Chapter 8:

Chapter 8: Work.

The Master and The Slave

Somewhere in the city.

The elf girl with an infected cut running on her left eye, stumble in the dark alley. Earlier she found a tattered used cloak and been using it to cover herself while warming herself. She licks her dry and chapped lips while looking for something to drink. Her head getting dizzy, while her body felt cold even with the cloak on.

She could barely open her eyes, as she follows the sound of cheers coming from the street. A bright colorful light hit her eyes, and she looks away from it. She notices at the end of the alley, the street is packed with people, their face shows joys and happiness. The sound of the music playing, soothe her head a little bit.

A sound of water drip, grab her attention. She turns her head to the barrel of water, she then looks up and saw water dripping from the gutter above. The water in the barrel is rainwater, she stumbles toward it and places her hand on the edge of the open barrel. The elf girl submerges her head into the water while trying to get as much water into her mouth. She lifts her head back up and gulps down the water in her mouth.

Then she releases a breath of relieved after gulping down a large amount of water. The elf girl wipes the drip of water off her face. Then she looks at the reflection on top of the water and sees two moons reflected on the water. She also can see her beige freckled face with two elves ears jut out from both sides of her head. She notices her long ginger hair is a mess because of jumping into the canal earlier. She then combs her hair down using her hands.

She blinks her two brown eyes and backs away from the barrel. When the elf girl back touches the wall, she slides down until her buttock touch the ground. In her mind, she cursed her mother name for what happened to her.

"Lucilla, I hope you choked and die," She muttered under her breath.

The elf girl struggle to opens her eyes, she looks at the end of the valley where the street is packed with people. The colorful light begins to become blurry, her breath became heavy, and she can hear her heart beating loudly. Then darkness shrouds her sight and slowly she falls asleep in the alley with her back on the wall.


Early morning, outside of the Tavern.

Nesto stretched his arm further away from his body, so he could ready himself for the coming work. He breathes in the fresh morning air, as he bends his body down to stretch his spine. He straightens his upper body and releases the air in his lung.

"Sir?" Some called Nesto from behind.

Nesto turned and see the human group from last night in raggedy cloth. They have a wary expression on their face, still suspicious about this new job that Nesto offers.

"We're all here and ready," the woman from last night said.

"Call me, Nesto," Nesto said, his eyes went to the little girl with both of her fists raise slightly and excitement on her face for the new job.

"When do we start?" The girl asks, her eyes beam excitement.

The sound of horses hoof hitting the stone road cause Nesto to turn and see Yinlar on the wagon with the reins in his hand while a big smile on his face. He waves at us then he pulls back the reins, stopping the horse from moving forward even further.

"Morning!" Yinlar greets with a cheerful tone.

"Morning," Nesto walks to the side while Yinlar gets off the padded seat and climb down the wagon.

Nesto raises his hand toward Yinlar, he then grabs Nesto hand and pulls him closer for a hug. Yinlar let go of Nesto after they both pat each other back. Then Yinlar looks behind Nesto at the group of human standing behind him with a confused look on their face.

"So this is the workers you talk about?" Yinlar ask.

"Yep, do you have any problem with it?" Nesto ask.

"Nope, as long as they can do the work, I am willing to pay," Yinlar said.

Nesto turns to the group of human, "His name is Yinlar, he is a friend of mine and the (owner) of the company." Nesto gesture toward Yinlar.

"Working for an elf? I'm sorry but I don't want the job," One of the male humans in the back said.

"Why?" Nesto ask.

"I don't want to be anyone slave anymore," The male human replied.

"Let me get this straight, I will not treat you human like a slave anymore, even before I had a slave, I never treated them like one. Take my word for it," Yinlar said.

"Take mine as well, Yinlar is a close friend to me, I know him for a long time, he is a good man," Nesto said.

"But I'm not here to force you to work if you feel that you are dissatisfied with the work you can leave," Yinlar said, Nesto saw the worried escaping his facade.

Yinlar needs these workers if he doesn't get these people to join his company then his company won't survive in a month.

"Damn it, fine. I will take the job," The male human said.

"That's good, any more question?" Yinlar ask.

"How many coins, you be willing to pay us?" one the human asked.

"Seven silver coins for a week, one silver for one day of work," Yinlar answered.

The human turns and looks at each other while nodding their head. They all impressed by the amount of silver the will be getting. Seven silver is enough to make it for a week, Nesto is impressed by the fair amount that Yinlar offer.

"Anyone disagrees with the offers?" Yinlar asks, then the human replied by shaking their head slightly.

"Okay, before we start, let me grab something first," Yinlar said and head to the back of the wagon.

After a short while, he came back with a large sack over his shoulder. He then drops the sack on the ground, Nesto looks at the sack wondering what is inside of it. Yinlar looks at the group of human start counting them.

"1..2..3...a dozen people," Yinlar counted.

He then opens the sack and takes out a dozen brown color shirts and grey color pants. Nesto eyebrow raises while looking at the cloth, confused for what they are for.

"Before we can start working, you people need some cloth to work in. I doubt the raggedy cloth you people are wearing can hold out when you work," Yinlar said.

"You first," Yinlar said while pointing at the little girl first.

The little girl looks right and left confused. Then she gestures at herself, and Yinlar nod. Then she walks closer to Yinlar and stands in front of him. Yinlar gave the cloth to her, she takes it and holds it tightly to her chest while a big smile formed on her face.

"Okay next," the woman walk to Yinlar and grab the cloth. Afterward, everyone in the group has the cloth in their hands.

"Oh one more thing, you don't have to return the cloth, their yours forever," Yinlar said.

The human's mouth drop in surprise, and then a giant smile appeared on their face. They all begin to thank Yinlar for the cloth, Yinlar was surprised by the sudden outburst of gratitude that it causes him to blush a little.

"Okay everyone, get inside the wagon. We are going to the warehouse first to grab material, and then we head to our first work," Yinlar said and the humans all begin to pile in the back.

Yinlar walks to his wagon and climbs on the driver seat. Nesto follows him by climbing the wagon and sit right next to Yinlar. Yinlar grabs the reins and turns his head to look at Nesto.

"It's just a simple cloth, why are they so excited?" Yinlar ask.

"It might be a simple cloth to you, but for them it a luxury item it because they never had any personal belonging anything before," Nesto replied.

Yinlar turns to look at the street again and whip the reins. The two horse in front of the wagon, tap their front hoof on the stone road making crackle noise before they start moving forward again. The two horses pull the wagon down the road while Yinlar control where they head with the reins.

The wagon moves down the street, passing several stone buildings until Yinlar jerk the reins causing the wagon to stop in front of a warehouse. Yinlar gets off the wagon and walks to the warehouse door. He then pulls the warehouse door and reveals the large amount of material such as a plank, a sack of sand, gravel, and lime.

The human drops down from the back of the wagon and walks to the warehouse entrance.

"You guys can change your cloth in the back. After you change, come back here and help me load this stuff into the wagon," Yinlar said.

The humans head to the back of the warehouse to change the cloth, Nesto climbs down the wagon, taking off his butler jacket and hang it on the wagon.

"Which one I should grab first?" Nesto asks while pulling up his sleeves.

"The plank first, let me help you," Yinlar said.

Yinlar and Nesto lift the material together. They store it in the back of the wagon. After a couple more, the rest of human came back and help to load in the material into the wagon. After all the material has been load, the humans climb back in the wagon. Yinlar closes the warehouse door.

Yinlar and Nesto climb back on the wagon. Yinlar then pulls the reins again and the wagon moves again. The ride was short as the wagon stopped in front of a three-stories brothel.

"Yoohoo, hey there baby," A very handsome male elf greet us while wearing a colorful, frilly dress.

"Afternoon, Loradan," Yinlar greet the elf.

"How many times, do I need to tell you. Call me, Elluin, baby," Elluin said with his lips pursed.

"I'm here to check the building problem you had," Yinlar said.

"All work, no pleasure, such a shame," Elluin said.

Elluin then turns his eyes to Nesto and bite his lips seductively, "Who is your new friend?"

"An old one, actually. He's here to help me," Yinlar said.

"A pleasure of meeting you, my name is Elluin Loradan, but you can call me Elluin," Elluin said as he raises his hand toward Nesto.

Nesto drops down the wagon then he gently grabs his hand and places a kiss on it, "My name is Nesto Fasheir."

"Nesto," She pulls back his hands and licks the place where Nesto laid a kiss. Elluin then bites his lower lips, and fan himself with his other hand.

"Can we get on to business?" Yinlar asks, with an awkward smile on his face.

"Ah, yes quickly come," Elluin said then he heads into the brothel.

Nesto and Yinlar follow Loradan inside of the brothel. The humans in the back exit out of the wagon and follow them both. Entering the brothel, Nesto was surprised by the colorful decoration and the cleanliness of the room.

"Welcome to Loradan Palace of Pleasure," Elluin announced, with so much pride in his words.

"Where the girls?" Yinlar ask.

"I had to get them out first, so they won't interfere with your works," Elluin said.

Elluin head to the stair with Nesto, Yinlar and the others following from behind. They all walk up the stair until they reach the top floor of the buildings. Elluin stops at the top of the stair and gesture at the hallways.

"Here is the problem," Elluin said.

"Where?" Yinlar walk down the hallway.

Suddenly, a loud crack bellowed in the empty hallway and Yinlar foot drop through the floor. Nesto grab hold of him before his whole leg fall through the floor. Yinlar eyes widen, Nesto pulls him out of the floor and away from the floor.

"The floor, it has really grown old," Elluin sigh.

"So the whole floor or just the hallways?" Yinlar said while rubbing the splinter off his pants.

"Hallways only, my girls have been complaining about it all day. I had to change it or the same thing that happens to you could happen to my girls," Elluin said.

"Hmm, Nesto and the other can work on this right now," Yinlar said.

"One more thing, my basement, there a crack on its wall and floor. I wish to add it to your list," Elluin said.

"We split into two group, half with me and another half with Nesto," Yinlar said.

"Good luck boys," Elluin said as he heads down the stairs.

"Should we start?" Nesto ask.

"Let's do this!" The little girl said excitedly.