Chapter 0:

Lavender Melody


I don't have an identity. I'm a person that exists for the sole reason of fulfilling a space. People recognize "Melody, the magic-less  half-vampire", thus, I have a duty to fulfill and exist as this person.  In my head, I imagine that I have a perfect life and that I'm a pureblood vampire with extraordinary powers. I go through amazing adventures with my imaginary friends and wife. We have a band and tour around the world. Melody in this world is loved by everybody. She's famous and inspiring. I have published several books and I get constantly interviewed on the internet. Everybody loves Melody because she's unique and everybody wants to be like her. "I want to be an artist like Melody!" says a little girl. 

The Melody I was chosen to act has problems retaining information, thus has never done anything in her life. She studied and is jobless. Melody, the half vampire has been a shut-in NEET kissless virgin for 2 years. Her sister maintains her out of pity and constantly has tantrums. I wonder who sent me. Is this a movie? A book? I believe there's people up there watching this psychological series, anime or whatever. Am I an actor? Am I so involved in this character that I can't get out? 

In my memories, I remember meeting this woman to whom I made a promise. "Let's meet again when you master the keytar." I fulfilled her promise but I have never seen her again. Since that day, she has been on my mind. 

We had a 11-year difference and I escaped from the classroom back in 1st grade. I ran aimlessly until I hit something *Bump*. 

"Are you lost vampire?" the woman asked 

She was a high schooler. Had crimson red hair and freckles. She was a beauty.  

"You escaped from your class? That's ok. School is worthless anyway." 

The woman began telling me how she will stay here only for 6 months. She was German and came to practice her Spanish. She quit school in 5th grade and began studying on her own. I couldn't believe such a person was much more intelligent than your average high schooler. Her name was Barbara, but she was thinking of changing it next year when she's 18.  Everyday I would go to our secret base to play keytar, watch anime and play games together. She taught me so many things. She was the only true friend I ever had, until one day she told me "Take this keytar and let's meet when you mastered it." 

It was around 8th grade. I was already a piano virtuosa and went to play to the European Piano Conference . She was there. She was my sole reason to be 1st. I wanted to beat her, but I couldn't. I came 12th  while she was 1st. "I couldn't fulfill your promise!" I shouted. 

"Yes you did. You came here. Just by coming, you fulfilled our promise." 

After that, my mental health worsened and I never saw her again. I never played the piano again until I was 19 and by then, I only played basic notes. 

Where are you strange woman? For once I thought my life was made but I'm in this hole again. I need to find her, maybe she has something I have been missing...