at the end of the hallway.

Nesto turns his body to face the hallway, and he saw a half-naked female elf, wiping her eyes while yawning. She casually walks down the hallways. Nesto was about to warn the female elf about the unstable flooring, but suddenly he heard the loud cracking noise coming from the floor she steps on.

Nesto looks down at where she places her feet and see the wooden floor begin to form a large crack. Nesto foot pushes his entire body into a charge toward the female elf. The female lets out a yelp when the entire floor beneath her suddenly give away. Nesto takes a leap and wrapped his entire arms around the female elf body before she falls.

Nesto and the female elf rotate, Nesto back hit the floor edge first before they start to fall down the floor. Nesto rotate their position again, letting his back face the full force of the impact. The female elf opens her eyes in shocked and screams her hearts out while holding on to Nesto. They both break through the second floor and landed in the kitchen table at the ground level.

Nesto grunts in pains as the pain shook his entire body while the elf female still screaming in his arms. Yinlar and the rest of the group barged into the kitchen and saw Nesto laying on the wooden table with a half-naked female elf in on top of him.

"What happens?!" Yinlar ask.

The table legs broke and Nesto entire back hit the floor. He grunts in pain again as he let the female elf get off his body.

Elluin walks into the kitchen and looks at the big hole in the kitchen ceiling. He sighs, "add that to the list please."

"The floor break when she walks on it—I jump in to save her, but because of our entire weight, we break through the second floor in the fall," Nesto answer.

Yinlar and Joh walk to Nesto side. They both grab each of Nesto arms and help him stand up. They both help Nesto walk to the main area and place him in one of the booths in the room. Elluin helps the half-naked female elf into another room to tend to her.

"You okay?" Yinlar ask.

Nesto tries to move his back and felt a drop of liquid flowing down his spine.

"I think, I'm bleeding," Nesto said.

Yinlar looks at his back and saw the blood absorbing into his shirt.

"Everyone out please!" Yinlar said, everyone else in the room look at each other confused.

"Don't ask any question, just get out of the room," Yinlar said, everyone in the room head to the front door and exit the room then they close the door behind them.

Nesto heard the door close, then he turns his back on Yinlar. Nesto takes off his shirt and reveals a long deep cut running on his back.

"I need to check your crystal first," Yinlar said.

He then runs his fingers on the five crystal embedded in Nesto back. Yinlar looks for a crack or damage in the crystal, he found none. Then he let out a breath of relieved.

"If the crystal break, I don't know what will happen," Yinlar said.

"It won't believe me. She makes sure that it won't happen," Nesto said.

"I don't even know why you would agree on this," Yinlar said.

"I was young, I do stupid stuff," Nesto joked.

"Just make sure you take care of it, I can't fix it if anything happens to it," Yinlar said.

"Don't worry about it, just heal me up," Nesto said.

Yinlar hovers one of his hand on tops of Nesto cut, then he mutters, "Aperori."

A green light hue gathers around Yinlar hand and the light seeps into the cut. The skin and muscle begin to merge together, sealing the cut slowly. After the cut heals itself, the green light disappears from Yinlar hands.

"Thank you," Nesto said then he wears his shirt again.

"No problem," Yinlar sigh.

"You can enter the room again," Yinlar said aloud and the door opens.

Everyone in the rooms enters with a look of confusion on their face. Celi slips through the group of people and gets closer to Nesto, her eyes show worried as she looks at Nesto's bloody shirt.

"Nesto is fine now, but he needs to get home early to rest," Yinlar said.

"What? I can still work," Nesto said.

"You need to rest, Nesto. Go home," Yinlar order. Nesto looks at Yinlar eyes, he sees the serious nature of his word.

"Your right, I need to rest," Nesto said reluctantly then he gets off from the booth.

Celi lifts her head to looks at him, Nesto pats her head before heading toward the front door. Everyone standing in the doorway, move to the side to let Nesto through. Corza passes the butler jacket to him, Nesto smile and take it.

"Thank you," Nesto said.

Nesto cursed himself inside his mind before walking away from the brothel area.