Chapter 12:

Interlude: Polly Tick’s politics

The Y-files [GL]

Polly Tick's POV

“Ah it is good to be finally back home!” I let myself fall onto my sofa. It had been a long night listening to endless debates and attacks from the opposition. Especially that woman from the far right. Kath Lyst. If I could strangle her and be sure to get away with it, I would.

But a couple of days ago something interesting happened. Apparently the Lyst's daughter and heir wanted to start a bureau of yurification to support same sex girl relationships. That was an interesting development and must be a thorn in the side of Kath Lyst.

I decided to instantly support the idea with full force. She would not even be able to argue against it in parliament without putting the attention of the press on her relationship with her daughter and her daughter's sexuality. As a member of a conservative right wing party that had to sting.

Of course getting back at Kath Lyst was not my only motivation. The subject lay close to my personal and political aspirations.

I had spent a large part of my career promoting the normalization of same-sex relationships. As a lesbian myself, I would not love anything more then to be able to out myself.

Even though gay marriage has become a regular thing in Belgium and most people would not bat an eye if you told them you were gay, as a politician one still needed to thread carefully. The election polls still showed way better results if I kept it a secret. If Anna Lyst would prove to be anything of a project leader like her mother, she might just be able to make the difference to the public opinion that we need.

If she wasn't up to the job I could still use her as a sacrificial shield and connect her to her mother and make it look like she set things up to fail from the start. That would still be a serious jab at Kath Lyst's reputation. Even if I could not make it stick in court, it would certainly damage her reputation.

Anyway, it was a win-win situation for me and the money I was throwing at the project wasn't mine anyway.

But I secretly hoped she would pull it off. In the end that result laid closest to my own interests and I would support her where I could.

My personal assistant brought me a glass of wine. “Ah, thank you Ms Trine, you always know what I need.”

She then proceeded to close the curtains.

“Call me Vera, we are both off duty now and she sat next to me. Then she kissed me and placed my head on her lap and started caressing my hair.”

Vera Trine was my lover, to be able to be always close to me she became my PA, but in reality my entire life and career was a partnership with her. If I was honest, even though in public she became almost invisible, when we were alone she was the dominant one. She was the great woman behind me. My own personal Eleanor Roosevelt.

I had such a busy schedule that nobody was really surprised she had a live-in contract and had an apartment inside of my house. That way we could live together as lovers without raising suspicions. We could not share bathrooms or stay with each other overnight though. There was always the chance of a paparazzi getting a shot of something that should not leave this house if we took unnecessary risks. It was for the same reason that we kept using each other's surnames when we were in public.

I would love nothing more than to change society in a way that we could be open about our relationship and Ms Anna Lyst might have finally put me in a new and better direction to reach it. Instead of endless debates about morality the answer could be found in yuri and the yurification of society. To be honest, I had never heard of yuri, but after putting myself behind a bureau of yurification Vera and I had been giving ourselves a crash course with what we could find online in every free moment and we both agreed: If we can change society to resemble yuri novels and manga, the world would without a doubt be a better place to live in.

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A look inside the mind of Polly Tick.

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